Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Gitmo: The Trauma Based Mind Control Nazi Experiment Featuring Harold and Kumar

Below is a video (full one here from the BBC) of a 16 year old (15 at the time of his kidnapping) who has been traumatized by Guantanamo thugs and is being interviewed by Canadian Intelligence thugs in the video (the Sky News piece on this specifically says that he is in a "confused state", he originally thinks the intelligence people are there to help him...), watched Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay the other day and it was entirely depressing; where they joke about the sexual abuse that goes on there (Muslims are too proud to admit such things would happen to them, religious brainwashing is always helpful to abusers) as the guards force the inmates to give them a "cockmeat sandwich" (blowjob). I do not want to go in detail into it but it shows vaguely how the Skull and Bones Yale fraternity/Secret Society really runs the show in America and their obsession with total control over everything (which obviously the masses won't pick up on). I did however enjoy Rob Corddry's portrayal of a brainwashed republican politician tool who is always doing the "horns" hand sign. Guantanamo Bay is specifically designed to create terrorists, not the other way round (split the inmates minds through the trauma that is documented to go on in Guantanamo).

The film is filled with this stuff (most of the stuff is not pictured), note the poster has them behind a grid pattern (squares, squared/boxed away personalities) Note their dissociated look.

YELLOW CHECKER CAB, nice of them to spell it out for us! (the camera pans from the american flag, down to the checker chariot... nice irony) 555-013

Note mind controlled GWB directly behind Corddry's head with a small girl he uses to justify his draconian mindset, "This [the girl] is America, don't you care about america?!" He then throws the picture at an image of GWB and the glass breaks.

Later on, they fall into George W Bush's home where there are various interesting pictures, including mind controlled Britney (Edit: I'm not sure if it is Britney actually, my initial reaction was Britney but meh; they all look alike) and whatnot. It also show how he is still just a kid mentally, because his emotional growth was stunted (colossal understatement, I'm probably being too nice to the guy) by the abuse inflicted on him as a youngster in order for George Bush Snr, Cheney etc. to control him and achieve the destiny they have planned for him [being Crowleys grand-son and all ^^]. Please also note all the symbols drawn around his room for mind control. I honestly would not be surprised if there was some kind of Walker: Texas Ranger programming, as GWB's personality fits around that program[ming] in my opinion, and his middle name is Walker [walking on the yellow brick road].

Note the Cheney-esque Oz hourglass to the left, used in programming.

Note the 3/'M or W on it's side' split with a | showing mirror/3/M/8 (connect them) symbolism.

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