Thursday 3 July 2008

7/7: Ripple Effect

A few days before the anniversary of 7/7 (didn't realize radical Islamists had an interest in Freemasonic occult numerology...). This should help your "getting mad" process, most people who read my blog have already seen this one. The BBC is set to produce it's own documentary on 7/7 conspiracy theories, which will no doubt be as accurate as it's 9/11 one. [/sarcasm, all their "Conspiracy Files" have been wholly inaccurate] AND OMG I'm SH***ING MYSELF (sarcasm, excuse the language in the last few posts) a man has been released with "direct links" to (extremely helpful to the establishment/still dying of Kidney failure after like a decade of his kidney failing, he obviously died years ago in reality) CIA boogieman 'Osama Bin Laden', but seriously they may well have programmed this guy (whilst in MI5 or whoever's custody) to commit a serious "terrorist" attack (for some geopolitical motivation).


Michael Skaggs said...

I can feel your frustration brother.

My mom's birthday is 7/7 I remember pointing out the bombings to her on her bday and how bogus it was.

The Sheeple are slowly waking, most dazed and confused..some even want to be re-assimilated into the Matrix and wish they hadn't woken up. *sighs*

Only thing we can do Ben is keep the knowledge and proof out there and to continue our investigations for knowledge and understanding.

Great stuff bro.
Peace out. :)

Benjamin S said...

No doubt... wise words. Continue we must! I'll keep speculating/ theorizing/ analyzing until they shut me down or the entire internet. The next few years are obviously really important in waking up the masses.

By the way, you'll probably be interested in this, there is a show on Channel 5 right now about Jack the Ripper (original ((mind controlled? cannibalism, ritual and such suggests this IMO)) serial killer, freemason) started killing in 1888, so we have the three 8's total control thing again to do with it. The first victim was killed on August (another 8) 31 (13) 1888. 118 (11, 8) years have passed since the murders.


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