Sunday, 6 July 2008

AVIVA and Lewis Model

The name Aviva is apparently a Hebrew name (as in Tel Aviv), meaning "Spring or Renewal", this fits in well with the (anyone know what has happened to Rik Clay's blog?) 2012 Zion Olympics and the New Jerusalem. It obviously has mirror symbolism AV I VA (V=4 total:19 V=22 total:55) with the I acting as the symbolic mirror, which I've seen employed in various other establishment logos (such as SIS) "At top level athletics, there is hardly anything that splits you... The mind is a different thing all together." (I know what she is saying on the surface obviously. I'm just reading between the lines...) "It has around £332 million of assets under management."

Octagon made of humans (like this one in Hitman) on yellow, click image for AVIVA official site.

Is the below advert hinting at something...? Note the 8% and the luciferian flame Abbey logo. In 2004, when it was taken over they said they were, "turning banking on its head." Abbey itself was founded in 1944.


Michael Skaggs said...

Geeze louise! And the phone number for Abbey! Cripes sakes! Love the headless symbolism too *rolls eyes* they just keep it coming!

Newspaceman said...

Rik's blog vanished just after he was on red ice. I sent him an e mail but never got a reply so who knows what has happened. Maybe red ice would know better ?


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