Monday, 14 July 2008

Conspiracy of Silence

This is just the tip of the iceberg, it shows how "childrens charities" and orphanages are used (which I have stated on numerous occasions) as warehouses for the elite's sick abuse and mind control programming. Saw this a few years ago, but is worth posting now to back up some of what I've been saying. I think some "synchromystics" have forgotten the horrific stuff they have done and continue to do to this day and have lost their revolutionary spirit somewhat, which is a shame because this needs to end now, though to be fair it is refreshing to read a less negative outlook on the current situation. Things like this (note the time of the article posted: 1.31, a chess prodigy who plunged to her death, reminds me Ruslana) are state sanctioned (including the campaign against the mother following the trial), which is why they get off scot-free (this abuser is a director at the Royal Bank of Scotland ffs ((grrr bankers!)), no surprises he was found not guilty then). "Dr Gilbert [the mother] branded the hitman claims as 'ludicrous' and accused her ex-husband of being behind the allegations to cause trauma for her and the couple's three other daughters." She is spot on. The Criminal Justice system is bullshit and totally corrupt (rich white club, all sides working in tandem), I will outline some of my thoughts on that in a post about the show Criminal Justice that recently aired on the BBC (amazing how much mind control symbolism is in that, should thank aferrismoon for getting me to watch it).

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skrambo said...

these bitches ain't shit. Fuck the NWO! they don't have the power for martial law! We're all tired fo their shit over here!

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