Wednesday, 9 July 2008

It shouldn't happen to a Human

This was a (surprisingly) really good dispatches (It shouldn't happen to a Muslim), except their assumption that the 7/7 attacks were carried out by Islamic fundamentalists (rather than MI5/6). See 7/7 Ripple Effect. All religion is just a means of controlling the masses, but there is a clear demonization process going on against Muslims (with events like 7/7, 9/11, Madrid bombings being unfairly blamed on them, note the numerology in other false flag attacks like the Reichstag fire on 27 ((77)) February 1933, blamed on the Soviets), today's events are ultimately leading to an all out war with the Middle East (and Russia/China/Pakistan etc. probably), with "saber rattling" such as this (from all sides, all controlled by the same cabal) aiding the process (note Tel Aviv synch).

This (Dispatches) aired on 7/7, the same night (synchronicity rearing it's ugly/beautiful head again) as a movie relating to mind control aired on Channel 5 (points of fellowship) at 11.05 called Dead Again (released 19|91 August ((8)) 23rd), which is about a woman suffering from amnesia and how she and a man had been reincarnated (reincarnation is an important belief in some occult belief systems ((as well as obviously some mainstream religions which I have no problem with, or the occult beliefs which I also share in part)), but I interpreted the flashbacks as programmed false-memories) to repeat what had happened in their past life. But what I was noting as I watched it was a suspicious "hypnotist" (programmer) who had triggered one of his "clients'" (randomly, not a main character or anything) alter-personalities (child-like/Princess one), it goes as follows (H=Hypnotist, MC=MC'd MPD victim, she speaks in the usual child-like unfakeable voice):
H: You were inside
President Roosevelt's office?

MC: Yes, lots of times. My mommy was his cook.
We were like family.
I used to sit on Uncle Teddy's lap.

MC:- [giggles] I liked that.
H: - I'm sure Uncle Teddy did, too.

H: Mrs Tepper, on the south wall of that office,
there was a lacquered mahogany desk.

MC: Yes, I remember.

H: What did President...?
What did Uncle Teddy do with it?

MC: He gave it to Emily Maxwell, his personal secretary.

H: - Where did Mrs Maxwell retire to?
MC:- Tucson, Arizona.

H: I'm going to count to three,
at which point you'll be wide awake, quite refreshed,
and you'll remember nothing of our little discussion.
One, two, three.

MC: How did I do? [wide awake now, voice totally changed]

H: I don't think you'll need to worry about
those silly chocolate cravings.
their main personality has no idea about their
troubled past]

Next up, an update on this post, about the rise in knife/gun crime (the guns are being put on the street by the government who want the chaos to grow exponentially, so we will demand the government to do something about it; like microchipping criminals, or more surveillance/police state initiatives). The guy who did the frenzied attack (mind controlled Nigel Farmer), killing two 23 year old French students in New Cross, walked into the police station turning himself in saying, "I've just murdered two people, I've got third degree [of Freemasonry ^^] f***ing burns and they are not even f***ing arresting me." "I've just told them I've killed two people in New Cross and they are not even f***ing arresting me.'" He is 33 years old... they said he "looked really out of it". Daily Mail article here.

And I was looking for that article, searched "33 year old" and came up with loads of hits, one struck me as being so blatantly a trauma based mind control, alter-personality story (from near the start of this year), a 33 year old woman pretending to be a 13 year old boy called Adam for 4 months. "The mystery involves an obscure religious sect and allegations of child abuse." "We have not been able to figure out what is up and down in this case," It's mind control... stupid [Edit: It's the economy...]. Another alter of hers is Annika, a 13 year old girl. "Skrlova, who arrived at Prague airport yesterday holding a teddy bear and a children's book, is said to be in a "shattered" state." God, they aren't even trying to hide it are they... Daily Mail article here.

The truth is in the Eyes.


aferrismoon said...

I don't no anyone who knows what's going on with Skrlova [ Shkrlovaa] . There's a sect involved somewhere called 'Fellowship of the Holy Grail'. Something like she was being 'shaped' into being some divine incarnation.
The boys were trained to be her servants, that's why they were 'abused'.
This all happened when a neighbour of the family 'looking after' Skrlova and the boys bought a baby video/intercom device for his coming baby. The item was rather cheap and amazingly the neighbours had one in their house watching a boy kept in a darkroom [ 2m by 1m]. The neighbour's cheap set picked up the image and reported it.
There are actors involved, a guy called Jakub Patocka ex-green party, one accused is relative of a Children's Centre worker
Lots of speculation , for most its just 'out there' , what to compare it to.

The last post [ General's Daughter] , well written , synching with the lady who has written Chasing Phantoms, an army 'daughter'


aferrismoon said...

Also have u watched CRIMINAL JUSTICE, the series . Full of it, as it were

Michael Skaggs said...

Wow, incredibly disturbing. When you cannot get a straight story from the so called police/investigators, you want to throw your hands into the air and say "WTF" good are these investigators...and like Aferris alluded to, the planting of the so called cameras, actors, etc. Is this an effort to disguise the truth yet again, in an alternate reality of lies? The kind of double bind stuff that makes people stop investigating and digging and disregard it all as rubbish because they can't get a straight answer.
Good find Ben, great stuff.

Peace bro.

Benjamin S said...

Aferris, that's some disturbing info but great background on the case, cheers. I wanted to see Criminal Justice, but forgot to record it, originally thought it was written by that Steven Moffat Doctor Who mind control writer guy (see bbc post), but it was actually Peter Moffat who is deceased. Looking forward to seeing it (downloaded). Check out Bonekickers on the BBC as well, doing a post on it next I think.

Mike, I feel your frustrations man, layers upon layers of confusion just makes people not even bother to care, so do not look into it with their own minds (they just blindly accept the media's "truth" about tragic events).

Been AFK for a couple of days, back posting properly tomorrow. Cheers all!

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