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The General's Daughter was Mind Controlled

The General's Daughter stars John Travolta as a military detective, investigating the (apparent) rape and murder of Captain Elisabeth Campbell who describes her work at psyops as such: "Mostly we fuck with people's minds." 9/11 is the most obvious historical example of a psychological operation, having an effect on a global scale. It was a global trauma-based mind control event; the effects heightened by showing the events (Hollywood style massive explosions etc.) over and over in the occult media, which would obviously have a psychological effect (instilling fear, anxiety, hopelessness) which leads us to demand our government into action (i.e bomb Afghanistan to dust etc.). The events of 9/11 and the horrors of trauma based mind control are connected, the same people who perpetrated 9/11 (Cheney and co.) are the same ones who are doing their perverse programming (Cheney and co. 9/11 was perpetrated by a mixture of CIA and mind controlled Saudi's). This is aided by Hollywood's use of 9/11 resonating themes, such as The Mist (remember the dust that engulfed New York), and also in Cloverfield with buildings being blown up and similar dust, these two films also combine 9/11 themes with Cthulhu resonant themes (tentacles have deep psychological effect).

Note twin towers and traumatized daughter.

Scientologist John Travolta and metaphorical (mind controlled) "General's Daughter" Diana, both positioned between twin pillars on a checker floor in the Whitehouse.

Prince Bandar (Saudi) with Cheney in his Pentagon office, two major players in 9/11 (19 hijackers were programmed Saudis) and mind control, Cheney let the attacks go ahead, as well as probably being involved in the planning.

Like watching a movie.

[Warning: 9/11 rant imminent! Jake Kotze briefly goes into some of this stuff in his latest red ice interview (great listen) which I listened to after writing all of this post, sometimes I wonder how he can so obviously miss the mind control aspects] The movie was released in 1999 (666), remember 9/11 involved 19 hijackers. 9, 1, 11 these are all deeply meaningful numbers in mind control as they contain mirror/reversal themes, hence why the twin towers were used as they represent two number 1's (on the 11th day, and twin pillars of course), 1 mirrored (11-9 = 2 = 1+1). Like Frenzy, the film is also 116 minutes long, showing 6/9 11 mirror/reversal symbolism again. Mohammed Atta was the alleged leader of the hijackers and his name (AT|TA) is another example of mirror symbolism employed in this staged event, he was born on September 1 (1/9) and had various aliases (AKA: Alters), he was allegedly involved in the hijacking of American Airlines (AA-11) Flight 11 (more mirror/duality) on 9/11. On his death on September 11th 2001 he was 33 years old... there were 92 (9+2=11) casualties in the plane, there were 11 original crew members on the plane. The plane crashed into the towers at 8:46 (8x8 =64, 46 mirrored)... I could go on and on (Coincidence theorists, feel free to hit me with your theory that it is all a coincidence).

Mohammed Atta split mind symbolism on Michelle Malkin's (apparently) treasonous book, one person who saw Mohammed Atta:

"He thought the pair were unusual. First, they each held a $2,500 first-class [CIA funded no doubt, like all their trips to the strip clubs, very Islamic...], one-way ticket to Los Angeles (via Boston). “You don’t see many of those.”
The second reason is not so easy to explain.
“It was just the look on the one man’s face, his eyes,” Tuohey recently told me.
“By now, everyone in America has seen a picture of this man, but there is more life in that photograph we’ve all seen than he had in the flesh and blood. He looked like a walking corpse. He looked so angry. And he wouldn’t look directly at me.” [emphasis + these brackets added]

Back to the movie, it was directed by Simon West (also did Tomb Raider and worked for the BBC), in the UK it was released on 17th September (9) 1999, you find out Elisabeth (MPD victim) went to West Point military academy which is obviously a breeding ground for brainwashed soldiers (their crest is a helmet/mask with a sword stabbing through the middle of the forehead) as well as the experimental mind-fucks they do in their psycho experiments (portrayed in the below image from the movie), look at their official website: "Class of 2012: Nearly 1,300 Cadet Candidates arrived June 30 to begin their 47-month-long learning experience at West Point." (with the main image of a kid with half his head shaved, symbolising their imminently split minds, shaving the head is all part of making the young trainee feel more naked and vulnerable ((so more suggestible))) Check out Goarmy.com's description of psychological operations (also note that it is 37F, connect to video on tv below being Lecture 37). There is a famous army saying which goes like this: "There is a right way, a wrong way and the Army way." this is said in the film and is a clear mind control method that has been used on the consistently abused soldiers (from training and up); in mind control a person is made to not to be able to tell right from wrong (by constant confusion and other programming methods), only to be obedient (to the army), so when they are told to bomb an orphanage (or the whole of Iraq or whatever) they don't question their motives because it is "the army way". Logic, truth and right from wrong never enters a robotic marine's (any armed services') thinking as they only want to "do their duty" by "following orders".

F*cking with one soldier's mind in the room next to Elisabeth's office. ALL soldiers are test subjects and sacrificial lambs.

Alongside John Travolta is Madeleine Stowe (Blink, Twelve Monkeys, married to Brian Benben) who plays a rape investigator called Sarah Sunhill (Sun, hill, sarah/haras, she is beaten then threatened with rape by masked marines later on). The first we see of her has her standing next to a net/grid pattern which symbolises the "boxed" ("squared") personalities (i.e created compartments of the mind containing alters), the Freemasonic checkerboard, black/white duality floor can also be seen as a representation of this too. To confirm this is consciously used(to my mind anyway), after picking the lock (accessing compartment of the mind) of Elisabeth's house and going through her things, Scientologist John Travolta says, "Oh my.... this was one squared away soldier. Equally prepared for a military ball or a war in the jungle. (symbolizing the alters programmed with opposite skills. And contrasting the happy ball with the trauma of jungle warfare, which symbolises the constant state of confusion an MPD slave lives in as one second their handler will seem like loving carers and the next minute like traumatizing monsters)" He says this in reference to how neat and tidy her house is... on the surface at least (symbolic of MC slaves appearing fine on the outside, but when you look deeper...). I'll take you into her basement shortly (symbolic of another part of the brain where her alters are stored).

Note the Iguana lizard, the General's Daughter's name was changed to Elisabeth, she is called "Liz" in the movie a few times (we know this is done on purpose because it differs from the book despite being written by the same person).

Note Salvador Dali style skull behind her and also the twin towers symbolism on her shoulders.

The General's Daughter was mind controlled, we are given many not-so-subtle hints for this, for instance when discussing her with the General, he (the general) says, "She could do almost anything. Her mother was the same way [intergenerational trauma based mind control]. Fix a tire, make a hell of a key lime pie, speak five languages, extraordinary woman... two extraordinary women." These skills can be seen as a result of programming alters with these capabilities. When searching Elisabeth Campbell's (the general's daughter) office they watch a video (PSYOPS STUDY LECTURE 37) where she says (they focus in on her eyes to begin with, showing she is reciting this through mind control programming): "Our job here at psyops is to panic the enemy, to blunt his will to fight. A Psy-Operator must know the customs and habits of the enemy the current dissensions, anxieties and fears to determine vulnerability. To engage the enemy you must know the enemy inside out, you must fill him with fear, and not just fear of dying... fear of grotesque wounds is much more terrifying." Please bear in mind who the enemy is, it is US, hence events like 9/11 (leading to police state) and the never-ending use of subliminals and themes to make us anxious and in a constant state of fear in the occult media.

CNN symbolism, backwards/mirrored Z inside a circle so Oz resonance, the fan obviously spins too.

More hints come after the aforementioned picking the lock (unlocking compartment of the mind, picking the lock being the trigger) of Liz's house, inside we see Sarah Sunhill opening a pink ballerina spinning box... which couldn't really get more blatant (spin programming). Her walls also have a checker pattern (like her office floor, not pictured), which can be seen as Sarah is about to open the door to the basement (below). In the basement, there is a hidden door behind an ironic "Home of the Brave" (they know it is ironic) Army poster. Inside the door is a bondage dungeon (contrasting the neat and tidy with this obviously symbolises the opposite personalities living within one "house" ((her mind))) where we are shown videos of her "Beta alter" (sex slave alter), in dominatrix mode (used by the people in "key positions" and all the general's male staff etc. on the base), the camera is so the programmer makes the victim think he can see her at all times ("all seeing eye" hence the ridiculous amounts of CCTV everywhere in reality). Inside the dungeon there are various dildo's, strap-ons and bondage equipment (loads of handcuffs ((#8)) and shackles, interlocking rings).

Note spirals 22, then 23 is shown below.

Another 22, 23.

Note 37B (3, 7, 2, 777)
John Travolta is attacked by a masked man (seen in the above image with spin programming music box) where he receives a blow to the head by a shovel, above we can see him holding the injury as he exits the gate (with spirals on it) of Lizards (Liz's) house # 220, then we see the number 23 following on straight from this (this 22/23 useage is seen right after that too, by Liz's dead body, reference to programming codes?). At this point, when attempting to enter back into base (Liz lived off base, out of the sight) the army guy asks "Identification please... are you working on the murder case?", she responds with "Yes I am, and this is my father." which seemed a little off (she smiles the moment she says this).
They interview a female soldier who was stationed up a watchtower on the night of the murder, she tells how, "The first time I saw the headlights (head-light) was at 03:00. They went away and came back at 03:30, then they went away and came back at 04:00." Then as they walk down the watchtower, the stereotypically unhelpful sheriff rebukes him for his actions and Paul Brenner (Travolta) says, "You know what you need Chief Yardly... is a pair of those mirrored sunglasses... for you and the little one." (another double/triple bind, like the above pictured car scene, "he's my father" ish) This film is absolutely loaded with these sexual allusions and double binds, there is one nasty one in particular where he looks directly into the camera and says "Nowadays you have to boil someone before you can sleep with them. Care for a bath?" Which is the line spoken just before the "squared away" one in Liz's home mentioned earlier.

Google image the guy! James Woods enjoying some of the "perks" that come with being on the "dark side" (above left image is right to an extent, except I don't think a Mercedes is the girl's motivation for being with him...)
Her programmer (said to be her "shrink" by Travolta, but isn't) is played by James Woods, a vocal republican and supporter of war criminals of 9/11 Bush and Giuliani. This guy gives me the creeps to say the least, see him above portraying Giuliani in the TV movie, Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story. Below he wears purple, in the film he constantly speaks in Mind Control/psychological language, turning the conversation against the questioner and trying to totally control it. Such as random lines like, "You have this chip on your shoulder. A big one." (((micro))"chip and "big one" are emphasized in Woods' speech, directed at Brenner) Before he is taken into custody by Brenner (Travolta) he is seen chopping an onion (this is purposefully focused on, so it is worth mentioning this conscious use of symbolism), which is purple (dissociative/polarizing colour) and has layers (circles within circles, symbolising multiple personalities contained within the one mind ((the onion))) Whilst he is in jail, Brenner questions him again and angrily says, "You were acting as her shrink, were you not?! The Elisabeth I met was bright and shining! The woman on the tape is a different lady! And there's a direct connection isn't there!" Colonel Robert Moore (Woods) responds in his usual psychological way, controlling the convorsation, "Are you going to pull my fingernails out now?"

He is released from prison and is then found dead (shot in the head), after a kitten with blood on it's paws makes smudges on the window, this occurs with Carl Orff's (Nazi affiliations) amazing O Fontuna blaring out of the (spinning focused on) record player, this was composed in 1937 (777 Crowley). Handlers often refer to the MC'd sex slave alter (dominatrix shown earlier) simply as "kitten", so this is why he has a kitten I guess (added symbolism with blood on it). Just before the spinning record (silent because the song ended) is zoomed in on (Lynch-like) for a final time, the General (played by James Cromwell) is shown finishing off painting his toy soldiers, and shutting the glass door showing his reflection (symbolizing that the top brass ((he is tipped to become big in politics)) are the ones truely behind it). And straight after the image of the General (with another short spinning record zoom in between, naturally), we see Woods' body being zipped up in a body bag (so a line through the middle of his body symbolizing a split mind). Extremely powerful/well put together sequence.

They then receive some documents and head off to the aforementioned West Point where her real psychiatrist recants an event symbolic of the sexual abuse involved in trauma based mind control. In her sophomore year (7 years prior), during a big training exercise "Lizzy got separated from her group", she found herself with "half a dozen men" (6) who "raped her almost to death". The psychiatrist says "they were having a whale of a time", as flashback images of the event are shown (with helicopters shining their searchlights on the rape scene, symbolizing the fact that the military are fully aware of (what is going on) the trauma based mind control crimes against humanity, and are instrumental in organizing it). They also show the soldiers masturbating their M16's (MI6) showing the perverse pleasure soldiers are brainwashed into getting when comitting violence (reptilian brain, aggression and sex are the same). She was hospitalized, treated for STD's, a pregnancy (forced abortions used in mind control), and says "by the time I'd got to her she had gone way inside." This scene was probably symbolic of all the sh*t that they get up to covertly at West Point and places like it (with their trainee's as their sick Nazi style concentration camp style test subjects).

Also of note in her trauma based programming; when she was a child (this is revealed earlier in the film) her father was in charge of quelling a big city riot, to prove it was safe he brought his daughter out into the chaos (described as chaos in the film). Sarah Sunhill describes her as looking "terrified" in the symbolic TIME magazine cover (note the twin towers in the corner). Back to where we were near the end of the movie, and Brenner (Travolta) is questionning the general about his daughter's ordeal at West Point, the General describes how he was in Germany at the time of the incident and flew back immediately, but before seeing his daughter he was briefed by his superiors (because the whole rape was planned and carried out by programmed soldiers probably), they tell him that it would be best if she just "forgot about the whole thing". He broke it to her (she was in a completely dissociated state obviously, because of the trauma) by saying "Daddy loves you... and he's so proud of you..." she tries to speak but he does not let her, and says, "Rest now... try not to think about it anymore... I only want what's best for you... then don't ever think about this ever again... I know... it's an awful thing, but thinking about it won't help it.... Close your eyes... It never happened... None of this ever happened..." (double binds, daddy loves you... but STFU!) and completes the trigger sequence with a kiss to her forehead in an attempt to make her forget (it does not work, which is why she recreates the scene 7 years later and is killed). Very sad sequence.

before he tells her to forget about it

and after (looking more confused and dissociated)

We then find out that the General had actually visited his daughter (he was in the car at 03:30 the soldier spoke of earlier) after she had called him, to show him what happened to her (the rape) and she says, "It was real! It happened! I want to hear you say it happened", the scene is loaded with similar double binds/confusing themes as one minute she is saying that, the next she is quoting Nietzsche, then saying "Daddy don't leave me..." Then the General's lapdog (under the generals command/control) finally splits/cracks, revealing what he really thinks about the general in an uncontrollable speech (the general tells him to shut up repeatedly, as he is saying that the general killed his own daughter, which he did not, one of his brainwashed soldiers did the deed, but it is obviously significant that his second in command would think him capable of such a thing).

And then we have the big explosive finale followed by Brenner (travolta) telling the general some home truths like "You killed her 7 years ago in that hospital room.." The explosion that kills a brainwashed soldier (who murdered Lizzy) blows up a dummy of a soldier too, which symbolizes what real soldiers are in reality (expendable/sacrificial "dummies"), as the earlier "toy soldier" symbolism showed also. We find out Colonel Kent is the one who killed her (Lois Lane is also a "general's daughter" in Smallville), he has burried some bouncing betties (also known as M16, like the gun and MI6 similarity) and he calls it a "mine field", which obviously synchs up to the earlier image (below) where it says PsyOps, It's a Mindfield.

soldier self destructs

Note (long) top hat, pyramidal type rock thing, and her with some dodgey old (presidential) looking guy.

I'll end with a duality quote from another one of those recorded tapes of "Lizzy", "At psyops we deal in the blackest of black and the whitest of white." (nearly) Everything that you see in the media is part of a psyop attempting to alter the way you think and your perception on the world, the media is owned by a small number of people (Murdoch and co.) so this is entirely possible... look beyond the bull shit fed to you by the media machine (television, movies, printed news, mainstream internet sites etc.). Scientology is undoubtedly part of some continuing psyop plan, see John Travolta taking their "personality test" below.

Note their logo the letter S = 19 with two triangles.


Newspaceman said...

Hiya Ben, this may also be of interest to you -


(there is a part 1 as well)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have thought to watch this. Saw your headline and made a mental note to come back and read it. But, flipping about, it was on tonight.

Some great finds in here Ben (that "creepy" guy next to her in the picture board conjures up young Cat O'Brian being gifted to politicos), and your summary is spot on.

Wanted to add that before the "boil people" line, the exchange is:

"Or she required her men to wear condoms."

"Haven't you heard they're in fashion again because of disease?"

Synchs to my last effort, and is part of another [annoying] aspect of this movie, the selling of certain social engineering agendas. Aside from condom use, caught: the homosexual theme (note the finger rub between Woods & Travolta, which also ties in to the recruiting of homosexuals for intelligence svcs theme we saw in Good Sheppard), pushing torture/prisoner abuse as an effective tool for the "good guys" to get information, and the rape theme being used to further the trust gap between men and women (the portrayals are extremely black/white).

The discussion about the likelihood of multiple perpetrators, synchs with the truths we're not told about serial killers, i.e., the bullsh!t FBI profiling and other crap the media sells us to disquise ritual cult activities.

Lastly, the "psychological operation against daddy" seemed important, and as you summarize, the cover story was never the real story ... so, I don't think she was out to destroy her father, but the "big daddy" which would be the system of authority that made her into who she is (e.g., the military, the black ops people, her handlers, etc.).

Benjamin S said...

Newspaceman, can't thank you enough for that link, truely fascinating (still going back to it a number of times), also nice post on Icke lately.

Celticrebel, after finishing up that post and then checking out some of the other blogs and seeing your post I knew I should have put that quote in, thanks for adding it! Spot on with the rest of your interpretation too, I wasn't sure how to cover the "psychological operation against daddy" and some of the other themes.


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