Thursday, 3 July 2008

Rearming Britain

The above trailer is for Channel 4's Disarming Britain series of programs, notice anything? They're not exactly shy in telling you who is behind the apparent rise in "youth violence", as we see a checker pattern on the floor of a shop where a man is shot (their hands acts as guns like this banned Xbox 360 advert) at 22:31:32/33. But the most telling part of it is in a tunnel where the blue 6 pointed star/hexagram and occult caduceus of the ambulance association, along with the number 23 on show, as well as a skull (and bones, quality is poor). Also look out for a mirror scene, arch/tunnel, grid various others. This kind of media campaign "against" it is designed to have the opposite effect, like if you tell a child "Don't PUSH THE BUTTON!" they're going to push the button (constantly showing knife wounds and knives etc. in this case), expect more and more of these vicious Mind Controlled (and not, because brain-dead idiots on the street will start shooting/knifing each other because they think they're rebelling, when they are doing exactly what the establishment wants them to do, creating more chaos) frenzied attacks as the world plunges into chaos.

Today also brings the news that two 23 year old frenchmen (23+23=46) have been killed in a "Tarantino" style frenzied attack another link here. They had been stabbed over 250 times between them, "Mr Bonomo had 197 stab wounds, 100 of which were in his back. His friend had been stabbed 47 times." The Sky News reporter at the scene makes sure to emphasise (every time they come to her) that there is "glass everywhere" from the explosion (shattering effect on the psyche, they zoomed in on some shards of glass just to emphasise this, no pic), naturally it ended with fire and an explosion. Sky News (Murdoch) is always putting subversive themes in their news, for instance the new poster girl for knife crime, ex-"Eastender" Brooke Kinsella has been caught up in the "occult media spiral" as she has been calling for metal detecting "arches" to be put up in every school and for everyone to be forced into national service, through the duration of the interview red light was shining behind her. "Ben's Badge of Hope" which is stylized letter K (=11), the letter is yellow and purple with bricks behind it, don't forget to notice the crown and valis black/white resonating bit. Another Ben, over at Daily Behemoth (and other excellent blogs) posted a story from The Sun about him detailing his own death, got to feel for the Kinsella family (tbh though I'm instinctively suspecting of the parents).

I'd also like to bring you back in time to this post, where a young girl (below) Arsema Dawit was killed in an elevator in a frenzied attack by a member of her Eritrean church (which I presume, like a lot of religions is soaked in mind control) 21 (7+7+7) year old student Thomas Nugesse, whose self-destruct programming kicked in in prison (trapped in a box/prison cell) where he has attempted suicide. More info on the story in this link (updated 8:08), it's all extremely tragic. She is pictured below with a pink butterfly shape.


Anonymous said...

i was guess about to agree with you on this post, but then i read what you wrote about the eritrean church... if you had botherd to do you research you would of found out that the eritrean church is on orthodox church, established by Jesus Christ and his Apostles almost 2,000 years ago.
What are you trying to say?

thursday said...

what does anons point above have to do with anything?

assuming jesus christ and his apostles are the real deal as you state they are the ones that founded this church almost 2000 yrs ago....

well that doesnt mean a thing because they aint involved in the day to day running of the church now are they?...

Religion is a form of mind control must believe thus and behave thus or the consequences will be eternal damnation..anyway its too early in the morning i got cotton wool brains..

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