Sunday 13 July 2008

The Fashion Mind-F*ck

The fashion industry has been entrancing the female population (and male) for decades, Coco Rocha seems to be one who is often displayed with mind control and Freemasonic symbolism, in a recent Japaneze Vogue photoshoot in particular. She is handled by Elite "model management", see their mirror symbolic logo in the post Mind Controlled Models where she models for YSL's ELLE (EL|LE). I want to also mention 33 year old Gok Wan, who is aptly named because he has become some kind of fashion god for the underclass (the upperclass/elite know exactly what fashion is really for), the name is obviously designed to have that effect, subconscious worship of their material religion of fashion. His latest show is Gok's Fashion Fix, showing the religious/addictive (all religion is an addiction, you get your fix every Sunday ((or whenever)) in the "House of Gok/d") nature of the whole fashion and image obsession. The "catwalk" is (I surmise, though even the "normal" definition supports this imo) called that for mind control purposes (sex alters are called cats/kittens, and you can bet super models are used by the elite as high-class sex slaves) as many walk out seemingly in a trance state, perhaps triggered into their "cat" alter as evidenced by the glazed look in their eyes.

Above she is lying on a chess board, below (odd image) she is wearing a checker pattern jacket; As Above, So Below. ^^

Above she is wearing Mickey Mouse style ears, below she is seen and described (top left, click) as the Little Mermaid.

Sticking with Disney, Disneyland Paris is 15 years old this year... so almost legal! (readers of my blog will hopefully get that joke) Note £37 (777 Crowley), 64 (# of checker squares on a chess board, freemasonic).

Below we see Coco with Toto (ish, same colour), I also want to draw your attention to the pattern her hand is indiscreetly positioned over, I pointed it out in this post way back, doing some more thinking on it I would guess that it is used in mind control because the mind can interpret it as two individual patterns, so it is subconsciously confusing (i.e your mind will pick up one of the turning patterns, but they are connected, so you have to reset; then look at the other individually... in a way... not sure how to explain it really).

On her cover for i-D (9+4=13), fittingly one of her eyes is in darkness and slightly closed, the other is illuminated

Here we see her as the Mad Hatter, please note the checkerboard hat he has in American McGee's Alice in the wiki link. Going back to Disney, the Mad Hatter is a greeter at Disney Resorts.

Here she has some metallic mask thing on, also note that one of her eyes has big eye lashes and the other does not (fluttering butterfleye). And the boxes round her neck symbolises the boxed personalities (alters contained in compartments/boxes in the mind, created due to the mind fracturing through trauma), this is also blatantly portrayed in the very first image of this post (the box/cube containing her entire head, I think it might even be Coco though obviously do not know) which comes from the event described in the next paragraph.

Gotta love the Freemasonic checkerboard stockings.
At the 2008 London Fashion Week, they unashamedly promoted this mind control aspect of "fashion", as Gareth Pugh's segment clearly showed in my opinion. It began, quote from this blog post: "The spectacle began with electrical storm sound effects and the Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West screaming “I’ll get you my pretty”. Then came the under-rated stomping classic Killer by Seal. The models, including Coco Rocha and Agyness Deyn, had their features blotted into obscurity by white make-up. Their lips and eyes were painted blue, further accentuating the look of deathly pallor. It was like seeing a Fashion Week re-make of Dawn of the Dead.... Champagne glasses were smashed everywhere [shattered minds of the models] as the audience took to their feet with a standing ovation as the models did their final walk out to Gary GlitterI’m the leader of the gang’. You’ve got to love unchecked arrogance. And I so want to be in Gareth’s gang…"[believe me, no you don't!] Oz mixed with Gary Glitter pedoism, shocking but not really surprising when considering that Gareth is "currently a darling of the fashion elite."

Let's just hope they don't do a Ruslana Korshunova, if Coco should start "wanting out" (of the programming). And to finish, a model who appears to have been triggered to "freeze" (spoke of in Enchanted post) and basically looks like a porcelain doll (note the spinning record player next to her on a reflective floor too).

Edit: More freakish porcelain doll/model mind control symbolism from the f*cked up world of fashion comes in the form of this odd thing that I noticed about a month ago but had no post to put it in, this seems the perfect place for it. They are all porcelain dolls. Here's a quote about it from this link: "The little people dance on the top floor of their elegant house, sparkly dresses twinkling as they twirl [spinning]. Down below, like an Alice-in-Wonderland fairy tale, life-size versions of the dolls are standing in line. "We are hoping we have built the largest doll house in the world," says Rolf Snoeren who, with his design partner Viktor Horsting, has produced at London's Barbican Art Gallery a fashion moment of pure enchantment." See Murdoch's The Times take on it here, where we also find out from the comments that there are 55 dolls of each type (or something).


Michael Skaggs said...

Ben, that was a truly amazing piece of work! Well done, unbelievable the amount of symbolisms in there! I especially laughed (sorry I know) when I saw the Mouse-ka-teer hat and she was licking the phallic ice cream cone, classic Disney programming.

Synch wink on the porcelain doll photo, I just saw one in an amateur portfolio and was thinking the same thing!

Cheers bro!

Benjamin S said...

Thanks, wasn't too sure about it... highly speculative (on the catwalk and stuff), perhaps cats have 9 lives for this reason too (6/9 mirror flip thing). I know what you mean, I often find myself laughing at "their" humour at the expense of the MK victim (like in Leverage a few times when they called her weird and stuff, like it was an inside joke of sorts).

Check out my edit, some weird life-size Dollhouse they built filled with large porcelain dolls ;s. Creepier and creepier. Simpsons seems to be full of it (loved your post on that Futurama episode by the way), tonight Sky was showing the Little Miss Lisa episode then the Nasa one after... both MC themes (jon benet ramsey, nasa programming). Heh @ synch wink, probably loads of them in "models"' porfolios considering how much MC is involved in fashion (outright MC slaves + the brainwashing of the masses).

Cheers! Seriously appreciate your work man, I'm glad there are others out there (you, aferris etc.) willing to go into the mind control aspect, despite it's horrific nature which puts most people off I guess (too horrific to be believable, but that is reality).

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