Thursday 31 July 2008

Eureka! It's Freemasonic Illuminism!

Note octagonal helipad, and pyramid with illuminated (gold) capstone.

Another (scroll down in link for Middleman) quirky show steeped in Freemasonic and mind control symbolism that I can't help but enjoy watching on Sci-Fi is Eureka. It started it's third season on 29th July for a 21 (777) episode run, it was originally going to be 13 but the writers strike changed that somehow. Don't want to go through every detail and word spoken, just point out the prevailing symbolism throughout the show. It is about a town of the same name inhabited by the best and brightest, and "most of the quantum leaps in science and technology during the past 50 years were produced by Eureka's elite researchers", which is I guess how the "illuminati" (high level freemasons, jesuits, zionists, Knights of.. etc.) view themselves and their role in shaping human history. This is shown by their symbolism in the show, as the town's research facility is called Global Dynamics (or GD, 74) and it's symbol is a stylized gold G (blue is also heavily featured in the series, Masonic Gold and Blue) mirrored to make the D (could argue it is 2 mirrored G's though), at the capstone of a black pyramid (unilluminated, "in the dark" masses). In one episode they describe how they don't get ill because they have all the cures (for cancer, common cold etc.) which is probably true in reality (a metaphor for the elite hoarding all the revolutionary drugs and technology, the main high school in Eureka is named after Tesla, which also hints at this). Global Dynamics is also (the name of) a real company (also GD for short, 74, note the symbolic companies they have worked for, Sun [Swastika] microsystems, ouroboros Lucent Technologies which has since changed its name and logo but GD still has the ouroboros on their site), which is as vaguely named and described as any corporate behemoth could possibly be, they specialize in "cross cultural management, expatriate, team building, and marketing solutions designed to meet the global needs of multinational corporations." Showing that GD in Eureka is a metaphor for these kinds of "illuminati" run dodgey-sounding corporations (and Eureka for the "elite" class in general).

Real Global Dynamics company, also featuring Masonic Gold and Blue

black sun? (octagon counting the gaps between the mirrored G's as the diagonal lines)

A game of chess (note grid pattern, symbolic moves, "G7 to G8" in the eppy). Fargo has a checker pattern jumper on (pictured with Allison).

Martha's A.I. interface, note all seeing eye and the camera (that changes colours red/blue/none) for MARTHA's own "all seeing eye" below.

Zoe scared of the 'C(e)y(e)lon', note reflected eyes.

This particular episode featured heavy mind control symbolism as it was all about comparing a dolphin-like attack drone (called a 'Cylon' at one point) who escapes (killing the phallic Viper, that even extends/erects when switched on) from its programmer (plenty of reference to "it wasn't programmed to do that!" and such), comparing it to the 17 year old daughter of the sheriff (Jack Carter, please click and see numerology synchs, 111 I.Q. 46 lower than his daughter, born 1969), Zoe (Oz) who seems to have a thing for wearing purple (like the protagonist in the middle man, see original link at start of post). When she enters a ridiculously large walk-in fridge, with seemingly neverending corridors, she says "Woah! It's like Narnia." (Narnia programming theme) and describes getting "lost" in it. The sheriff and Nathan Stark's love interest is Allison Blake (37 year old, Alice-on), she says (referencing MARTHA, the drone): "Well you're lucky that we got her back before things spiralled out of control."[This is followed instantly by an alarm and MARTHA's escape from Section 7, then Jack says "So much for things spiralling out of control." showing repeated/mirrored MK (spiral) words/phrases] She (martha) escapes to Zoe's underground bunker (symbolic prisoner) where she tries to help Zoe escape from her controller (her dad Jack). In the bunker there is an artificial intelligence (like HAL in 2001) who controls everything in the luxurious prison, called S.A.R.A.H. (more mind control "personality" references) who is voiced by Fargo (doing a female voice). By the way, the actor who plays the sheriff (Colin Ferguson) is synchronistically in the Fear Itself episode I posted on in the link that starts this post here, his soul/personality transmigrates into a serial killer and vice-versa, here he is pictured with his daughter and a pink cross in the episode (he is dead at this point so his daugher can't see him, but is brought back through the defibrillator which causes the personality switch as they both are hit at exactly the same time).

Zoe and her dad's home, symbolic prison (though is actually luxurious, which probably symbolizes something like an MK victim appearing much different on the outside to how they really are on the inside)

"It's like Narnia!"

Viper (snake, phallic shape gets more phallic as it rises/erects) who MARTHA [programmed A.I. drone] symbolically destroys.

Arbitrary shattered glass scenes are a must (shattered by MARTHA, just before running into building # 12|21, mirror symbolism)

I wonder if this is a reference the the "degrees" in Freemasonry, considering the other symbolism. (note the "men" misogny in freemasonry symbolized here with "Degree", spoken of in my previous post, 55 and such)

This 47 is consciously done (does not countdown 50,49,48etc. it only shows 47%), GD=74, this number (47/74 specifically) reversal/mirror is shown in the Bank Job and other posts I can't remember specifically.

At the end of the episode the (new character) "Fixer" produces an inexplicable (bluey) purple liquid, wonder what that does and what the corporate witch is planning.


aferrismoon said...

GD = Gale, Dorothy
Also DG in Hebrew translates as FISH, and adds up to 7 [ using Heeb letter/numbers, D-4,G-3]

Benjamin S said...

No shit... god you're simple minded aren't you!

Anonymous said...

GD could mean global domination too

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