Saturday, 19 July 2008

Freemasons: Unmixed

As rubbish as dance music is (sorry), "clubs" and such are designed with constantly flashing lights, incessant beating drums... all techniques that make you more suggestible (and make you dissociate more), not to mention the copious amount of alcohol aiding the long term effects (not that I have anything against it really, hell I'm pro Dionysian worship! But there's a clear agenda at play in these clubs evidenced by their symbolism, "Ministry of Sound" and whatnot). The band Freemasons have clear mind control lyrics in their music, be sure to check out some more of their highly symbolic videos on youtube. [By the way, I'm uploading this because I saw a newer advert that had more mind control in it on TV, specifically the "losing my mind" lyric from the last video in this post was shown, I'll change it to that if someone puts it on youtube]

Love on My Mind

When you touch me

Note freemasonic twin pillars and whatnot ("got me losing my mind" lycis).

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