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In Shattered Dreams

I decided to not post for a couple of days (this is like a week ago now) as I had the house to myself, so naturally I rewatched loads of David Lynch (wanted to see them again with new eyes) and some other movies; I was only going to write a quick comment on them, but this post has morphed into something bigger as I attempt to show that many of the people portrayed in these films were, in "reality" mind controlled themselves and that the themes within them hint at this. In David Lynch's Blue Velvet the main programming/trigger song is not Blue Velvet, but rather Roy Orbison's In Dreams, or as the psychopath (obviously traumatized) 'Frank' (in the movie) calls it (because he has been programmed with it, known as this name): "Candy Colored Clown" [back to Lynch later]. Roy Orbison is an interesting character, the obvious synch here is his "patteƩ cross" (pre-christian solar cross) he wears showing either where his allegiances lie or who controls him, for those aware of mind control and the symbolism contained within this vast [mind]field it is somewhat blatantly portrayed (hidden in plain site) on his album covers and suggestible titles, some of which are pictured below.

Note yellow/green, break my mind, and just to 100% complete and confirm the MK picture we have a dissociative/hypnotic spiral positioned next to him and a door in the frame.

The Big (Octagonal) O

Mask programming

Attractive girl's split mind (symbolised by the half-face, in case you haven't realised yet). The movie "Pretty Woman" (which has made this song famous in part) helps in programming as the MPD prostitute (or "hooker", hooks are violent the candyman has a hook, equating sex/violence) would be made to think their only hope of escape is from some Richard Gere type prince-charming to ride in and save them, look out how many minutes the theatrical release lasted (119).

On Orbison's life, he seems to have been programmed as a child; as in 1946 they moved to a town called Wink, in Winkler Country (the "illuminati"AKA"insane assholes" love using this kind of symbolism in people's lives as it makes them appear in total control of them, wink=one eye/all seeing eye, 64/46 chess squares). He was born 23 April 1936 and died 6 December 1988, he died of (maybe) one of those CIA caused heart attacks (like Kubrick) to again show that they are in total control over all aspects of him and his life including his death (they gave him a scare in 1977 when he had open heart surgery), he was reported dead at 11:54 (so 11:9) according to wiki. He died in 1988, Elvis Presley (also probably mind controlled) died in 1977 (same year as Orbison's first heart scare) so we have number repetition/mirrored (88 77) involved in both death rituals of these entertainment monarch pentagrams ("stars"), Elvis Presley was pronounced dead at 3:30... and guess what he died of, a massive heart attack! [admittedly he was fat as f**k, heart attacks probably also play into Oz programming] According to wiki, Orbison's last performance was in 1988 at Highland Heights, Ohio (he was the "Big O"), so that also clearly plays into the ritual ('O HIGH O', playing at HIGH-Land HeIGHts, perhaps pyramid capstone symbolism as it doesn't get much higher).

Click image for another symbolic poster for it, the (probably) terrible film is about a guy sleeping with his student, note the bee, bluebird, suggestiveness.

Orbison mirrored.

Man of many faces.

His wife was killed in a typical "road 'accident' ritual" (like Diana)[continues at the *, after Sharon Tate tangent] which resonates (in terms of sacrificial wives) with (potential) programmer/Mind Controlled Model abuser Roman Polanski, (BBC article note the year + age of model for Vogue [or so she thought, this adds weight to what I've been saying about the fashion industry in my opinion] + former Joker Jack Nicholson's involvement: found in this TTLG post) whose wife (Sharon Tate, below) was ritualistically killed at 8 months pregnant by Charles Manson's mind controlled clan on August (8) 9th 1969 (6/9 thing I've been going on about), by the way "satanic"/occult ritual abuse and sacrifice is laid out somewhat in Rosemary's Baby (quickly, on the Charles Mason murders, I mean Manson... [WARNING: Actual crime scene images follow, do not click if that sort of thing bothers you.] this website has images of said crime scenes, including the word WAR scrawled into one of the victims' stomach's with the W as a Masonic compass and square shapeish, also note the Zebra pattern (black/white) on one side of Sharon Tate, and the American flag ((positioned with inverted pentagrams)) to the other in this image). The Daily Mail are always helpful in contributing to my articles, as in this one from last year illustrating how Sharon would say MK-esque things (both the author of the below words, and Sharon were likely MK'd) randomly such as:

Sharon 'doing the Egyptian' in large checker pattern dress thing.

"She kept talking about off-the-wall spiritual things - she talked about reincarnation and how in a previous life she had died in a fire aged nine... The second she said that, the doors to the restaurant blew open even though there wasn't any wind, and she looked really shocked... One night we went to visit the Trevi Fountain, and I looked at her and had the strongest feeling she was going to die... Another time I was looking over at her and asking her what she was thinking about, and she suddenly came out with: 'The Devil is beautiful. Most people think he's ugly, but he's not.'" (see movie described further down for added significance)

Sharon wearing the Eye of the Devil (Horus, on the occult $) "Occult thriller starring Deborah Kerr and David Niven [and "Introducing: Sharon Tate"] as the wealthy owners of a French vineyard who become obsessed with pagan sacrifice." [it mimics mind control cults like Charles Manson's somewhat; with Sharon speaking in hypnotic terms ((hypnosis/suggestion features heavily)), and even has its own symbolic Crowley as the bald-headed head priest/occultist], the film features all the symbolism you would expect (checkerboard floor near the beginning, aforementioned eye of Horus, doves, spirals, shattered glass etc.). I caught the film on TCM on the 21st (7+7+7) July (7); synchronicity hits me with another "gift" (only recorded it because of the title). Before this movie aired, an old favourite of mine was shown, the 1973 film "Westworld" (blatant robot programming). The eye (of the devil) is specifically focused on (zoomed in it is like a Labyrinthian glass sphere) during Sharon's hypnosis scene where she makes an easily suggestible child see a frog transform into a dove. In the UK, the film was released in (TCM airing it on 21/7 is obviously significant bearing this in mind) July (7th month) 1966 according to imdb (wiki has it as 1967, probably its US release). 'The New York Times wrote of Tate's "chillingly beautiful but expressionless" performance.' The VERY FINAL shot of the movie shows Sharon Tate (the camera zooms right in on her face, she is a "witch" in the movie with an Aryan looking brother btw), then it focuses on a pond with water lillies [Rewatched and edited for accuracy, originally thought there was a body under there, but still obviously highly symbolic ((regular lilies are the flower of death, originally placed on the graves of "young innocents"))] then, "The End". 1-2 years after this movie came out she married Polanski, and 3-4 years after this occult movie came out she was brutally murdered by mind controlled occultists.
Sharon Tate, (Catherine Tate plays multiple personalities and was also in the Doctor Who mindf**k, by the way another "comedian" Al Murray has a sketch show coming out called "Multiple Personality Disorders"...) she appeared in the movie Valley of the Dolls, which is also the name of a recent fashion event thing called "Fashion in the Mirror: The Valley of the Dolls". More on her from her wiki page: "Sharon Tate was born in Dallas, Texas, the first of three daughters, to Paul Tate, a United States Army officer and his wife, Doris. At six months of age, Sharon Tate won the "Miss Tiny Tot of Dallas Pageant"," Weird synch, her film Eye of the Devil (AKA thirteen or 13) I just recorded (a week ago now) on my Sky Plus (TiVo) box the other night, and now I find she is in it, it was released in 1966, it is 96 minutes long as you'd expect (6|9 sex, mirror/spin reversal). Note in the below poster we see it was made by MGM, Roy Orbison's contract with MGM (13|7|13) ended in 1973.

"The Devil is beautiful. Most people think he's ugly, but he's not."
The above movie was AKA 13, the below one was AKA "13 chairs" and it's regular title is "12+1"=13 anyway. (note one eye covered too) This (12+1) was her final movie, released posthumously, just like MK ritual sacrifice Heath Ledger's Dark Knight. In The Eye of the Devil it is described that there are 12 "dancers" (pre-christian Dionysiac worshippers, apostles) + 13th is christ: "long before christianity... a living god" (line from EOTD, referring to; Horus, Dionysus and others), hence why it is AKA "13", Occultism under the guise of "Christianity"; which is what ALL (and I can't stress that enough) ALL Christianity is and always has been (a creation of occultists for the purposes of control). "The Earth has to have sacrifice. There has to be blood." - Line from The Eye of the Devil [Edit: rewatched the movie, edited the quote to be 100% accurate], which summarizes their thinking and why (among other reasons) these ritual sacrifices take place (Diana, Tate, Ledger etc.).

illuminated all seeing eye in 'Eye of the Devil' (occult $ bill)
Above poster has "one eye" (all seeing eye symbolism), the below version has two men at the top of a pyramid of chairs, with (I think) Sharon Tate at the bottom of the pyramid, remember this film was released posthumously which gives the symbolism (in the movie and posters) added significance to the "illuminati" ritual.
Sharon in Valley of the Dolls (above and below), where she plays "an aspiring actress regarded only for her body".
Below is Sharon's family being "honored" by pedophile George H. W. Bush as part of the "Thousand Points of Light" (Hello Freemasonry!) see wiki link.

Rewind*; back to Roy Orbison's own family ritual sacrifice and Blue Velvet, this one is just too much in terms of numerology as on June (6) 6th 1966 his wife died in a motorcycle "accident", that's a lot of 6's in my opinion (including the 9 as a spun 180 degree 6, so 66666). His song In Dreams, as previously mentioned is the main trigger song in Blue Velvet, below we see it being used in this way because as soon as they put the tape in and hit play this triggers the (I assume) old hooker to hypnotically/mechanically dance on top of the car, this is seen earlier in the movie (second scene in the youtube vid) as Ben (programmer/handler it seems, as he gives Frank drugs and is "in charge of a bevy of prostitutes") lip-syncs the song sending Frank Booth into a state of confusion (he was probably programmed/abused using this song, the song acts as a ((emotional)) trigger), it makes him sad (music triggering memories of abuse, "baby" alter?) then angry (shifted from despair into wanting to take out that abuse on someone else, "daddy" alter?, which is usually how the cycle of multigenerational abuse occurs) and he then drives Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle MacLachlan) where the aforementioned scene of the hooker going on top of the car takes place.
Please read the lyrics below, and remember who the "Sandman" really is (abusive father, uncle, mother, President, whoever). Frank Booth's abuse as a child is also seen in his alter personalities as described in wikipedia: "Frank is depicted as having scores of mental problems. During a typical night with Dorothy, he repeatedly switches back and forth between two personas: "daddy" and "baby", the former of which violently beats Dorothy and verbally degrades her, and the latter of which brutally rapes her while sobbing and crying like a child. At two other points in the film, Frank is depicted as crying uncontrollably; once, while listening to Dorothy sing "Blue Velvet" (during which he only weeps but makes no sounds) and a second time while watching one of his henchmen lip-synch to Roy Orbison's "In Dreams". During this sequence, Frank at first merely weeps, then begins to sob uncontrolably and bawl, until he abruptly flies into a fit of rage and demands the song be shut off. The reasons for Frank's "personalities" and uncharacteristic displays of emotion are never explained..." I explain it as mind control, or just simply the emotional/psychological triggers that result in this psychological split.
Frank uses drugs to trigger himself into an alter-ego/personality, the "baby" alter was supposed to be depicted more blatantly as he was originally going to inhale helium to make his voice sound child-like (alter), another quote from that Frank Booth wiki page: "...I'm thankful to Dennis, because up until the last minute it was gonna be helium — to make the difference between 'Daddy' and the baby that much more," Lynch said later. "But I didn't want it to be funny. So helium went out the window and became just a gas. Then, in the first rehearsal, Dennis said, 'David, I know what's in these different canisters.' And I said, 'Thank God, Dennis, that you know that!' And he named all the gases." The "Daddy" personality likely mirrors his own Dad's personality programmed into him when he was being abused by him (probably with the In Dreams song playing, for aiding dissociation through the "dreamy" lyrics and melody+harmony), and the "Baby" personality is probably the child-like alter that splinters apart from the main personality when this abuse occurs as an infant.

A candy-colored clown they call the sandman
Tiptoes to my room every night
Just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper
Go to sleep. everything is all right.

I close my eyes, then I drift away
Into the magic night. I softly say
A silent prayer like dreamers do.
Then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of you.

In dreams I walk with you. in dreams I talk to you.
In dreams youre mine. all of the time were together
In dreams, in dreams.

But just before the dawn, I awake and find you gone.
I cant help it, I cant help it, if I cry.
I remember that you said goodbye.

Its too bad that all these things, can only happen in my dreams
Only in dreams in beautiful dreams.

He gives us dreams... and steals our souls! (Literally) [watch below video to end, the sandman removes the boy's eyes and feeds them to birds]

[Edit 2012: Removed error on Spiderman per comment.]
The Sandman also features in one of the Wizard of Oz books, confirming its MK usage.

Note one eye symbolism, fragmented faces/minds and spiral+mask below. Neil GAIMAN helped to create the MCM Mirrormask, check out this new one based on his book, coming out soon for more MK themes.

Standard mind control themes in the poster (one eye/half face illuminated) and in the movie (mental asylum, trauma inflicted on a female, Robert Downey Jr ;p), the In Dreams song is used in the movie. [Edit: I have since watched it (Sky Movies seemed to play it every night since I wrote this... synchronicity) and unbelievably (or not) it has literally EVERY single theme I speak of in this post and more.

The actual song (In Dreams, about the Sandman) is based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen who wrote some wonderfully helpful (for Disney and other pedophiles) fairy"tales" such as "The Snow Queen" (pops up again later in the post, and see this post with The Snow Queen written behind Paris H), "The Red Shoes", "The Little Mermaid" (Copenhagen statue below, unveiled 23 August ((8)) 1913), "Thumbelina" (below image) and various others (see what they are all about in the Hans wiki page, esp Red Shoes). Hans was himself probably subjected to Royalties' perverse tendencies, as "the Danish king took a personal interest in Andersen as a youth and paid for his education." and evidence of his dissociation is seen, "He made himself a small toy-theatre and sat at home making clothes for his puppets, and reading all the plays that he could get... he would memorize entire plays (i.e Shakespeare [Rosicrucian Francis Bacon]) and recited them using his wooden dolls as actors."[added + emphasis]

Another mind control symbolic Blue Velvet poster (half face illuminated, interlocking rings/chain, door which is apartment #710).

As I'm sure you have noted yourself, Lynch chose to call the traumatized woman in this film "Dorothy", I think for obvious reasons (he knows the significance of Dorothy in Oz programming maybe), Dorothy's mind control is aided by Frank, or perhaps Ben who has her son captive (her husband is killed) who they threaten with death if she does not do what they say, (Similar to how they used Cathy O'Briens daughter in controlling her; Dorothy singing Blue Velvet reminds of mind controlled Karaoke singers). This is also shown by Lynch in Inland Empire (their real power/empire is in the inland empire, our fragmented minds) which I will do a post on at some point detailing the mind control themes and synchs contained within that film. He shows this in IE by, after Laura Dern (“I thought of it as playing a broken or dismantled person, with these other people leaking out of her brain,”) is stabbed in the stomach by something that symbolizes masculine dominance, a screwdriver (screwing has various sexual connotations, as well as corkscrew/spiral, you use it by spinning it) which she painfully removes and drops on Dorothy Lamour's Hollywood pentagram (below) square.
The woman who stabs her is mind controlled as she tells the guy "I think I've been hypnotized or somethin..", hypnotized into killing (Dern), in the alter-reality she exists in at least. Inland Empire was a mesh of mind controlled consciousness from all around the world in my opinion; mind controlled sex slaves in Eastern Europe, to mind controlled wealthy Hollywood movie stars, to mind controlled Hollywood Hookers (and how trauma binds their consciousness together, allowing them to eventually rise up and kill the programmer/hypnotist with the face when he is shot at the end after Dern sees door #47; where the rabbits lived, shown below, I guess the slaying of the hypnotist and the opening of the door to the rabbits symbolises the freeing of their minds as all the mind controlled prostitutes are seen running down the corridor, showing that they have regained access to all compartments of their minds perhaps). One of the Co-Producers of Inland Empire is Jeremy Alter, and note some of his other work (Son of Mask and others).

SA in the frame 19-1 (9/11 ish, 1+9+1=11, there are 3 of them so 11+11+11=33), she wakes up in a trance after Jeremy Irons (standard archetypal actor, been in loads of stuff including this MCM that I havn't seen released in 1988, and a Lolita remake) has said "Cut!" which is put together really well (with the music, Dern's acting and everything) by Lynch.

I surmise that Dorothy Lamour was one such MK victim, aside from having the Wizard of Oz name; the first film that she appeared in was released in 1933, but her first major role (according to her official website) was "The Jungle Princess" in 1936 and her last film was "Entertaining the Troops" released in 1988. As a Guardian review puts it, "Something awful happens here on Dorothy Lamour's star", 'something awful' (understatement) has been going on with these Hollywood actresses and actors now for a long long time, which I think Lynch is trying to symbolize with these Dorothy's. And another good review states, "Again, Inland Empire advances a principal theme of Mulholland Dr. by implying male-dominated Hollywood's responsibility for "creating" and abusing feminine character, then discarding it after use. At one point, Dern collapses at the Walk of Fame star of Dorothy Lamour—given her name, a good choice to represent the manufactured personality of the screen actress." I mentioned Hello Dolly! in my WALL-E MCM post, she played the title role (Dolly) in the stage musical version of it. She also died of a heart attack, at age 81. In 'Puppetmaster: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover' it is described how he pursued and used her for "romantic engagements", illustrating how these manufactured Hollywood stars are used by high ranking politicians and people in positions of power for sex, but probably have no recollection of it through mind control.

"The Weeping Woman"

MPD high class "illuminati" slaves, who serve at the (perverse) Pleasure of the President (or whoever, J Edgar Hoover previous example), are by no means limited to Hollywood and are in no way a phenomenon of the modern age. The subjugation of the feminine (which the title image is supposed to symbolise) and women in general throughout history (read the bible) also ties into this as Pablo Picasso had his own "play thing" in Dora Maar (above painting, fragmented face, the Tate's website describes it in shattering terms, specifically her eyes), who he describes (and women in general) as: "Dora for me was always the weeping woman... And it's important because women are suffering machines." This is the kind of attitude that Freemasons and other "illuminati" institutions have, "feminism" is a creation of theirs and is used as an emotional trigger so "feminists" instinctively (soft mind control) support a female candidate or someone propped up in the media as a "feminist" icon when really they are as much apart of the misogynistic system (i.e Hillary Clinton, Thatcher) as George Bush (as an example) which ultimately leads to the kind of abuse suffered by Cathy O'Brien and other victims of state-sanctioned abuse and generally more and more misogyny in society.
The kind of abuse I'm talking about is shown in a TV movie I randomly caught (again, like Eye of the Devil, the symbolic title caught my eye) called Shattered Trust showing that shattering (anything that shatters/fractures/fragments in movies, like in the above poster) symbolises a shattered mind and probably has a cumulative shattering effect on the viewers' minds/psyches (massive step-up in shattered glass symbolism in movies, go watch The Dark Knight and Wanted). The film is based on a true story, detailed here (note the emotional trigger effect the typewriter sound has on Shari Karney). It is important and interesting to note that as Shari is being hypnotically regressed (her voice is in the standard child-like alter voice that, as mentioned previously separates from the main personality when the abuse takes place very young) she describes how, "I see my old house in Kover(Clover/Cover/?) City, with my dad's green car parked at the front of the house. I see the floor with the black and white squares.", perhaps symbolizing Freemasonry's involvement in these elite child abuse pedophile rings... which the channel I watched it on seems to support as, in the middle of the movie the below advert was shown which had clear mind control/pedophile undertones, called "Little Miss Pop Girl" for, I quote: "TEENIE WEENIE GIRLS" (5-13) including shows such as , "Madeline" (McCan), "What about Mimi" (Mind Controlled Mariah Carey, butterfly obsessive, Emancipation of Mimi), Pippi Longstocking, Lazy Lucy, and note the symbolism (as we have just seen Mariah with butterflies and rainbows) a rainbow and a butterfly (not to mention all the pink and purple) hmm...

But what interested me more than the actual plot of the story (which is interesting in itself) is some of the actors and actresses involved as we have Windom Earle from Twin Peaks [massive spoiler warning for Twin Peaks finale] playing a suspicious sounding judge (more black robes, seen in occult rituals in Eye of the Devil, Eyes Wide Shut and various others) who is present when Shari attacks a defendant (ultimately leading to her discovery through hypnosis). In Twin Peaks, Windom Earle (played by Kenneth Welsh) has escaped from a mental asylum, and is an ex-FBI agent and bears many of the hallmarks of a mind controlled serial killer. Twin Peaks focuses a lot on the "white lodge" and the "black lodge" (duality, freemasonry, good/evil) which synchs up to the above image from Shattered Trust showing the freemasonic checkerboard (black/white duality, they practise both good and evil, though the good ((charity work etc., most Freemasons who know nothing of the true sick nature of their higher level brothers)) is just a front for the jet black evil taking place) in the hallway, Windom Earle is obsessed with chess, and is a master of disguise (aka alter-personalities) and is a serial killer so we have more checkerboard/MPD mind control symbolism here. He even has his own mind control symbolic clay to mould in Leo (the lion), who is fitted with an electro-shocking dog collar.

The very last scene of Twin Peaks has a shattered mirror/alter personality (BOB, base anger, "evil", Simon in 'Session 9') "BOB" also inhabits Ray Wise's character who abuses his daughter [Laura Palmer] from age 12, the "illuminati" have been completely consumed by "BOB" over the years.

The actor who plays Windom is Kenneth Welsh who has been in various MK symbolic shows/movies, in 2005 he played the King in BBC's The Snow Queen. The protagonist in Shattered Trust is played by Melissa Ellen Gilbert, herself appearing as Gerda in the Snow Queen in "Faerie Tale Theatre" (note obvious MK symbolism, rainbow, Labyrinthian sphere, mermaid, butterfly/angel wings). If you click the previous "Faerie Tale Theatre" TV series link you will see that it is made by Shelley Duvall, who played the wife of Jack in The Shining; and it originally aired on September 11th in 1982.

"She must escape a killer trapped in her mind and find the pieces that can make her whole."

So we have Shattered Trust showing shattered mind symbolism, and obviously also in Shattered Mind (above with it's alter name, "Terror" has a psychological trauma impact, hence the massive psyop that is the War on[of] "Terror", helps in splitting your mind through the traumatic events/images ((9/11 plains hitting the towers)) connected to "terror", which the word subconsciously triggers) this is symbolised in another shattering film called... Shattered, a "Hitchockian Thriller" from 19|91. To confirm that shattered symbolism is used in MCMs (mind control movies) we have one of THE major players in creating MCMs using this all the time, Christopher Nolan; such as The Prestige (note one eye symbolic poster), Momento, and of course The Dark Knight. In his 20|02 film Insomnia, this symbolism is used subliminally (so effecting the viewing public on a subconscious level, shattered mind effect), this flashes up for a fraction of a second when Al Pacino goes through in his mind how he managed to shoot his friend (trauma + memory confusion/loss), it is set in Alaska when the Sun never goes down, symbolizing the use of constant light (no darkness for sleep deprivation, and losing sense of time) in things like Guantanamo Bay and other Mind Control conditioning sites.
Another film that confirms the MK usage of shattered symbolism (rather than just a psychological motif which is what most people will write it off as) comes in a movie from 2007, also called Shattered, but it was originally going to be called Butterfly On A Wheel, I have not seen the movie so cannot comment on the MK content but I assume there is much, based on the original and the changed title as well as the main catch-phrase (butterfly effect-esque).
Don't really want to draw any conclusions on all this, just keep an open mind that these films may be designed to shatter your mind (and other psychological/conditioning effects) through using these symbolisms and themes that effect us on a deep psychological level. As well as triggers put into movies that have been programmed into the minds of victims of government mind control that trigger them into doing whatever they've been programmed to. I have tried to show that these media "stars" (actors/celebrities/singers) are just occult archetypal tools, whose entire lives are ritualized to the extreme by those that control them (hence Sharon's movies [Eye of the Devil etc.], Orbison's final performance etc.). I'll finish with a Japanese potential MK film combining butterfly symbolism with the purple (red/blue mix subconsciously polarizing colour) as well as the trauma of war.


Michael Skaggs said...

Ben, this has to be one of your best write ups yet! Just unbelievable the amount thats out there isn't it? Excellent work my friend! Top notch investigating!

I think your right about not only are these symbols about shattering our own minds and causing us "to think" differently, but also the more than 2 million abused state/gov't controlled MK victims out there are effected by them as triggers--then we see these supposed random stabbings or killings or whatnots.

Remember bro, take a creativity break to break the hold, don't wanna lose you amongst all the MK!

Be well!

Anonymous said...

Ben, this was damn impressive.

The lyrics for Sandman finally make [spooky] sense (and disturbing as well). Could the Sandman be Ctulhu? I wonder.

Question: what's your take on the significance of stabbing/removing the eyes of victims? Saw it in Eyes of Laura Mars and many other films, some of which you mention? My present take, death of a personality (eye/i). Your thoughts?

I saw WANTED. MC soo overt. Got a limited draft in the queue, but it's backed up. Hope to see yours soon...

iAdmin said...

WOW, amazing work! All the Sharon tate info is just surreal! Sun records was the label of Orbison and Elvis. Christopher Jones credits Elvis as his first idol, and the reason he got into acting. The "sandman" a puts people to sleep permanently in logan's run when they are 30. Keep up the brilliant work!

Anonymous said...

Orb Eye Sun

FilmNoir23 said...

YES, Yes, Yes...

It might take me a week or so to read this in full but I believe you are dead on with your insights.

Michael Skaggs said...

Hey Celt,

I always attributed the "eyes are the windows to the soul", so maybe it represents taking/owning or destroying/devouring their soul? Or your interpretation works well too.

:) This is an outstanding piece again Ben.
Be well all.

Dedroidify said...

amazing post man, geez christ roy orbinson :p

Anonymous said...

What a fascinating post.

Melissa Gilbert also played Anna Sheridan in Babylon 5. She plays the mind controlled wife of the heroic Captain John Sheridan who is the future President. Anna is thought to be dead but it turns out she has been held prisoner and tortured by "The Shadows" completely shattering her mind and creating an alternate personality. Then she is sent to John to set him up.

- Sam

Anonymous said...

Strong ressemblance between Sharon Tate and Repulsion's star, Catherine Deneuve. Both were born in 1943. Later, Roman Polanski married another French actress, Emmanuelle Seigner. Between them there's a difference of 33 years. Just my observation...

Anonymous said...

Does the yellow/green symbolism also mean "break my mind" (on Orbison's album cover)?

ivan johnson said...

Great read!
I wonder if it might be fruitful to build a database of all the producers and distributors of MK-themed films, perhaps graphing the data as social diagrams, and see if there's a pattern.

I want to suggest:

Eyes Wide Shut is partially about MK and the folks that use it and the truth behind the mythos, and it's one of the best movies about it one could hope for. I highly recommend a very close viewing of it to everyone interested in this topic.

Watch it on a big screen and be certain to watch all the backgrounds. Almost every background in the whole film is intentionally composed with placed symbolic elements and it is rewarding to observe them.

The last scene in the toy store is great in this respect but you probably have to see it on a big screen to read the fine print in the backgrounds of the shots. The toys are all occult/magic themed - I forget the actual names but toy packaging with names like "Magic Witch" doll or "Mystical Pony" or "Warlock's Castle"...there are a bunch of them, and also Teddy Bears up the wazoo - I assume you're familiar with MK Teddy Bear symbolism.

The film ends among rows of Teddy Bears staring down at them from the shelves where Nicole Kidman's character realizes she's completely isolated and alone and so decides to capitulate and stay within the illusion and just get what she can get.

A fascinating movie as soon as you realize it's supposed to be a vivid dream - looks realistic, but not quite right. Kubrick was criticized for this because critics didn't realize what he was up to. The 'not real' quality is actually quite brilliant once you see why he's doing it. He's dissociating YOU. Whose dream is it? Tom Cruise's? Nicole's? No, it's yours. The "nickel on the table" as Robert DeNiro's character instructs in "The Last Tycoon".

In EWS almost every background in the film is packed with the symbolic clues to the film's meaning. It is brilliant subliminal filmmaking involving MK/occult and it's relation to both power structures and late capitalism's narcissistic consumerist decadence.

Anonymous said...

Actually Tomas Hayden-Church played the Sandman in Spiderman 3, not Ron Pearlman.

dry as said...

lynch and kubrick are modern day equivalents of poe , shelley etc in that their art is used to tell a story in a style the watcher /listener/pbserver is involved in a spell where the imagery hypnotises and conditions the participants
music is a vital tool and as the story unfplds the soundtrack begins to overlap withe the images and dialogue
incestuous pedophillia is the secret that has been hidden in palin sight by oersons in le pouvour for centuries
the methids engaged in are sadistic rituals designed to obtain ownership of the child via traumatic acts - check out natalie woods last film for a direct note on the modern ways of mind programming in the scenes with walken and their son (in the movie)
all of which makes the whole field a sick weak cowardly scene full of people who are insecure and sick
imo we all spend too much time on this issue unless it is to stop the behaviour as it is very destructive and the rise of child slavery /trafficking is linked to the amount of graphic pedophilia in the media

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