Friday, 11 July 2008

Speed Racing into the New Age

Speed Racer is made by the Wachawski Brothers (Matrix, V for Vendetta, movies which have, let's be honest shaped our current thinking somewhat and certainly have loads of mind control themes in them). I don't want to do an in depth analysis, I'd rather let the images speak for themselves (I'll make comment on some of them though). Stephen Colbert called it "Speed Racer: a classic story of boy-meets-seizure inducing lights." and has the Asian superstar Rain in it, there are numerous age of aquarius references throughout the film and various other synchromystical themes. The corporate studio logo sequences at the start surprised me as they began with a kaleidoscope of sorts, the quality isn't the best in these images. The film is quite hypnotic and somewhat nausiating. It played in 3,606 theatres in it's opening weekend. It has Susan Sarandon in it too, who I spoke of in my Enchanted post. If you watch it, you'll notice lots of other themes that I've been talking about, esp purple, dissocation (at the start in the school, we have all dissociated in boring lessons at some point, I know I did a lot).

Opens with Seal of Solomon.

6 V's + hypnotic spiral ting

Gold and Blue of Freemasonry.

Note the eye (on the left, bad quality image) it says COLORS above the puffin.

Human pyramid (at the corporation's programming facility), between twin tower resonant climbing walls, the pyramid collapses.

Wtf? (this is at the entrance of the below room) Getting ready to sacrifice a goat?

Jack from Lost (Matthew Fox), as "Racer X"

Hypnotic mirror reflection of lights moving downward.

"Genie": "Ask for anything, her job is to make it come true." (note her red shoes below) with "Speed" with a subconsciously polarizing purple suit.

It suitably portrays corporations as the enemy, and gives the correct impression that the majority of (massively funded corporate) sport is fixed, Roger Allan (V for Vendetta) plays the corporate overlord "E.P. Arnold Royalton" really well in my opinion, at one point saying, "That's what racing is about, it has nothing to do with cars or drivers. All that matters is power and the unassailable might of money."

Chemtrails really necessary? Note the two coming from his head, abit like horns...

"The moment the Queen sees the Sun, she'll signal the start."

Twin pillars trophy.

Odd hexagon mirror/reflective surface which a car crashes into, creating a purple explosion.

Only two one eyed shots, featuring near each other towards the end.

red/white checker stargate appears as the race nears it's end

Symbolic mirror/mask image at end. (that is Fox)

This 6 pointed star (hexagon/seal of solomon) spins very fast, the graphics in the credits are full of it.


Michael Skaggs said...

Wow, that's nutz. That was just loaded with MC/MK symbolisms, meant for disassociation and penetrating that subconscious for later. Well done Ben.

Anonymous said...

I find your blog both fascinating, and horrifying because I know from experiance that it is all true. I had been drawing half faces, eyes, suns, and butterflies in all my books I write in. I was obsessed with the color green, and leopard spots, and cats. Before I found your blog, I had the desire to make a black and white pyramid from clay. I see so much I can't even describe it all. My dreams are quite vivid. My last dream was about a river of blood, and out of the blood stood a great serpent whom struck each person in the forehead. All your insight really opens my eyes even more. We are all in great danger. I don't know what to do with all of this...

Unknown said...

Who won the grandpix when speed was a boy that he watch with pops? Later speed meets that winner and he was a black man. Royalton explain to speed that "The Largest race in the world" the grandpix had all been fixed. He goes into the history of the master minds who fixed it. Very similar to Jehykl Island where the plot to create the Federal Reserve Bank and fix the Presidential "Race" for Woodrow Wilson was hatched.

What year did this movie come out? May 2008. That was an election year. Who won and became the President? Obama who was black. Burns was I think the 43 grandpix winner and Obama was the 44 president. Off by one but I think the predictive programming was in place. Just another rigged Election and in typical Luciferian doctrine they let us know months before who was being selected.

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