Saturday, 19 July 2008

6 MK Minutes of The Dark Knight

Note Ledger's hexagonal shirt (hexagon gives the illusion of cubes, so more box symbolism + hexagram/seal of Solomon resonance, + Bee honeycomb resonance). Top poster he wears purple.

Shattered glass, circle, bat, axe, light.
As much as I hate spoilers, I could not pass up the opportunity to see the first 6 minutes of The Dark Knight, because of what happened to Heath Ledger (his mind controlled existence and his subsequent demise) and because it was so obviously going to be full to the brim of mind control themes, and I wasn't disappointed. The film begins with the camera moving towards a glass building, with the windows creating a grid pattern (squared/boxed away personalities), one of these glass windows is shattered by a man wearing a mask using a phallic gun. We then see Heath Ledger for the first time (though we are not told, you can tell by the mask he is wearing, as he reveals himself later on) looking depressed holding a square/cuboid bag and a mask (masking the alter-personalities from one another). They enter the bank (GNB = 23) the Joker intends to rob (all of his hired goons are killed off without a second thought), the bank has a checker pattern floor, as you'd expect in the new age of overt Freemasonic brainwashing.

They crack the safe (locked compartment of the mind), which has a suitable 6 pointed star shape (so hexagon/hexagram) and also a circle with a point in the center (eye symbolism I've decided). Back at the main level, that dude from Prison Break starts opening fire with a shotgun, for some reason shooting through the window (wouldn't it make sense to get a clean shot?) leading to another shattered glass (shattered/fragmented mind) symbolic shot. He is put down and questions the morality of the robbers (have to say, the joker's insane anarchism is rather appealing) upon which Ledger removes his mask, only to reveal another one (ish), the now infamous insane-clown face-paint. As he does this, he perverts a nietzsche quote (what is it with MK victims quoting Nietzche? in movies) saying (after the PB dude asks "why?") "Whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you... [removes mask] stranger." Just before this, a yellow school bus (with octagonal stop sign) crashes through the glass front door leading to another shattered glass shot, this is the vehicle he escapes in and then we are showed various clips from the rest of the movie (where the top shattered glass/light image comes from). According to one commenter in a new mammoth post (which by the way, his blog works as an excellent antidote to my depressing mind control analyses) by Jake Kotze over at the blob, the number 88 features a couple of times (see K2's comment). The number 8 can be considered symbolic of total control. (He died at 28 ((two 8's 88)) in the year 2008 (88), more Ledger synchness over at Dedroidify ((and countless others that I'd link to)))

G = 7 N = 14 B = 2 (=23) shattered glass.

Octagon = 8 You lose track of Ledger's yellow school bus as it is lost in the crowd of various other yellow buses.

Looking forward to seeing the rest, no doubt this mind control subtext goes on throughout the rest of the film. Will probably analyze the rest of the movie once a good DVD Rip comes out.

One eye covered, standard really (was not surprised at all in seeing it).


Dedroidify said...

cool teaser, watched Batman Begins again today to warm up for the sequel.

"BELIEVE in harvey dent, the (k)night comes just before the dawn."

Dedroidify said...

Oh btw, "What doesn't kill you makes you stranger." is also a quote by Antero Alli from Angel Tech, I like it ;)

aferrismoon said...

Check out British Film 'Daylight Robbery' - starts off by robbing a bank by driving a transit through the doors, the bank has checkered floor. Its an ok film

CarissaC. said...

Regarding your mention of the quoting of Nietzsche...That happens in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" as well, another movie that has some mind control subtexts going on. The character of Mary, played by Kirsten Dunst, quotes: "Blessed are the forgetful for they get the better even of their blunders."

"The Dark knight" is going to be absolutely saturated with the mind control symbolism. Which is the reason I don't want to see it. Millions will be flocking to watch an insane sociopath wreak havoc - desensitization of the masses, a programming goal of The Powers That Be - succumbing to the ad campaign blitz - which in itself is further programming - and paying money for a huge mass programming/occult ritual/whatever you want to call it. Not my idea of a good time. The more they push their stuff on us, the more they try to get us to put our thoughts on the material THEY create for us, the more I say no. I don't even watch these sorts of movies anymore for this reason. Things are too obvious by this point.

I have a friend who pointed something out to me last year that has stuck with me in a big way ever since. She wrote:

"...the bottom line is that we are used in a million ways a day to perpetuate reality, as we are reality producing machines, and until we become conscious of what we are creating both in our personal lives and then in the macrocosm **we are being used to manifest what “they” cannot manifest.** But they are tricking us, and lying. Using rules we are not quite aware of to trap us in our own creation....Agenda is so clear and the targets used for this agenda, its all there if you look."

So it's not just about putting the symbolisms in the movies to trigger people, or whatever the purpose serves. These dark agenda movies being cranked out by The Powers That Be are also steering our minds in a certain that we put our focus where "They" want us to...and help them create a reality that is in *their* best interest. Not ours.

So, some food for thought. Time to take back our minds.....

Michael Skaggs said...

Ben! Great breakdown, I just watched the trailer at Dedroid's blog, pretty much interpreted it the same way my man, only thing I also saw was the "district 22" on the bus, a Master Number to lock the mind, it follows the red octagon stop sign, so your locked in numerically. I liked CarissaC.'s post, I am debating on if I should stop supporting Hollywood by going to the movies and renting them and buying them. I know we have to start someplace, where exactly is the question. I think we did in droves with the blogs! Great work again bro!

Be well!

Michael Skaggs said...

P.S. One other thing, I know the comic world is all symbolisms, BUT I do NOT like the way they are making the characters DARKER, more anti-hero than anything. They did it with Superman too, and now I saw the preview for the Batman Gotham Night cartoon, aimed at kids, and its very dark. Not happy with that.

Dedroidify said...

You can leech nearly the entire history of entertainment on the web man, don't give these mofos any damn money :p Welcome to the age of (dis)information ;)

Just took a look at the new cartoon, that's way too damn dark for a bunch of kids. The story is already "vengeance against 'the (media-manufactured) bad guys' entrainment" as it is. They were already transitioning with 'The Batman'.

district 22, Heath Ledger Jan 22...

aferrismoon said...

Well written post again, but still easy to read. Nicely detailed , and great 'reading through' the imagery .
I read the Chasing Phantoms , and numerically inclined, I noticed the author's attention often got caught by 141, it = 3x47, which I know sometimes catches your eye.

Benjamin S said...

Thanks for the comments all, great insights. Just cobbled this one together because the movie was out that day. And yeah like dedroidify says, don't waste your money on this stuff, they'll leak a good DVD Rip onto bit torrent (google it) at some point (probably sooner rather than later too because it's got SO much manufactured hype), and I rekon a lot of these movies are leaked intentionally so as wide a scope of people are affected by it (for some of the reasons stated in Carissa's quality comment) as possible. I knew the District 22 thing was symbolic just didn't bother to look it up so thanks for that Mike (spot on) and also dedroidify with the synch. Aferris, I'll be sure to check out that movie, near the start of the blog I did a post on The Bank Job movie by the way some people might want to check out. Also Secret Sun has a great Dark Knight post up today from a more comic book/occult symbolism, less mind control perspective.

Cheers all.

Michael Skaggs said...

Wanted to toss this out to you on the leaking of the rip movie..your actually RIGHT on that. Back in the early early days of computers--when I had a C64, there were SEVERAL cracking groups out there distributing games/warez..looking back on those type of things, most of those groups were out of IS-RA-EL, and they even wrote it in their .nfo style files back then, I think they were SEQ files on the C64. Anyways, it makes you wonder who really started the whole warez/p2p scene. Part of the problem-reaction-solution style maybe? They Create the problem and already have the solution while we react...

I figure they used the Music Industry to pursue pirates because mp3s are out there the most, so they knew they'd catch more and be able to make more examples, to try and scare people as well.

Catch 22 shit. Sorry man, didn't mean to rant off topic, but it made me think of old school warez when you talked about p2p stuff--it evolved into that.


Anonymous said...

anyone catch the previews before the film?

most were apocalpytic

Terminator 4

Watchmen (another vigilante superhero film with the
SP song 'the end is the beginning is the end' in the background)

Day the earth stood still (aliens again, i wonder when THAT will finally manifest....see Kingdon of crystal skulls' too)

people honestly dont see how they can pollute their own heads with this stuff
its like a toxic waste dump
ive already read people on youtube saying how the joker seems to almost make sense....

ive been thinking for awhile how this slew of superhero flicks says something pretty profound about America, real Zeigeist stuff

the bat represents good fortune in the East (!?)
(which im sure was mentioned already)

Anonymous said...

I noticed some symbolism in the charictors batman represents order the joker represents chaos and dent represent chance they also refer to dent as being the light or white knight and batman as being the dark knight bruce wayne has 2 sides as well as dent bruce is the egotistical rich boy that owns most of gothem and batman is the dark side that keeps gothem in order dents light side keeps gothem in order while 2 face kills for vengence another intresting point is batman kills 6 people the joker kills 6 police officers and 2 face judges 6 people by the flip of a coin i think it has a touch of the i ching to it these are just some i noticed but i bet there is more there !!!

Anonymous said...

y'all do know the joker existed long before this or any film in modern times, but was inspired by a film from the 1920's (i think, somewhere in there, 'the man who laughs') it was for a comic book. that's all.

Anonymous said...

Actually the joker goes back much further. It relates to "The Fool" in Tarot which is based on archetypes which have been around as long as we have and probably longer.

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