Saturday, 27 September 2008

Advertising Synchs/Programming

Haven't done a post just on some advertisements in a while so here goes [check out some older ones here, though I don't think they're all there because I probably forgot to tag a few with 'advertising'; I need to organize my blog at some point I think]. Start with a new one for Sainsburys. That same house has been used in all of them, they all have the two butterflies on the window; but this latest one has the boy wearing a skull and bones jumper [ketchup = blood].

All perfectly innocent? Couple it with the below advert (also for Sainsburys and new) which features a checkerboard floor (in the background, not very clear; where the mum is at the beginning and the dog walks on it for a close-up), ad for pet insurance.

I couldn't find the below one for Kingsmill online, but you get where I'd be going with it from the below image. Another one featuring a randomly placed butterfly [above a baby's cot thing] is for KFC which is one I can't seem to find anywhere. Speaking of KFC, check out this subliminal.

In a similar vein, this advert for Just for Men, at the precise moment (in the English version) it says "start something great" it shows the pink butterfly pattern (could be a dragon fly or something mind), American version is shown; English one here.

Moving to IKEA [IK = 9/11, EA = Entered Apprentice], it's main colours are blue and gold/yellow which is a major colour combo used a lot in Freemasonry. This new one features the STOP sign octagon, probably a bunch of triggers in there too; note the black and white rectangular carpet thing, if you think that was a fluke look at some images from their previous adverts where you can see more blatant checkerboards [and a general black/white duality theme going on].

One for Littlewoods next, with it's totally innocent three interlocking rings [mental prison], please note the girl with a checkerboard pattern on her top at about 0:19 (you have to click the image and watch the clip there), the lizard, ritualistic dancing making it rain, another girl with 4 disembodied heads on her top etc. [random video of the models rehearsing for this here btw]

Rain Dance for Littlewoods Direct Winter Collection

Moving to some one eyed/all seeing eye adverts; this one for Echo Falls is even more pronounced because the eye is shown over the sun, showing the all seeing eye/Horus/Sun worship connection; also note the vaguely checkerboard style floor the girls are seated over, v hypnotic and effective music too I'm sure. (this is not the actual advert, all the images before 40 seconds are from it and the music is slightly different, here's the actual advert)

Now obviously contact lense adverts would have a lot of one eyed shots in them, but this went over the top in my opinion. Grid pattern gets bigger and bigger with every blink.

Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus - Blink

If you are from the UK and watch TV, you have undoubtedly seen Direct Line's slow-mo advertisement campaign which basically entails destruction, chaos, literally tonnes of shattering glass; heightening the trauma of when an accident actually does happen. Here's a description of one in particular: "In slow motion a glass display stand shatters with a range of family treasures on it falling to the floor and breaking.".. called "Devastation, Anger, Trauma". But this one is just two cars colliding causing loads of shattered glass.


björn said...

a great site is what you have!
Concerning recent ads please see my comment on the "black butterfly kuro/pioneer-ad" here:

björn said...

apropos IKEA, I used to be the one they used to call "Mr.Ikea" at the place the 6 Mio catalogue cover-sleeves for the whole globe were printed year by year, for I, as a non-specialist, had a pretty good hand at this job.
Btw - do you know a link for a list or index of these reoccuring themes/symbols and their meaning/usage at MKultra-monarch? This would be a big help to me.
Thanks again for your research!

Benjamin S said...

bjorn thanks for the kind/interesting comments (nice find on your blog, I can imagine it's just as bad everywhere else in the world); with regards to what the symbols mean pertaining to MK-ultra/Monarch programming this link by Carissa [thoroughly recommended author/thinker] has a good/easy to understand outline of many of them in movies, which was my main resource (along with Fritz Springmeier's Illuminati Formula of course) for analyzing some of these symbols that I was seeing not only in movies but in pretty much all forms of media.

But I think it is important to understand we cannot know the specific reasons for each symbol put into each advert/movie/tv show because it completely depends on their motives/specific programming (varies depending on the programmer); we can only pick up on the symbolism/themes we know they have employed in their actual programming (and the secret societies' "gang signs" like skull and bones etc); so the actual meanings of say a butterfly could be a trigger [to make a MK slave do it's programmed frenzied killing or whatever]; or it could just be their arrogant "look at us rubbing our totalitarian/perverse Monarch programming in your faces" type thing (which is what I view things like the skull and bones/checkerboards seen everywhere in the media [rubbing their Freemasonic total control in our faces], and with that "Just for Men" advert; celebrating their perverse success at keeping it all a secret) if you know what I mean. But yeah I'd say In 2 Worlds is a great place for an easily digestible starting ground; maybe when I keep going for longer I could write them all up in one list listing each individual symbol or something.

Hope that helps, thanks for stopping in.

Anonymous said...

I am not aware if you already saw this.


Benjamin S said...

Yeah man, saw it a while ago, well worth linking from here though for more advertising stuff; excellent work! Particularly liked the Hugh Laurie one eyed (looking through the glass [bottle]) shot, did some posts on his show House a while back.

Thanks alot corbeau.

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