Monday, 7 July 2008

Spy chief Alex Allan found with 'blood everywhere'

Something is going on, saw this on Red Ice Creations but thought it was relevant considering my posts on MI6, GCHQ and whatnot. Obviously we'll never know what happened in this situation, the "very serious people" (MI6/5 freemasons) who have "asked Dominique not to comment" will inevitably cover up what they did to him and for what reason. They're bs is unravelling and they're having to take drastic measures to shut some people up. From this Telegraph link. Probably a sign that they're about to do something, and they just need him to remain quiet (about the intelligence he saw or whatever) until it is done. They'll probably compartmentalize his memory so he forgets through electro-shock trauma or various other methods causing amnesia (it'll be like nothing ever happened/he never saw anything), I'm sure when he exits the hospital he will look as happy as larry. Some potential "Mind Controllian" info from the BBC: he is a massive fan of the Californian band Grateful Dead, fans known as Deadheads which he runs a website for apparently. He became a civil servant in 1973 (777), this Independent article is titled "New Spy Chief is Ultimate Deadhead". He once surfed down the Thames (ISIS) wearing a bowler hat and holding an umbrella (Oh how they love to toy with them!).

Britain's leading spymaster, who is in a coma after apparently being struck down by a mystery illness, was found covered in blood, according to a tenant.

Doctors have run a battery of test to try and establish why the 57-year-old Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee collapsed at his home on Monday.

Government sources insist there is no evidence of suspicious circumstances, but Miss Salm's account will add to speculation that Mr Allan may have been targeted by a foreign spy.

The painter's mother Sally Ann Salm told the Mail on Sunday: "Some very serious people have asked Dominique not to comment on any of this until it has been fully investigated and she is doing just that. So am I."

The Counter Terrorism Command has investigated but is so far treating the illness as non-suspicious.

A police source said: "Because he is a person of significance, investigators made sure nothing untoward had occurred. But it was quickly established there was a medical reason for how he was found."

Whitehall sources are blaming the collapse on pneumonia, and experts agree that prolonged coughing can bring up blood.

Dr Keith Prowse, chairman of the British Lung Foundation, said: "If it's pneumonia it is likely to be secondary to something else. And a significant quantity of blood is more likely to come from the gut than the chest.

"Pneumonia is something that can strike very quickly, however."

Mr Allan has been described as "ebullient and out-going" and once windsurfed down the Thames in a suit and bowler hat to avoid a transport strike.

He was private secretary to both John Major and Tony Blair and was previously permanent secretary at the Ministry of Justice and High Commissioner for Australia.

He was appointed to be chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) by Gordon Brown a year ago and took up his job in the autumn.

It is Mr Allan's job to assess the intelligence put forward by MI5, MI6, GCHQ, military intelligence and foreign intelligence sources.

He reports to the permanent secretary for intelligence, security and resilience who in turn reports to the Prime Minister.

Government sources suggest Mr Allan was "too high profile" to be a target for foreign intelligence agencies but others have suggested this is exactly what could make him vulnerable.

Miss Salm has been using a studio at Mr Allan's home since the death of his artist wife, Katie Clemson, in November last year.



Michael Skaggs said...

Thats a pretty lame cover story..I had pneumonia almost EVERY year when I was a kid, even was hospitalized, but NEVER coughed up ANY blood...

Looks like Dominique saw more then she should have. It will be like Dick Chenney's slap on the wrist with his hunting accident, we'll never find out the truth and he will probably never be reprimanded for anything.

Good catch Ben!

Benjamin S said...

Yeah, though I see him more as a victim of the state; he saw some intelligence he shouldn't have or was realizing he was working for a corrupt institution or any other reason they might want to get him out of sight (for programming/or just a simple warning to shut his mouth). For sure, we'll never know what happened to this guy and who did it to him, but isn't that always the way.

And that hunting "accident" was obviously (imo) Cheney playing his favorite sport ("A most dangerous game", human hunting, the guy who was shot in the face probably said something that pissed Dick off) described in Cathy O'Brien's book (p99) years before the "accidental shooting".

Cheers mikey!

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