Monday, 28 July 2008

The 2008 Olympic Terror Patsies Revealed by IntelCenter

An "Islamic separatist" Al-Qaeda-esque group (AKA: mind controlled tools for the global elite) has warned of causing terror attacks at the imminent Beijing Olympics which should come as no surprise really, they even come as standard (of course) with one of those stereotypical videos (look at my big AK47 and my scarey face masks... ooooooo fear me!). But yeah in all seriousness, the video was dated July (7) 23 according to the completely dodgey Washington based IntelCenter "a private contractor working for intelligence agencies". They (Turkistan Islamic Party or TIP which is the same name as the protagonist of one of the Oz books, Ozma transformed into Tip.) caused two explosions on 17/7, and on 21/7 (21 = 7+7+7 Crowley) three buses were bombed. On 5/5 they bombed a bus killing three. I suspect that they are just setting up the intended patsies for a false flag "terror attack", and mega-ritual (a la 9/11) at the Olympic opening ceremony on 8/8/8 (Michael over at Hidden Agendas has discussed this as a distinct possibility on a number of occasions). This might play out as such: the "terrorist group" blow something up at the Olympics, China goes skizoid and massacres many more Turkistani's, "horrifying" the West; making China our enemies (with Russia uniting behind China and Iran), which would be handy in setting up the sides for World War 3, that's just wild speculation though and will probably be completely different. Written info and image from here, note the freemasonic black/white symbolism and all the aforementioned numerology in their previous bombings (like the 7/7 bombings and 9/11, numerological factors certainly play into the insane elites thinking when hatching up these "false flags"). Apologiez if this was picked up elsewhere, and I'm still putting my proper post which goes into Sharon Tate, David Lynch, standard Oz stuff, Roy Orbison and other such things connected to mind control which I assure you will be up tomorrow. On a side note, Spider aired on BBC2 last night and is another film full of numerology and mind control symbolism and themes.

Adidas All Seeing Eye video from this post, about the forthcoming Olympics perhaps stamping the illuminati's symbolism on the forthcoming event.

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Michael Skaggs said...

Finally! Tried to post here earlier, but for some reason couldn't...

Thanks for keeping us apprised bro of this! I've had such little time to do what I want at my blog spot, I have lost track of global events, such as the false flag threats...maybe they are setting us up for something more "grand"?

I remember a month or so ago reading about how China supposedly broke up a plot to kidnap Olympic Athletes. Not sure if this goes hand in hand with that, but possibly. I have to make sure I don't miss the opening ceremonies, I am sure Goro and Chris will have a field day with it, wondering what will be "hidden" in that theme.

Keep up the amazing work bro, its muchly appreciated!

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