Sunday, 7 September 2008

John McCain: Reformed Maverick. Sarah Palin: Mind Controlled Beauty Queen

Please view the above video with your mind control hat on... he's speaking infront of a school, with a "middle finger" (could be something else too!), then note actor Fred Thompson saying, "When you've lived in a box..." [McCain was a POW, mind control techniques were used consciously or unconsciously by "the enemy" which makes McCain all the more easier to control today], video also shows how people like Bush and McCain are programmed with the same talking points to trigger the brainwashed sheeple into excitement, also note the woman who get's dissociated in all those balloons, also note the Hellraiser (grid on face, who has that cube stargate thing, I only watched the first one, loads of mind control in it). Both John McCain (MC CC33, cain = tool for discipline, John=generic, was given nickname "Johnny"... when he was a kid [Johnny is slang for condom]) and Sarah Palin are mind controlled in my opinion (as of 17.37 GMT on Sunday the 7th September, the below page comes up when you attempt to go to Palin's wiki page, probably will have changed by the time I get this post up... and is already changed now (17.46)). I am showing it because the Republican party is filled with "conservative" perverts, pedophiles and programmers, it must be a colossal challenge keeping all the gay sex etc. under wraps, with things like that wiki editing stunt probably scaring the shit out of them. McCain is a son of the military (see bottom daily show vid), military generals and people up the defence spectrum are involved in mind control so I surmise that McCain had undergone mind control techniques, even before being a POW (that whole POW thing was probably a planned part of his programming, hence why his plane kept crashing, see bottom vid). Currently he is handled by his millionaire wife (looks barely human), herself probably mind controlled having been a model and having "those eyes".

Palin getting lost in a Winter Wonderland (Ice towers etc). She comes from Alaska (home of HAARP), which I take as a synch to the Al-Aqsa Mosque. According to Deeper Insights Illuminati Formula, Walt Disney took his 12 year old "daughter" there for some private time with her, which reaffirms what I have said on numerous occasions, that out-of-the-way places (like the hotel in Shining, Bohemian Grove etc) are used by the elite to release some perverse tension and/or do some serious programming.

Palin is a former beauty queen, from a small town (think Twin Peaks), and recently showed her support for AIPAC (surely a symptom of mind control!) The Daily Mail describes her as a "sexed up raptor".

Broken mind.

Edit: Added a couple of images after that "lipstick on a pitbull" nonsense distraction from this ridiculous Daily Mail link, nice red shoes (Oz programming).

This image was obviously chosen by the Mail (Male) because of the GIRLS with the dissociative spirals + A-Z is probably somehow an OZ reference.

Note the top of her head covers S and K (19/11)

Sarah Palin as a child holding some shellfish.

In intergenerational mind control [Check out her ancestry, she is vaguely related "European Monarchs" and such], the daughter is often impregnated by her father (as part of trauma programming), the Daily Kos had an article with loads of pictures that claimed Sarah Palin was not the mother of the above baby, but that the one holding her was, but obviously that has been deleted.

No. 22 [Master number, she's the one on the right (from Huffington)] Edit: Also, how could I forget the shattered glass ceiling metaphor she used (shattered glass is something I go on and on about relating to the shattered minds of MK victims, particularly In Shattered Dreams) in her first speech.


CarissaC. said...

Think also of "The Manchurian Candidate," both the original and the 2005 remake. Taken from Wikipedia, the plot summary of the 1962 original:

"Captain Bennett Marco, Sergeant Raymond Shaw and the rest of their platoon are captured during the Korean War in 1952. They are all brainwashed....[....] The Communists intend to use Shaw as a sleeper agent and, using the queen of diamonds in a deck of playing cards as a subconscious trigger, compel him to follow their orders, which he does not remember afterwards. Shaw is controlled by none other than his own domineering mother, who is working with the Communists in a plot to overthrow the government."

The remake was updated using the first Gulf War as a backdrop to the POW's. Key components possibly connecting to McCain's situation involve being the son of a prominent military officer (in "Manchurian" it was son of a prominent politician, close enough for horseshoes) taken by Asians, becoming a POW, during a major war, then being brainwashed/programmed. Even better, in the modern version, Raymond Shaw is taken and programmed during the war specifically for the long range plans of becoming the first corporate owned sleeper agent in the White House.

McCain will be prez, while Raymond Shaw was intended to be VP (but who would then take over as the Prez once the Prez was assassinated). So, pretty close to whatever might be going on with the whole McCain/Palin deal.

Anyway, who knows, just food for thought....!

Oh, and I got around to watching Palin's RNC speech on YouTube and it was very eye rolling. She used all the right "talking point triggers" as you called them to whip the (brainwashed) crowd into a frenzy. Including the references to how her son enlisted in the Army on.....September 11th [2007 and will be deploying to Iraq on....September 11th [2008].

It was like everybody knew even back then where she was eventually going, and arranged things like that which could then be used later as "trigger points." Because nothing triggers the majority of the American public these days more than the mention of the date "September 11th." It's almost too easy. She just had to stand up there and toss out trigger point after trigger point, with manipulative language and the crowd was soon chanting "USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!"


Michael Skaggs said...

Great info Ben!! I was just telling a friend at work that Palin was "buried there" in Alaska since day one for this, and voila, you've solidified my theory with some outstanding investigation!

I doubt she mentioned HAARP at the RNC.

Nice work bro!

iAdmin said...

Glad you found the info about Palin's background. Now it is even more obvious that even the "outsider" is of the bloodline. I watched some of her speech, she came off as cold and inhuman to me. Cloning technology has really come a long way since the last election!Great work!

Anonymous said...

She IS a NAZI and has the intense but slightly wonky crosseyed stare stare of a disassociate and/or trauma victim. Sieg Heil y'all. These are the people who will make it cool to be a nazi again. maybe the 3rd reich/Hitler was just a "trial run" for this period? The methods of extermination and mass sacrifice are so much more powerful now. Paving the way for the some one named Ar-nold make his Zarathustra like ascendency: Sirius, G.Adachi's keen observation. Terminator - Sirius connection.

MK: One of her programs is called "kitten with a whip".. She's got a steamy sexual alter who knows all the right tricks- but what shes being used for now is quite different (Sarah the Barracuda). They say its because of a remarkable basketball game, no they're telling us no showing us thru people like her what we must be to survive. But "we" can't survive because we have allowed them to make the rules its their checkerboard, even those of the Palin genre who act like survivors at a later stage of the game will be efficiently "deselected" IF the game stays on its currently hopeful course (theirs, not ours) cause right now "we" have a chance to get off their board and create other games with different rules and more exciting and inclusive outcomes- unlike their favored outcome, which continues their rapine on other planets to feed their own fear-some overloards
That means she (we)can with no feeling at all eliminate anyone not expedient to the successful outcome of the current program she's/we're running.

Even if the person was once treated as an "in law" "friend" or "mentor"; even extending to entire groups of people based on inferior genetics. and this is the barracuda program is now being pushed as the "norm" thanks to reality TV programs. Survivor - where Elizabeth Hasselback, another American reicher got her start. The master barracudas are the pyramid's capstone, a symbolic argument for the necessity of broader, more ruthless and open programs of global depopulation and energy harvesting as they must have mastery of fewer natural resources to attain the ultimate goal held by the Sirian Barracudas- to go back to break thru to "conquer" this planet and strip her of her natural resources in a quest for a home from which they have fallen. STOP

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