Friday 18 July 2008

Britney Losing her Mind Trapped inside an Elevator Encircled by SEVEN All Seeing Eyes

Left Eye covered by her hair, she does not remember what happens when she is in one of her alter-personalities, so plenty of blackouts. Just generally looking traumatized.

"Britney is said to have been showing a variety of different personalities. Besides "The British girl", other aler egos include "the weepy girl", "the diva" and "the incoherent girl"." Please click the above Daily Mail link for more twisted synchs ("little miss...")

This is the image The Sun went with! Note luciferian points of light, black/white symbolism, pentagram. Those type of "face photo-shopped on" images probably have a psychological effect. Edit: This is actually kind of disturbing, might remove it.

“We’ll see Spears going crazy in an enclosed space — screaming, pulling her hair and banging her fists on the lift walls as it’s stuck between floors."

“She really loses it.”

Right... They're really using these MK slaves to satisfy the programmed perverse pleasures of the masses (myself included, I can't think of a more effective sexual trigger than lesbian imagery), Lindsey Lohan has become lesbian/bi, dating Mark Ronson's (wtf is with that guy, his music isn't even good... such a blatant engineered rise to stardom imo, makes sense though considering his heritage) sister... Ronson family programmers? The image below is of them celebrating their love (or whatever... why is it always Wonderland, didn't they go on any other rides?!) at DisneyLand... as ye do. Mark Ronson's family is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, so probably has some connection to the kabbalah (f**k the ADL, they're the biggest anti-semites on the planet, this is just hilarious... the state of Israel is about as legitimate as both of Bush's elections), like Madonna. I will be getting to Lindsey Lohan's MCM (Mind Control Movie) at some point.

Note Alice dissociative spirals mentioned in previous posts etc.

Crowned, double headed eagle. Remember all those masked mind controlled models (sex ritual scenes) in Eyes Wide Shut? The head guy was sitting in front of a double headed eagle with a crown over it, below image borrowed from this amazing Eyes Wide Shut article from Kentroversy which has influenced me so much.

It's those godamn Masons doing the mind control I tells ya!

But anyway, to Britney! [thanks to iAdmin over at elluminati for the nudge in this direction, would not have seen it otherwise though they've changed the name of the tour] Please remember that elevators symbolise accessing compartments in the mind, so this obviously symbolises her inability to access certain compartments (as well as a trigger effect on the viewing masses), because of her being under mind control (fragmented mind through trauma). Evidence of this is seen in her reported MPD suffering (Daily Mail are COMPLETELY aware of mind control, it's just so obvious from their language) where she has alter-personalities such as a British Britney (I'm sure her name helped in that programming).

"The Sun revealed on Saturday how the Queen Of Pop and its fallen princess will join forces for Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet tour.... They will perform a mash-up of Madge track Beat Goes On and Britney’s Piece Of Me [her mind is in pieces], while they are unwrapped from costumes that can only be described as bondage mummy.... The Toxic singer will also perform to Madge’s 1995 track Human Nature. And in one scene to be broadcast during the tour — which opens in Cardiff on August 23 [August = 8, and 23 standard numerology] — Britney loses her mind after getting stuck in a lift in a short film by New York photographer STEVEN KLEIN." [emphasis added, not the last name though check out his website.]

Britney looking dejected and doll-like (right image) after her stint with kabbalistic witch Madonna who wants Justin Timberlake to join her on stage to mess with Britney's head some more and JT has contributed to their rituals (i.e him ripping off Janet Jackson's breast cover revealing sun symbolism nipple ring) and another "Mouseketeer" (like Britney, Christina; see that Freeman article).

Britney in a catsuit (image pertains to this post image from Daily Mail), her famous red one is not pictured (cat/kitten sex alter programming).

And from another site, "She [was] shot in the elevator that is surrounded by seven cameras,"

"Britney walks into the elevator wearing a black hoodie, and you can't see it's her at first," the source adds. "As the elevator goes up, it becomes clear it's Britney and she's anxious and nervous."

Realizing she can't get out, she "starts to kick the wall and hit things," the source adds. "At one point she screams into the camera."

Her parting shot? Spears, 26, takes off her hoodie, looks straight into the camera and says her infamous lyric: "It's Britney, b-tch!" [sudden switch to an alter?]

Mark Ronson is "dating" (probably not the right word for it really) a 19 year old model called Daisy Lowe, 13 years his junior. She has described her style as such: "Alice in Wonderland meets Sex Pistols." Bearing this in mind, the below images are more significant. By the way, this was an interesting synch I saw on "Works influenced by Alice in Wonderland's" wiki page: Salvador Dali created 13 Alice in Wonderland illustrations in the year... 1969 illustrating perfectly the occult numerology mixed in with Mind Control programming numbers (6/9, many things pertaining to it), Salvador Dali is always helpful. Daisy Lowe is also a new Agent Provocateur (in 2007), this is just too much: she already posed for them at age 15. She and Ronson are both DJ's, so lots of spinning! She did her first modelling shoot at 2, according to The Times: The Daisy Chain.

Daisy Lowe, page 117, looking through the looking glass/mirror... (note the images on her yellow dress)

She meets the White Rabbit on page 113, note all the other numerology (370 etc.) on the page.

Note her hexagram dress, and obviously the bus behind her...

Moving away from the Media Monarch slaves, and onto your average troubled MPD MK slave (the 2 million+ or so we should really be focusing on.), and shockingly [/sarcasm] a man was not put in jail for using one for a period of time (has the handler/programmer look about him), they were originally going to give him 90 years, but then they managed to successfully discredited the MPD slave (this is EXACTLY how they always get away with it). Obviously someone with such a fragmented/split mind is not going to be completely lucid and consistent... This site describes her as being "bipolar and schizophrenic", I surmise that this is an intentional misdiagnosis of MPD/DID. More info on the case here.

"The state's perception of the woman changed. Once, prosecutors called her a victim.

They don't call her that anymore."

Synchronistically, today as I write this, they are inflicting more tragedy and trauma on Britney's fragile mind, as her children have been given (sole custody) to that snake Kevin Federline, interesting U-Turn from The Daily Mail as they no longer say she has MPD but say she is "battling bipolar disorder", as we have just seen this is merely an excuse for MPD in the public eye, to wave it away as something less serious and non-controlled. But being the Daily Mail, they put in the standard mind control language: "The former pop princess - who is understood to be battling bipolar disorder - has made efforts of late to regain control of her personal life and is recording a new album."

After the hearing. She's approaching 30... it's going to be a hectic few years.

Also, go watch that South Park episode, pretty much accurate in its supposition about Miley.

The page I got the above image from says, jokingly: "Does this girl have MPD or something?"

One of those random adverts that pop up in your internet browers (got quite a few of those saved), note the green/purple and altered personality (Miley/Han|naH).

And you'll never guess who Miley wants to be like... Madonna of course.


CarissaC. said...

Another great post. I really dig your blog and the way you dissect and break down what's going on in pop culture with all the mind control themes and symbolisms. Keep up the good work....

- Carissa

Michael Skaggs said...

Ben My man! AH-MAY-ZING once again, wow. Am very very impressed and floored by the amount of work and detail you do. Great work!! Your becoming a Sherlock Holmes of MK!

Thanks bud!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post.

It caught my attention.


skrambo said...

I really can't feel much sympathy for Britney but she is a perfect example of the more widespread MK themes. I feel much less for her than for everyone else whose stories will never see the light of day, not some stupid bitch we can see all over tv any time we want. Good post, I'm wondering how more people haven't put the pieces together yet. Probably shattered indefinitely.

Anonymous said...

Ben, you really are establishing yourself as mind-control sleuth numero uno. Great insights in here.

I don't think HannaH had even cracked 15 when Disney decided to put her in public in her vulva-accentuating sex-kitten suit (?an advertisement?). Then reappearing in a cat-womanish suit at the most recent "kid's CHOICE" awards. Btw: that closing picture of her w/ butterfly is an amazing find.

"Sticky and Sweet" tour. Ugh! Maybe I was right when I surmised the general public is so dumb now, they NEED TO be overt to reach them.

Based on my "observations in the field," I'd surmise at some point in Britney's programming, a coffin-like container was used under threat to suffocate her, or something to that effect. Hence, closed spaces serve as triggers. At one point, I despised these whorish divas the media threw at us, but understanding what they've probably been through, I feel terribly sorry for them.

Recently, even some mainstream press has said the "bipolar disorder" is a hoax. If I had a nickel for every unqualified idiot at parties who talked about someone being "bipolar" over these years following the media pitching the disease. You may be onto something linking it to an effort to cover up the numbers of MPD slaves out there.

Anonymous said...

it would be interesting to know, where the parents were, when their kids were mindcontrolled by the loverly Disney-co !
I am starting to think, that all our " stars " w. very few exceptions, are victims of MK.
Look for butterfly-tatoos..
And, is Angelina one of them too? Sure seems like it to me.

Anonymous said...

On tommy's comment that he feels little sympathy for Britney who is, to quote him "some stupid bitch we can see all over tv any time". Anyone who is suffering because someone is inflicting trauma on them in an attempt to control their mind deserves sympathy, be they a "star" on public display or of everyday people.

On the anonymous comment "is Angelina one of them too"? seems obviously so. People mag ran an article called "Angelina Jolie's beautiful beginnings" in feb. Shows pics of her family celebrating her brother's 4th birthday. She is 23 months. The parents' ear-to-ear grins are in huge contrast to the looks on the childrens faces, which range from dissociative to frightened to forlorned. Not a single smile, they look troubled.

But the brainwashing media would put these pix of obviously sad children in our faces and tell us "beautiful beginnings" and "Jamie was very happy" and try to confuse our definitions of happy and healthy.,,20258141,00.html

The other clues of course being:
-the Lara Croft Delta/Beta pyramid flix,
-her practice of black magic blood rituals which the public has glipmses into (marrying Jonny Lee Miller in black rubber pants and a white shirt with his name written in her blood), wearing blood viles and writing messages in blood that they'd hang above their bed with her second husband Billy Bob (20 years her senior).

I've often wondered if the breakup with Brad and Jen and his pairing with Angelina was engineered, because of Brad and Angie's bloodlines. It blew up in the media that Brad was distantly related to Obama (who is related to 6 US prez among others), while Angie is related to Hillary (who is related to Madonna).

My guess is they didn't want Brangelina diluting the illuminati bloodlines/MC genes.

emcolo said...

I can tell you something in this world stinks when a person who grows up perfectly nice all of a sudden has a problem with voyeurism of girls underage and women to, and gets "pushed to a plea bargain" just to fix the person for life or attempt to make his or her life a living hell and hard to get a good job. They are diagnosed with bipolar to quite oddly enough. I believe strongly there are forms of psychological torture and mind control going on even in plain site. Anyone who is aware of any of this or who knows someone victimized by the masonic/satanic legal system, contact me. I would like to hear from you. erniemusic2 at yahoo dot com

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