Tuesday 29 July 2008


As much BS as this movie will spew, it'll still be interesting probably. I very much doubt it will depict George W Bush sodomizing some kid (the truth isn't pretty folks) inside his 322 Skull and Bones secret society lodge, which would be closer to the truth than this bullshit "just a frat boy, he's so dumb, isn't it hilarious!" Making light of mass murderers and pedophiles is not something that should be happening in my opinion, oh well at least we know whose side Oliver Stone is on. And I love it, the General from The General's Daughter plays H W, the sick pedophile that he is (H W). What a Wonderful World indeed. Pretty good link here for more info on related matters, Bush Snr of course was an integral part in the Franklin Coverup. Note how W is written (666 stylee), I wonder if he's finished that Pet Goat book he was struggling with (as part of the 9/11 ritual).

Couple of images from The Good Shepherd inside the Skull and Bones lodge.

George H W Bush AKA Magog (one of the mythical protectors of occult/Freemasonic London/new zion, and various other meanings)

Bush 'gettin his wail on' at the Wailing Wall like Barack just did.


Michael Skaggs said...

More like feeding off the energy of the Wall...LOL Bastard.

Still think the 322 is a Bible reference though.

Nice work Ben!

Englasse said...


Will flashbacks of Grandpappy Aleister Crowley be included?

And will "W's" best 'bud' Victor/Victoria Ashe be making an appearance?

These are things we need to know.

If not, well, Oliver Stone will have 'blown' it. Bigtime!

Anonymous said...

As I once noted, Mel Gibson teased us that Oliver Stone was Bush Sr's personal propagandist. Interesting to see see that bearing fruition.

The parade of characters is definitely sickening, and should have Louis Armstrong rolling in his grave, but as I learned with Stone before (WTC), the surface story may not jive with the hidden truths revealed within. So, I'll have to wait till I see it.

Good catch on the "W"

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