Saturday, 19 July 2008


I'll kick things off with a couple of Oz based programming adverts. Persil has adopted a subliminal pentagram as its logo. Below we see its new ad campaign, which to me is just blatant tin man/robot programming (the music makes it all rather tragic).

Next up, one for Starburst (pentagram star) which is also Oz based, as the scarecrow is not animated (his head blows in the wind) until he receives the starburst, which acts as the trigger (scarecrow receiving his brain) but he pulls his arms off in the struggle. Below this one is a similar one for Weetabix in 2005 (weetabix, like starburst in the other one; is the trigger that gives him his brain).

To finish the Oz programming ads, we have this bewildering one for Volkswagen (in support of "independent" film). "Give Dorothy an ASBO". Note the obvious, the eye (that falls into the coffee at the end), the knives in the head of the guy at the cafe thing, the main guy's own head injuries, the (666) W symbol near the end that is carried underneath a large Masonic G.

Next up one for McDonalds (just go through some of the old Mcdonalds adverts from the 60's, 88 and such) which outright tells you they are controlling you through their advertising.

Acting as a segway into printed (fashion) advertisements, this one for mascara obviously has eyes, here we see a colossal eye on each side of the catwalk (all seeing eyes watching over the Mind Controlled Models).

The crowned double headed eagle featured in this post, is also the logo of Smirnoff (see excellent TTLG post from a year ago (watch the last video on that), they moved to America in 1933 according to wiki), this one is less rigid than the actual logo, and a lot more like Pike's crowned double headed eagle (seen in aforementioned post, clicky), at least they're conforming. The printed advert came from one of this months fashion magazines (magazines like you load into a gun! the bullets aimed at your mind!).

And to end, a split mind symbolic one, as a model is photographed splitting an image of her face through the middle by tearing through it (the alter-personality created through the mind splitting). And also one symbolic of Knights (Templar, of Malta, of Columbus, of Pythias ((note Hayden P "Hero", probably MK'd)) etc. etc.) by Gucci (there are about 6 or so different variations each taking up a full page of the one magazine, only one is pictured) and is gold. Gucci of course with it's ultra symbolic name (G=7 U=21 ((=7+7+7)) CC=33 and I=9), the last number/letter is important because 9 can be viewed as a 6 in the topsy turvy minds of an MK victim, this type of mirror/spin (spin the 6/9 180 degrees to get the opposing number) programming can be seen in the advert with the exact same thing happening to the Masonic G with it turned upside down (spun round like a 6 to 9), click on the image to see it clearly on the Knight and the handbag). This Knights campaign is called Hysteria (madness), look at Gucci's website video for a bag with an octagon and such things. The knight has an extremely controlling presence, if you go to the website's video you can see what images appear on the gold shield to the top left, you will see a rose and an octagonal wheel (as in it has 8 things sticking out).

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