Sunday, 6 July 2008

Stick a needle in my Eye

Cross my Heart
Hope to Die
Stick a needle in my Eye

- Child's oath of secrecy

Stop gap post. Watched The Happening last night, it plays on similar themes like in The Signal and such. Beginning bit (I won't spoil much, I guess a lot of people are waiting to see this), shockingly [/sarcasm] everything kicks off at 8:33! It has Zooey (oz) Deschanel in it, the first shot of her has her in a trance-like state, it stars Mark Wahlburg (37 year old warrior against the new world order lolz). The attractive blonde who starts the movie says, "I forgot where I am..." (in her book mind), before stabbing herself in the neck with a hexagonal hair chopstick thing. There is all the symbolism we have come to expect, checkerboard floors and whatnot, though the film itself to me was a bit of a let down (still good though).

You're not interested in what's happening to the bees?!


aferrismoon said...

Saw this last night along with Ghostwriter.
Bit like a Jap film about a Suicide Club, bit of a steal on Shyalaman's part.

Ghostwriter has Alan Cumming and Booth from Bones in it.
AC acted as Scarecrow in the 3-parter based on OZ called Tinman, as did Zooey Deschanel.
Booth acts in Bones with her sister Emily.

Happening has Zooey. Did u notice how big and blue her eyes were.

I've seen Frenzy , a very powerful film. I saw it at 11ish. remember trying to figure out how he could be the bad man coupled with his public face.

Gonna watch the last Doc Who in abit.
Apart from Russel Thomas' unsubtle approach to 'gaying up' everything I'm sure there are a lot of other 'agendas'.
Not against 'gay' , just when it's pushed like this , well - who needs propaganda.
Notice that Martha Jones looks like Adolf H., while Donna and Billy have gone on to some 'skin-stretched-tightly-over-the-bones look. Always happens to female actors in these mass appeal progs. Emily Deschanel has it too, as well as the southern gal from CSI Miami

Finch,Foster,Frenzy - FFF - 6 repeated thrice

All mad , mad , mad , mad, like a wierd zoo.


Anonymous said...

"Gonna watch the last Doc Who in abit.
Apart from Russel Thomas' unsubtle approach to 'gaying up' everything I'm sure there are a lot of other 'agendas'.
Not against 'gay' , just when it's pushed like this , well - who needs propaganda."

I don't even want to delve into the douchebag logic behind that comment. What's next? Martha Jones pushing the "black agenda"? Sarah Jane pushing the "40 something soccer mom agenda"? Appropiate post to comment on too, i consider you the M. Night Shyamalan of the synchrosphere.

aferrismoon said...

I do think that TV pushes all agendas 'in extremis' as it happens. The lowest common denominator of each human is shaved off into some 'douchebag' grouping and puddled forth as some kind of 'determined lifestyle'.
Thanks for putting a name to me, sucker

aferrismoon said...

And anyhow it's Russell T. Davies , my mistake.

Benjamin S said...

Nice... Solapa, that statement obviously angered you, but saying Doctor Who has been "gayed up" by Russel T is in no way extreme or even remotely controversial, even this Guardian newspaper blogger says that Russell T made it "too gay and too camp" (I cannot comment, having only seen the last couple of seasons). Saying that there is an agenda behind it is not over the top either, IMO many things/themes are placed in the media machine with specific agendas behind them (though I'd be more concerned with the clear mind control agenda Moffat will be pushing). Your implications are unfounded mate, I think you were a little hasty and gave an emotional response. Thanks for the comment anyway.

Aferrismoon, cheers for your enlightening comment (+follow up responses, I can see what you mean about the individual characters, I can also see how someone could misinterpret it). I remember that Tin Man thing (also I can remember some good posts on it), watched it with great interest. Coincidentally (or not) I just downloaded that movie "Ghostwriter" the other night so thanks for building up my anticipation for watching it too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, "some kind of determined lifestyle", haven't heard that description of homosexuallity since my last visit to the Free Republic site, and talk about group mentallity!
Anyway, congrats to Russell T. for helping put a stop to the force feeding of negative stereotypes of gays that the media and audiences love so much.

Benjamin S said...

And obviously there's nothing wrong with Russel T putting gay themes in (Do what thou wilt), hell I didn't even notice nor had the thinking entered my consciousness (unlike people who have watched it for years and years ((it was not on when I was growing up, as I am 19 at present)) who can clearly see the change happening through years of watching). Solapa, do you actually have anything to say related to my blog posts, or do you just go around random comment sections looking for people who say things you take issue with, which you then pounce on.

Perhaps you could email your concerns to the person who you are actually directing them at, instead of spewing them in someone elses comments section of their blog. A blog that you seem to have no interest in anyway (obviously this blog is for people with an interest in conspiracies etc.), so what are you doing here? (all comments are of course welcome, that is if they are relevant and not just nitpicking a previous comment's own personal views, of which they are fully entitled to)

Cheers! (Apologiez if I've got you wrong Solapa)

Anonymous said...

Not at all! forms part of my daily reading, and yes, that includes your blog, but it would't be the first time I witness this kind of talk about gays in the Synchro blogs. Perhaps I expect people in yours and Ferry's line of writing to be a little better than dismissing Doctor Who or anything for that matter as "too gay." My bad.

Benjamin S said...

No one has dismissed Doctor Who as "too gay", this is just an observation (not a dismissive one at all) that MANY Doctor Who fans have made, there is nothing wrong with saying it or speculating as to the reasons why (or even saying that it has put you off a bit, like the Guardian blogger, he is entitled to that view). But you seem to be too rapped in the divisions "they" have created, gay/straight, black/white etc. (we're all human) IMO we are probably a bisexual species (from looking at ancient Greek art etc.) anyway ^^ Free love man! (I'll be watching my words carefully with you around ;p)

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