Friday 11 July 2008

'It's like Dorothy - I'm not in Kansas anymore.' - Miley Cyrus

Daily Mail article here. I feel that they just wanted an excuse to get that quote shown (all part of the big media ritual involving these "Media Monarchs"), I assume stars get their teeth worked on all the time... below are the images that accompany that article... nothing suggestive here at all. The Daily Mail are hilarious, one minute they have articles talking about the evils of strip joints and the moral decay of society, and the next minute they'll have an article about the latest pop star's kinky almost-nude performance with plenty of graphic images. Some background on 15 year old Miley Cyrus here, and a Celtic Rebel post.

(image taken from below Freeman link, will remove on request, please read the article that accompanies the image which also links to it)
I also want to draw your attention to another Mind Control victim Britney Spears, her latest (though a few months old, can't believe I didn't see this earlier) animated video is called Break the Ice. Which works the same as broken/fractured/shattered glass symbolism and the video contains LOADS of this stuff, watch it below (I include a few screens from it too). After her attempt at breaking out of the programming (shaving her head etc.), this almost feels like they are proclaiming her as firmly back under control.

"You got my body spinning
Like a hurricane
And it feels like
You got me going insane"

"You got me hypnotised

I never felt this way"

"You got my heart beating like an 808"

Full lyrics here the above lyrics I pulled out because they were relevant.

Moving away from the American "mind control scene", I have mentioned Alice Dellal as potentially being mind controlled in a previous post. Here, the Daily Mail describes how, "Pixie lets her hair down and takes a tumble [down the rabbit hole?] with model pal Alice Dellal", because she fell over on rollerskates.... such a non-story suggests an ulterior motive for the article in my opinion.

Also from the Daily Mail, we see the title: "
SIX stabbed to death in just 24 hours as Blade Britain's knife epidemic spirals out of control" and also the occult numerology employed by the Freemasonic police: 32,000 people were searched and 730 (777) weapons were recovered as people are becoming brainwashed into fully accepting the police states' stop and search and metal-detecting arches, and there will also be a demand for more CCTV and the like, add that to a potential "terrorist" attack on the horizon and... happy days! Also, this story chokes me up, how could they send a girl who was only 17 at the time (and obviously mind controlled, hearing voices etc.), I can't put into words my feelings towards this power and populist crazed judge who seems to have no humanity in him whatsoever ("illuminati"/freemason no doubt). Very brief bit of background on it in this post. Note the Daily Mail article on this was posted at 3:37 on the 11th July (7).

The latest Red Ice Creations interview with Stewart Swerdlow is well worth your time, as it goes into mind control; colours, logos, archetypes and other things like the power of trauma, "Through trauma the personality of a person becomes fractured into compartments, and those compartments can be reprogrammed into alter-personalities/partial-personalities...." Definitely worth a listen, fascinating info; and very relevant to the current line of inquiry many of my fellow bloggers (all excellent) have been pulled towards.


Michael Skaggs said...

Again, great stuff Ben. Careful on Swerdlow, Deroidify had posted a small article from Swerdlow's book congratulated (almost in amusement) people who have uncovered the "Illuminati's tricks" then tried to justify how come they did it and that we should just accept it. He, in my opinion, is like Alex Jones, Art Bell, etc. partial truth wrapped in enigmas and lies for disinfo. Treat cautiously my friend, your doing outstanding work at revealing the hidden game.

Peace bro!

Michael Skaggs said...

P.S. THANK YOU, I had not seen the Britney stuff! That says it all I think. Geeze Louise! And Cyrus is right behind her well on her way...that's tough and absolutely crazy. Well done my friend!


Benjamin S said...

Cheers mate, yeah I don't get bogged down in individual researchers, I would not give money to someone like Alex Jones and the like but I feel you can still use them and their videos on google and whatnot and pick out the partial truths they put out (using your intuition). (also I do not entirely disagree with what he says about the "illuminati" in those scans from his book dedroidify posted)

Freeman does some amazing stuff man, there's a video to go along with that too on google video, you probably saw it and the video of Anna Nicole as her child-like alter in clown mask/face-paint, incredibly interesting stuff imo... shame the masses think simply "she's just nuts" or "she's on drugs", there's much more to it than that (there were no drugs in her system).

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