Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Damn Them! Megan just got Foxier!

What is it with making these mind controlled slaves so damn hot and making them half-lesbians... [katy perry, megan fox, britney/madonna/xtina] they surely know we're all suckers for lesbians (speak for myself I know ;s). She allegedly (probably never happened) had a relationship with a stripper named Nikita and is now obsessed with every nerd's fantasy girl Jenna Jameson. Anyway, note the not-so-subtle 33, the ironic "Says what she thinks! Does what she wants!" By the way the magazine GQ=717, all these magazines usually have occult undertones such as that, note the James Bond mentioning Q in James Bond was probably chosen for it being the #17. Her first movie was Holiday in the Sun (you will always find sun worship in these ritualized people) and is set to have no-name ("Lost", the TV Show Lost is mind control too by the way) in a film called Whore about Hollywood. Check out Megan Fox's Marilyn Monroe and butterfly tattoos and whatnot in this post (she apparently has 9 tattoos), she is "married to" Brian Austin [Oz-Tin] Green. That dress (the one where you can see the marilyn monroe tattoo) is apparently like a Disney Cartoon dress or something [Aurora, Sleeping Beauty], also note they've done the same thing with Rihanna and the rest of the gang.

Here's another vaguely interesting one: Megan Fox Says: "Disney Makes Me Sick!" commenting on how they are raised... she makes an excellent point! [though I feel this is more twisted humor on their part... note the butterfly Shakespeare quote pointed out in the other Megan Fox post, 15 year old Miley is dating a 20 year old by the way and is having a Disney movie written specifically for her; random point, Disney|Sydney (switch the S and the D and you get the same phonically), Sydney obviously being in Oztralia so more Disney/Oz in that country].

Disney’s methods for creating teenage superstars makes brunette beauty Megan Fox feel ill.

In an interview with GQ Magazine, the star of the upcoming film How To Lose Friends and Alienate People slammed the Disney for training artists, like Miley Cyrus, too hard and not allowing them to have a normal childhood.

She said: “[Disney] take these little girls… teach them how to sing and dance, and make them wear belly shirts, but it won’t allow them to be their own people. It makes me sick.”

Speaking of Disney programming children [Britney Mouseketeer], Daily Mail has a vaguely interesting piece on Britney's British relatives [remember her British alter?] pictures. Her great-grandmother was called Lilian [Lily] Esther Lewis. Ben over at Daily Behemoth is on top of these interesting lineage stories, including Palin/Obama's too.

Megan Fox accompanied Shia LeBeouf to the premier of Eagle Eye (eye, eagle obviously etc), both were obviously from the Freemasonic Transformers ("transforming" mind control, cube was heavily featured and such, anything Michael Bay is involved in, like Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning), on the red carpet/bloodline.


Anonymous said...

"What is it with making these mind controlled slaves so damn hot and making them half-lesbians... [katy perry, megan fox, britney/madonna/xtina"

Social engineering. ;)

Anonymous said...

for Megan 666

i believe the lady doth protest too much

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