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Deputy Mayor for (Controlling) Young People

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A press conference was held yesterday, about allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct (shocking!) against the "Deputy Mayor for Young People" Ray Lewis who was put on a list (Lambeth List) by the Church of England and was kicked out of it, which he denies even though the Church told the journalists this fact (the Lambeth list seems vague and it makes sense that he wouldn't know I think). This is just further evidence, and affirms my belief (logical conclusion based on the evidence I've seen) that "the system" is corrupt to the core, filled with state-sanctioned child abusers; revolution is necessary ASAP to save us all from imminent slavery. Boris Johnson, in reference to something someone alleged against himself ages ago he called the allegation, "an inverted pyramid of piffle"... he did not say that this time! Suspiciously I can't find a link online for the news story, will add it when they put one up. Edit: Here's one from the Guardian, funnily enough there's no mention of the allegations of sexual abuse in the article... because the media is controlled by the same pedophiles in government (and the same ones who will conduct the sham "investigation" of Ray Lewis).

Inverted glass pyramid at the Louvre, symbolic image.. considering.

Layers of black/white symbolism, note Ray Lewis' grid pattern shirt too. This was from yesterday, the top image was from when he was first given the position by Boris... spot the difference... Boris ANGRY!

We fully expected to program Britain's first Black Prime Minister. Note spiral chair legs, box, Eastside yellogo.

Evidence of his perverse voyeurism can be seen on his school's website "EASTSIDE YOUNG LEADERS' ACADEMY" located at EYLA, PO Box 23703 (places like this, seem to have symbolic addresses). No yellow brick road resonance here at all! But in his blog, he advertises all the latest Orwellian Big Brother tools (whilst not wanting to appear too obviously on the side of totalitarianism ((+total surveillance/control))): (this is copied and pasted from "The Director"'s blog)

Big Brother………..!

Once again the Americans seem to be leading the way in addressing the perils of our so called feral teenagers! As we wrestle with the tyranny of technology, caused by social networking sites, and the general perils of life online our cousins across the pond are now well equipped with the new weapon in the parenting armoury – ‘teen tracking’. The world of specialised, electronic surveillance of young people; nothing illustrates this better than a device called the SnoopStick.

The SnoopStick looks like a memory stick. You plug it into your teenager's computer when they are not around and it installs stealth software on to the machine. Then you plug it into your own computer and sit back at your leisure and observe, in real time, exactly what your child is doing online - what websites they are visiting, the full conversations they are having and who they are sending emails to. The child has no idea their computer is being monitored and you, the parent, need not worry about missing any salacious, incriminating detail, because the software records everything, so you can download and view what your child was doing earlier on. It gives you the power (remotely) to cut off internet access or shut down the computer.

And surveillance of young people does not end there. Worried about what your teenager is getting up to in the car? There are lots of creepy solutions. Drive Cam, for instance, is an American system in which a small video recorder is mounted behind the rear-view mirror to capture sights and sounds inside and outside the vehicle.

You can get clothes with tracking devices fitted into them. For $79 you can buy a semen detection kit, to test your teenage daughter's clothing [...]. And for $99 you can buy a drug identification kit which can detect up to 12 different illegal drugs.

[Following paragraph he had to include to appear as though he says these things reluctantly, when clearly (first sentence of his post, "leading the way", implying that we should follow their lead) he wants these things to be used in the UK.]

For some the SnoopStick symbolises our modern obsession with control. Others feel that it is the only way to prevent their children sliding into moral decadence. But is this really a solution? My concerns include how it is we find ourselves at this juncture! Teen tracking begs the question what has gone wrong in the first place? These stop gap measures do not really fix the problem, lasting solutions are never found until we ask the right questions. The tyranny of technology is fuelled by the tyranny of intimacy, namely the lack of time and communication parents have given their children. And that is not just an American problem."

No mention of the conspiracy that has fueled those things and has led us to where we are today (global, apparently orchestrated; rise in the Orwellian police state). At least our "young people" are in good hands :S.

Edit: He has now resigned, again this is mostly speculation. If the allegations are untrue then I am extremely sorry to Mr. Ray Lewis (the timing wasn't good, having just written a lot about this stuff over the days before it), so I may have been too hasty.

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