Thursday, 17 July 2008

Butterflies' Self Destruct Trigger, The Pope in Oz and Bondage Barbie Paris

The Butterflies are dying out!!! That's right, forget the Bees, they're long gone! Butterflies is what its all about now, funnily enough this was also in the news in 2001... (ominous warning?) Sky News' video states in it's blurb: "we could be about to enter a post-Butterfly era.", could this have something to do with triggering Monarch slaves? Link Here. The above image accompanies Sky's article, nice use of purple to go along with it, the girl reporter that they have for some reason pictured is also wearing purple.

This video is odd to say the least, well put together anyway. Note the face/mask thing too that pops up in the video.

Alice entranced by the butterfly, note the spirals, go back to my X-Files post and click on the Pan's Labyrinth eye-in-hand image where you will see these spirals again, with the protagonist girl inside light in between the spirals.

From the Alice in Wonderland section of Disney's Electrical Parade, more on this here.

On a vaguely unrelated note, the Pope is in Oz for World Youth Day [shudders] :| where he praised the (non-)"apology" the white parliament made to do with the trauma inflicted on native Australians. Sky News link, and The Sun link: Pope Pets Oz Animals. The below snake is pictured twice, one of the Pope touching the snake, and the below one with it pointed at his groin, also note the captions "Religious Reptile" and such.

Good documentary on the Vatican's abuse, but it's from the BBC so obviously doesn't go into the mind control aspect. Sex Crimes and the Vatican.

And The Sun, in it's usual twisted hilarity has this piece: S&M Barbie lashed by public (note the "lashed" bondage suggestible title). Click the link and look at the comments too. Nasty stuff. But not as nasty as this one, this honestly makes me feel slightly ill, note the title with "Would you let your 7 year old wear this". Also another one, with an image of Paris (Disneyland) with the caption "Livin' Doll ... Paris" here's the link.

"Livin' Doll ... Paris" above, actual doll below. One of the things reads Snow Queen behind her.

This was apparently based on a DC comic book character Black Canary, the character herself put under mind control at one point (see wiki link). Canaries were used to see if the air was still breathable in mines way back, if the bird died then they got the hell out of the mine-shaft. I'm sure that plays into the mind control useage.

Also, I should probably mention that I think that this is an attempt at bringing the masses down to their perverse level, which has been going on for years and has picked up steam in recent years (since the trauma of 9/11 and, staged events involving children ((Madeleine Mccan, Ian Huntley)) I'd say). But it's obviously a testament to the f***ed up society they have created through years of conditioning and perversion in the media.

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Michael Skaggs said...

Hey Ben,

Nice diggs! I totally agree with you on your end statement "bringing the masses down to their perverse level" you got that right bro. Great write up!

Keep up the outstanding work!

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