Saturday 26 July 2008


Argos was founded in 1973 (777), launching specifically in July so another 7 there (4 7s 7777), it has over 700 stores in the UK, it first opened in July 1973 with 17 stores, the specific date it opened on: 21 July, with 21 being 7+7+7 or 3x7 (37/73). In 2005, 33 Index stores were converted to Argos ones after they bought it. If you look at their logo you'll see that they have connected the A (1) to the S (19) so is perhaps a subtle 119/911 synch. Watching 'The Shining' in the finale of More 4's 'Kubrick Season' (Lolita opened it..) I wasn't shocked to see the below adverts (this was the first time they aired, ever; I think) which contains the "We're off to see the Wizard" song and the clicking of the heels wearing red shoes, as well as the "there's no place like home" saying from the MK-occult movie/books, but there was NO overt mention of the Wizard of Oz (so someone who knows nothing ((or had been programmed to forget)) about Oz would not consciously have a clue it was based on that) where the themes are taken from. This would have fit perfectly in my MADvertising post, the advertising companies need to keep up with my posts! The Shining obviously containing many mind control themes and symbolisms (the kid's mind splits when his father drunkenly dislocates his shoulder ((added traumatic confusion effect because it was his father, someone who should keep him safe, not injure him)), the trauma creating the "Tony" alter. Loads of mirror/reflection symbolism and various others), so the below advertisements would probably have added impact. Also of note, in my opinion the hotel represents one of those out-of-the-way places (Bohemian Grove, Haut De Le Garenne) where ritual abuse takes place, perpetrated by the elite (primarily). Obviously something horrific happened in room 237 (37 I relate to Argos, 23, 7 numerology, in the book it is 217, 21 ((7+7+7)) and 7/17), I think that numerology (as well as them stating that only "the best of the best" stayed at the hotel, like Royalty and Hollywood movie stars) is hinting at who is responsible for the horrific abuse that occurs in these places. I personally think he was "possessed" (the energy left by the trauma that has occurred in the hotel which inhabits him by his mind "splitting open" allowing the twisted insane personality in or something, this kind of thing is also seen in The Orphanage to an extent) by the sick, insane, perverted elite's "personality" (if you can call it that, they have no capacity for empathy, symbolised by "nigger" racism rant, and the sexist attitude as well). There is also more numerology, as the picture at the end showing Jack somehow on July (7) 4th (74) 1921 (21, 777) with all the other elite perverts. In the MK/occult-based Chronicles of Narnia, Argoz is one of the seven lost lords. Note the top images, 37 I mentioned numerous times previously (777) and 36 (666).

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Michael Skaggs said...

Nice work again Ben, more amazing information I did not know. Love your viewpoints too!

Oddly enough, I watched Sky Captain & The World of starts off with the undercover reporter played by Gwyneth Paltrow meeting an informant in a movie theater..the whole time she talks to the informant, the Wizard of Oz is playing in the background slightly out of focus..I said to myself "here we go again"...geesh!

Keep fighting the good fight bro! You do amazing stuff here.

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