Thursday, 24 July 2008

Adidas' Olympic All Seeing Psyop

Drip-feeding the masses propaganda and brainwashing in order to "Persuade. Change. Influence." (Gov't Psyop motto, and this animation companies' one) your perspective (click image).

Chinese Olympians are different to others, their training regimes are harsh to say the least (trauma inflicted on the Olympic hopefuls helps to push them beyond pain barriers ((through the mind fragmenting which can block the access of pain receptors to the compartments of the brain that do this, same kind of thing as those guys who stab themselves (and things of that nature) apparently "possessed" (note how masks are used in this, also view some of the other videos in that link for more of these themes), except they've achieved this willingly through traumatic tribal initiations/rites of passage and whatnot)) and achieve super-human feats, such as ultra-flexible MK victims I have mentioned a few times), this is an interesting article comparing Germany's 1936 olympics to this one. Also according to Fritz, "the brain can be hypnotically trained to release enkephalin so that the brain doesn't perceive pain.", it does not even have to be anything sinister, hypnosis can and is being used as an anaesthetic in surgery (saw this video a month ago but forgot about it). Obviously note the All Seeing Eyes in the above video, and below note the human pyramid thing near the end and the submerging under water. Adidas of course, with it's 3 step pyramid logo. (at 45 seconds in of the above video, you see a grid pattern ((net)) with the numbers 11 and 9 jumping with the number 8 in the middle.)

A "cute Cthulhu" advert too from Coke (and a loveable one they made for Valentines day, it's quite disturbing, stick with it), made by psyop too (do click the link, love their intro sequence: drip-feeding the chick (masses) with propoganda/brainwashing, which is what they do and they don't hide it, watch a lot of their videos), whose motto is of course Persuade... Change... Influence...

Do you remember the Cthulhu Fanta ad from way back? Here is an updated one, I did not know that the original one was made by Psyop but it looks like it is, if this updated version is anything to go by (note the kids checker pattern thing).

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