Saturday, 5 July 2008

Triggered into a Frenzy

half face/split mind

Alfred Hitchcock's penultimate film "Frenzy" was released in 1972, he was 73 (777 Crowley) at the time of its creation, it aired on July 1st (7 1) on Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror. It is about a serial killer who strangles people with neckties, and a man who is falsely accused of being him. I viewed the film very differently to most people I think, as the film opens with powerful music and the camera panning over the Thames (Isis), focusing on the twin towers of tower bridge, the City of London's coat of arms was on show for some reason right at the beginning to. I think I've made my thoughts about the City of London and the Freemasonic lizards (figurative) that inhabit their pyramid capped/square phallic buildings pretty clear. I viewed this film as like a sick celebration of Jack the Ripper style serial killers (mind controlled/or just a totally insane Freemason) created by the "illuminati" (if you want to call them that). The "Square Mile" (City of London, and the whole of London tbh) is unarguably steeped in Freemasonry, so to have it shown is highly symbolic in my opinion. Jack the Ripper is specifically referenced in this film, he started killing on August (8) 31 (13) 1888, 8 can be viewed as the number of total control so to me this suggests that there is something more than meets the eye to do with that case.


The "real" serial killer is shown wearing purple (below), a dissociative and subconsciously polarizing colour. He is known as the "Necktie murderer", this is again another subtle hint at Freemasonic involvement in these "frenzied" serial killings (and the recent spate of frenzied attacks we've seen lately in real life, Murdoch showing this film on 01/07/08 ((17, 8)) is no coincidence) because the necktie derives from the Freemasonic Cable-Tow. This is another example of the subversive influence Freemasonry has had on society as a whole. And of course, having it as the murder weapon is re-emphasizing this unwitting submission to our Freemasonic overlords that we are all forced into at school and then in corporate jobs etc.

We also have some split/shattered mind symbolism (as is seen in the top poster too) where the innocent man cracks as events conspire against him, symbolised by the shattering of the glass which triggers him from his ranting state to a calm one (triggers can work in both completely opposite ways, like when you're pissed off and you take a shower it can wash away your anger, they don't necessarily have to be post-hypnotic/mind control triggers). Thought the following line was ironic considering recent (potentially) mind controlled "frenzied" killings; an upper class couple discuss the "psychopathic killer", the man says, "They can be triggered off at any time." No doubt, this is spoken 1hr 7mins (17, this was being shown on Sky movies on 01/07 remember) into the movie. Also worth noting is Hitchcock makes his usual cameo appearance (not pictured), 3 minutes into the movie wearing a bowler hat. The film lasts 116 minutes, so 11 mirror symbolism (like the twin towers were in the 9/11 ritual), and 9/6 mirror reversal so could resonate 9/11 too. Really good film mind!

Below is the opening credits, and then a trailer for it. Next up The General's Daughter.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ben,

aferrismoon just made a post (dated 7/4) about the double-image Gemini link that also includes references to strangulation.

Curiouser Indeed

Da WWWiz

Michael Skaggs said...

Hey Ben!

Good finds bud! That Frenzy poster looks like a "6" and a "9" too, the center target of electroshock reminds me of many of the symbols I see representing the "8 Fold Buddhism Beliefs". Nice write up.

Keep up the outstanding work!
Later man!

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