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Nobody Loves Alice

Paris looking completely healthy as Alice, click image for daily mail article.

Synchronistically there was another film that aired on the 28th pertaining to mind control (probably move away from mind control at some point), Session 9 on the Sci Fi Channel, the same date as they completed a (I speculate) mind control blood sacrifice ritual. Like Zoolander, (also aired on the 28th, there were probably a lot more Mind Control Movies that I didn't see that day!) it was released in the year, 2001 and was also in part, about MPD/DID/Mind Control. The evil genius that is my Sky Plus box (TiVo in the US) allowed me to record it and it contained all sorts of themes I've spoken of involved in Mind Control, which I fully expect now in these types films (and am rarely dissapointed). I chose the Japanese (?) poster because it is more symbolic, you hear a victim of MPD/DID (Mary Hobbes) being interviewed, the spinning of the tape (in poster below) is focused on hypnotically, there are loads of grid patterns (it is set in a mental institution, this is why mental institutions have so much of them, to make them more insane), the very first shot of the film confuses up with down as a chair is seemingly stuck to the ceiling before the camera spins 180 degrees to the normal view. At one point the doctor describes how "she appears to be going into a dissociative state, switching alters" (paraphrased). I think you are viewing the film primarily from Gordon's perspective (guy sitting on stairs covering his face, you hear what he thinks will happen in his mind, when he comes home to his family with flowers.... at the end you find out it did not go as he'd hoped), he is the one that "snaps/cracks/shatters/..." but his mind dissociates and he thinks it is someone else until a person (Caruso) he is hallucinating tells him"you're asleep... would you wake up... open your eyes!" and he finally realises what is really going on. Look out for yellow police tape, spinning, numerology and symbolism synchs, and loads of other stuff (at the beginning"Brass" from CSI: Las Vegas walks with Caruso from Miami, he speaks of bats and makes the wing motion, see top picture with upside down bat above Alice). I really enjoyed it despite it starring the painful to watch David Caruso (he is far more bearable in this than in CSI: Miami mind), the characters are very realistic and believable.

It was set in an actual mental hospital which closed down in 1985 (=23), the "mammoth brick facility" was built in 1871 (=17 and the 71/17 too) info from this review. As I said, the movie aired on the Sci-Fi Channel on the 28th of June, the 6th month, so Session 9 shows the mirror/reversal type symbolism (69 sexual allusion). Mary Hobbes' alters are: Princess (her childlike alter), Billy (all seeing alter), and Simon (murderous alter). The doctor asks, "Where does the Princess Live." and 'Simon says' "In the Tongue, because she talks a lot" (sexual allusion) and "Billy lives in the eyes, because "he sees everything". Showing the compartmentalized mind, as this is one way (they arn't neuropsychologists) an MPD victim can verbalize this compartmentalization (as well as the different characteristics ((super human memory, pliability etc.)) of the individual alters contained in the different compartments created in the mind through trauma). This also adds weight to my argument that individual parts of the face are used in advertising as a method of mind control en-masse. 'Simon' is rage; that dwells within us all which is more likely to be released when you are put through significant trauma (the Simon alter comes out when Mary is scared by her brother making her fall on her doll so she kills him and her parents) and just simple stress in general makes you more susceptible to 'the crazy' (AKA: "Simon", "primal fear, base anger" seen in Jacob's Ladder).

8 (total control) is the letter h, having it connected to the green triangle is v symbolic, also note the crucifix. On wikipedia's page on numerology they describe 8 as being the number of power and sacrifice.

giant bath for blood rituals.

Also described in the movie were allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse, where it is described how her father came into her room, "Wearing a black robe, her grandparents and her mother all have black robes, they would go to the forest on a full moon, and group orgies would ensue, she was forced to watch as her mother cut this babies heart out and ate the flesh and drunk the blood, she was forced to have abortions and whatnot." (paraphrased) Places like this, insane asylums, and boarding schools or "industrial schools" like Haut de la Garenne, a school for "young people of the lower classes of society and neglected children" (and places like these) because these are people who have no voice and no one will believe what they would have to say anyway (i.e "this high society person abused me.." "Shut up!.. how could you say such a thing about such an important man!"). Jersey is obviously a good place for it because it is so out of the way and private, which is where the elite go to practise their "Satanic" rituals like Bohemian Grove in the "United States". Using Cathy O'Brien's tragic story as an example, her daughter Kelly has been kept in places like these (by the state) where she does not receive the necessary treatment, she spent much of her youth in the above "'Cum'ber'land'" House (note kid with butterfly wings logo, link) and then later on Try Angle House (look at these try angle awards...) which resides at 3133 (31/13 33) Long Blvd, Nash(teeth)ville(vile), Tennesse (ten, see, mirrored en and es) 37203 (777, 23) (link). The majority of care homes and such are legit and are only seeking to help those in their care, but there is a small (but extremely significant and sizeable) minority that are actively creating (encouraged by "Illuminati" agents) mind control slaves (who then go out and stab a bunch of people or whatever, like this guy 28 years old who allegedly killed 8, arrested at 7pm) and ritually abusing those they are supposed to care for. Without the Mind Control aspect (but still relating to) this abuse/trauma can create an emotional void in the person leading them to become a psychotic serial killer (with or without the help of hypnotic mind control), which brings me squarely to the title of this piece, Nobody Loves Alice (which I think is a reference to what I've been talking about). With the Mind Control aspect, these (random killings) are a direct result of Mind Control programming in places like Springfield Hospital and various others that produce results like this, note the time the article was last updated 3:23, another BBC article here, a man stabbed his wife 77 times on the 17th..., Guardian article: "A mental health trust was criticised today after two patients killed people over the same weekend after being released by psychiatric specialists, a report said."

In this low budget psychological horror movie: Nobody Loves Alice. Similar themes are explored as, like Mary Hobbes in Session 9 she also killed her (though a foster) brother when she was a kid, except she killed him with fire, and afterwards she ritualistically lights long matches over and over. The shy/quiet/loner type character of Alice is increasingly common in this schizophrenic world so a lot of people can relate to her (myself included, a bit).

Alice's interests piqued mine, as she says she liked to listen to "Elvis", who was most likely himself a programmed Multiple. On her favourite colour she says, "I guess I'm supposed to say pink right? Because I'm a girl... Green... I've always had this strange attraction to green."

Mind Controlled historical figures (Di, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis).

Sad (and discordant when insane sh*t happens) piano music is played throughout, giving it an added emotional layer, the actress who plays Alice really helps this too as she is very convincing (I also like the fact that they havn't gone for your stereotypical ultra-attractive Hollywood actress types, as much as I love em). She captures and ties up Alex, which works as a double bind, phonically similar to Alice (murderer sounds like victim) and she chops his left foot off (symbolising a loss of self) at the ankle for betraying her by trying to escape, she lovingly cleans up the leg and excitedly/happily talks to him about their future wedding plans.

Note subliminal skeletal apparition/figure made out of dried blood, bottom left of above image.

This is not spoken of in the movie, but was pretty obvious to me; that she fed his own leg to him, calling it "chicken", cannibalism is an important part of mind control (not a necessity, the Catholic religion ((mass not-so "soft" mind control)) employs it symbolically in its rituals) and was researched vigorously by the CIA. This cannibalism triggers a memory, of her as a little girl being verbally traumatized by her father, holding a (double barrelled) shotgun. She is in the classic fetal position (in both the memory fragment, and in the present time), rocking back and forth wearing pink with various things on like roses and diamonds (clearer in an image further up).

This one came out, scarily as vlcsnap8089999
To signify this is a repressed memory we are shown a "one eyed" shot symbolizing that it (the memory) has been compartmentalized to another area of the brain but has been brought forth (into her eye, visual memory, front of her mind, people say "it's at the back of my mind" when there is something you want to forget but know that you need to ((reluctantly)) come to it later on) by the cannibalism trigger. The rest of her memory (of the aforementioned event) is triggered by a blow to the head near the end, where we again have the one eyed shot which flashes on screen at the same time as the gunshot is heard (of her father killing himself with a shotgun), before telling her that nobody loves him, which is what programmed her into what she became. I do not want to go into every detail of this movie because I have about five or six waiting for me to do detailed posts on.

The main guy's girlfriend dissociates a lot, with the photocopying machine and coffee (spirals in coffee, see Pi) putting her in a trance, she says she "spaced out for a second".

Note the symbolism, ancient egyptian Ra (sun god) depiction, skeletal fish.

Octagonal (8) clock, at 8:23?

Not sure, but I think that might be a butterfly, with it's wings pointing upwards.

Bye Bye (P)Alice.

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