Thursday, 3 July 2008

"Faceless 'aliens' spotted in crowd at Wimbledon"

This probably has some mind control aspect (facelessness/loss of identity), Daily Mail article here. Also, such blatant "UFO" BS (I "believe in" UFOs mind... but how can you not ((it's like not believing in trees or sumit, they are there for all to see)) they're up there, most of them are probably military aircraft with a small minority being extra-terrestrial) lately, preparing us for the fake invasion or whatever (more likely I think it is just another distraction). Note the octagon on each of them (they are probably mind controlled).


Michael Skaggs said...

Wow..weirder and weirder! OCTagon is the 8 resonating number, again, more 8's, and this could be a publicity stunt for the opening of the X-Files movie? Remember the "alien rebels" that sewed up their eyes and mouth to prevent the black oil from entering them? Nice catch Ben!

Benjamin S said...

Yeah, octagon 8 sides of course (thanks for saying it though, newbies obv wouldn't make the connection to total control), probably be viral for X-Files or something else (I'll track the story, see where it leads). And thanks so much, I was trying to remember where I could recall that from (those faces), the black oil episode was amazing (Tunguska), I remember it was one of my favorite VHS' when I was young (that and 82517... ((=23)) were the 2 X-files videos I had, it's no wonder really that I'm into the stuff that I'm into), blew me away then (11 or so years old or sumit). You triggered some nostalgic memories! If I remember correctly there are loads of things in that one to do with mind control (I can remember the VHS cover has Fox trapped in a grid of sorts).

Cheers man, been rewatching the X-Files with one of my younger brothers, amazing viewing it from a completely different perspective (noticing the mind control/numerology/symbolism themes and whatnot) to how I was watching it younger, simply viewing it in awe. Considering doing posts on them with screens and all that.

Later, great posts lately by the way (reading about teh Tavistock Nazis at present). You might want to check out a film called Rennaisance (it's all in black and white, arthouse shiznit, v symbolic, Daniel Craig's rubbish voice spoils it a bit, eugenics seems to be a theme, as well as the fashion industry) which I watched last night. It's so annoying, every damn night (yes yes, I should get out more) there's a film I want to write about but they just keep mounting up and I never get going... I should stop typing now.

Cheers for your support bro. (these blogs are almost like therapy for us conspiracy mentalists in a way :P)

Michael Skaggs said...


My first post involved Robert Patrick from the last two seasons of the X-Files and your right, looking at that series with "new eyes" definitely makes it easy to see the mind control/occult themes within!
I was going synchromystic with that first post, but then started to realize there was more to it and we were all uncovering hidden aspects of Hollywood.

Gavin at Atlantean Times revealing Heath Ledger's mysterious death is on to showing that mondo Hollywood stars are Archetype Gods that the masses worship, and that their names are not their "true names" and they come from more then likely of "royal" bloodline (or Illuminati/Masonic bloodline at least).

Thanks for the tip bro, will check out that Rennaisance movie! So many mind controled themes out there now it's just boggling. Your blog is one of the most inspiring I get a chance to read my friend! Keep up the great work! Revealing this forsaken game is probably the best we can do for now to remove and release some of their "power" and yes, great therapy for us Conspiracy mentalists!

Cheers mate!

miss thursday said...

okay im late in the day so i will probably never get an answer but


i clicked on this link/pic of this dude who lookes like Paddy McGuinness and it dont show any blog just that he follows 2 so if he had one at one point why did he take it down?

thursday said...

Hmmmm now people may but wonder the same thing with me why did I take it down?! Ahhhh I wonder who found ure blog Mr Skaggs or what scared u away huh!?

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