Saturday, 12 July 2008

Enslaving the Masses through TV Advertising

Symbolic ad for Panasonic "Lumix" (illuminism) camera. Here the Golden Gate Bridge (also destroyed in one of the X-Men movies I think, it's total length is 2,737 m and it was opened on May (5) 27th 1937) is shown being folded up, you see the people on the bridge reacting to it making you think it is actually happening (confusing reality with fantasy in the viewer's mind a bit) when it is (on the surface) just symbolizing that the camera has an amazingly wide lense. Note the yellow cab (checker chariot) that is 3K35.

Better quality below.

Panasonic Lumix TZ - Shrinking Bridge

Next up, a lovely Luciferian camera advertisement, note the hexagon shaped light blur thing, the "million points of light", the doves, the setting (Rome/Vatican?) the eye etc.

A Currys advert follows, very hypnotic I'd say (all the colours, spinning, mirror imagery). Currys was founded in 1884 and currently has 73 stores (73/37 = 777 Crowley imo, see earlier Golden Gate bridge 37's too). Useful mind, need a new telly (noticed a rush of adverts lately offering very cheap HDTV's from Tesco and other places... obviously want us as docile and brainwashed as possible before an impending event).

Note 6 pointed star/hexagon/gram in between the spiral of TV's

Currys - Low Price TV's Forever

One from Lynx, which is called Axe (aggression/sex same) in America and is all about being the alphamale getting the ladies and generally being an ignorant "lad" with a one-track mind. So in England it is named after a cat, and in other places a violent weapon, perfect for decapitation. Also check out their campaign "Order of the Serpentine", also see their viral videos page called "subliminal". Note the girl in red trousers and a checkerboard top, and those eyes are sure to mess with some people's heads (I think I remember seeing this one on TV, but do not remember the eyes for some reason, must have blanked it).

pyramid (with illumination at the cap) + serpent (phallus, knowledge etc.) + waves (aquarius)
Lynx Dry Sharp Focus - Stay Focused

One focused at the opposite sex here, Littlewoods (interlocking rings. Fashion IS slavery.) originally founded in 1923. Note Age of Aquarius mixed with Oz resonance (drinking from a red shoe from a river).

I'll finish with an advert on Channel 4 for their "Kubrick season", note the door number 237 (23, 37/777), the twin girls that kick it off... you can only fully appreciate Stanley Kubrick's work if you are aware of the symbolism hidden within in my opinion (I'm sure I still do not fully), they killed him (giving people heart attacks is no trouble whatsoever, they've been doing it for years) for what he put into Eyes Wide Shut afterall (he died 4 days after showing it to his family, of a heart attack).

Considering how these advertisements (and TV/movies in general) essentially enslaves us into a certain way of thinking (MTV being one of the worst culprits; and also the millions of mind control slaves that are probably appearing on it, in shows like Laguna Beach, The Hills and their endless [not]"reality" and fashion bs) I guess this video is ironic...


CarissaC. said...

Hey there.....I discovered your blog when I saw in my weblogs that you were linking to my "Mind Control Themes and Programming Triggers in Movies" write up. And I just have to say, the stuff you're writing in your blog entries is amazing. It's whatever I did....times 10,000. ;D Seriously. You take it to a whole other level, I'm just so impressed. When people write me now liking my stuff I'm just like, "psssh" and refer them on over to your blog. ;D (and Celtic Rebel's, another newly discovered find.) My own write up is a bit limited, with just movies, because I don't own a TV so I can't watch television programming/music vids, and I don't follow mainstream mags and the fashion world. So your work is much more comprehensive for that reason. It covers the whole deal and is so in-depth. I've learned a lot more on the subject since perusing your blog these past few weeks. Admittedly I had NO idea that the themes/symbols were running this rampant in everything because my own media exposure is so limited. So when reading your blog I now realize that the media is truly saturated in it. Anyway, keep up the good work. :)


Benjamin S said...

Carissa, sorry for the delayed response, I honestly can't thank you enough for your work (that article in particular) which really layed it all out in a way that was easy to understand and extremely digestible. I've lost count of how many times I've gone back to it to remind myself about something.

My media exposure is pretty much total, standard cliche of parent working constantly so I was raised by the internet and TV pretty much + the matriarchal household I live in helps as they (mum+sisters) actually read this fashion stuff whereas I'll just flick through them when I'm waiting for something (because there's nothing else left around) so have always had their images in my consciousness. For me, the media has to be truly saturated in it for it to work as well as it has in modern times, and I think it has really picked up steam in the past few years (though I'm probably just noticing it more since starting my blog).

Thanks for your kind words, means a lot coming from yourself whose work has been inspirational for me (particularly enjoyed your "Polarized Thinking" recent piece and cheers for the plug in your "thoughts" post, which I am in total agreement with).

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