Friday 25 July 2008

Barack Hussein Osama

Had to post this after Celticrebel's post where this exact thing is talked about (Daily Show reads Celtic's blog? ^^). Check out this elluminati post about him too with some interesting links and info (also some amazing symbolic images in the posts preceding that). Edit: Also a Matthew Delooze article that I hadn't seen and is excellent, from comments section (cheers anonymous).

Here is another good one, in terms of him being built up as a christ-like figure (speaking atop a mountain symbolic of a pyramid, visiting temple of Hercules, who was just another JC and whatnot)


Anonymous said...

You know, I was watching that and thinking the same thing ... but then I beat down my ego and dismissed the timing of events.

BTW: Did you hear the new Sun King's speech in Berlin (apparently near where JFK gave his historic speech)? It was scarier than The Signal or any twisted horror movie.

iAdmin said...

That speech was such B.S. Did you notice how he kept calling for a "NEW ORDER"? He also kept saying how we need to SACRIFICE.

Dedroidify said...

That speech was terrible, someone told me before I saw it if what he's saying is true it'd be awesome. Geez scary indeed CR...

here's my summary:

Berlin wall metaphor, cue to 9/11, pakistan is gonna bomb paris, we can't be divided, global citizenship, partnership between nations is not a choice, the citizen will have to do more not less, let's tear down the nation walls, now is the time, shared sacrifice and global commitment, defeat terror, cannot shrink to combat this real threat, dismantle networks (interesting choice of words) that have struck in madrid and hamad, and london and bali and washington and ny, battle of ideas, afghan people need your and our troops, no more nuclear weapons yay!, nations of europe choose your tomorrow, we need a strong european union (nevermind all nations who voted, voted against lisbon treaty), build on wealth (ignore rising cost of living and gas), carbon!!!, stand as one, reject torture and stand for rule of law (that would be cool, but waterboarding isn't torture right? :p), welcome immigrants, this is our moment, this is our time, US hasn't perfected ourself lol, haven't lived up to our best potential (interesting use of negations :p), answer destiny, remake world once again.

thank you for believing in the hopenosis.

Anonymous said...

This article corroborates your points about Obama, not sure if you've seen it.

Quite eerie the occult power points and monuments that he choose on his overseas tour route. Though not as eerie as the way Americans seem entranced, hypnotized by him. This messianic furor rubs me the wrong way (and I was genuinely warming to Obama a year ago when he was an underdog -- not at all lately).

p.s. I'm American, and found your site a few weeks ago while online researching Disney mind control (I'd just seen Wall-E, and since Pixar now owned by Disney...) Refreshing to see your work in a sea of entrainment material online. Thank you, Ev.

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