Sunday, 24 August 2008

Vlad the Impaler: MiddleMan and Puppet for The Order

This post should under no circumstances be viewed by minors and people still living in Cloud-cuckoo-land.

I stopped watching Middleman after the first episode which I covered it in this post, but I was compelled to download the latest one because of the name of it ("The Vampiric Puppet Lamentation") which includes vampires and puppets ["vampires" are essentially cannibals which is used in mind control and puppets are obviously]; I did not know it was about "Vlad the Impaler" specifically which was a personal synchronicity for me. As a standard kid (14ish) who was into his violent video games, Stephen King books etc I needed a suitably violent/warlike nickname for Counter-Strike and my online persona in general. And watching a History Channel documentary on Vlad the Impaler, that's what it became before evolving into "Vladdie" as Vlad was often not available [it's still my MSN name which I should change really]. I am only mentioning this because the episode (1x10) was constantly talking about "little Vladdie" and saying "Vladdie our little puppet" and such things [some blatant MK themes/symbolisms in this one, images to follow]. Thought it was an interesting synchronicity for me anyway.

Before I get going with screen caps from the episode; I'll use this opportunity to write about Vlad the Impaler, the real historical figure. It is interesting to note that they would make Vlad a ventriloquist's dummy considering Vlad's torturing techniques are still used (skinning people and such) today by intelligence agencies and other clandestine groups as part of mind control/brainwashing practises. As well as obviously quelling the elite's thirst for blood and debauchery in upper-class "parties" [more extreme versions of the Eyes Wide Shut sex ritual scenes and also Requiem For a Dream's final scenes "ass to ass!"; Vlad impaled people through the rectum] of the elite where mind controlled prostitutes (or anyone who would not be reported missing) are abused as they look on in a perverse frenzy.

Jennifer Connelly in Requiem for a Dream [note pyramid/all seeing eye on occult $], which features all the standard mind control themes and methods ("Maid Marion", ridiculous amount of one-eyed shots, loss of limbs, drugs, electroshocks etc.)

Jennifer Connelly's Labyrinth MCM (mind control movie, fractured cover above), click image for more info on it. She is set to appear in the new predictive programming/blatant MCM The Day The Earth Stood Still along with Keanu Reaves (the one/neo) and also one called 9 (I often talk about the numbers 6 and 9) a film about "A post-apocalyptic nightmare in which all of humanity is threatened." and she she plays #7.

Vlad's preferred method of torture was impalement, quote from wiki: "His method of torture was a horse attached to each of the victim's legs as a sharpened stake was gradually forced into the body. The end of the stake was usually oiled, and care was taken that the stake not be too sharp; else the victim might die too rapidly from shock. Normally the stake was inserted into the body through the anus and was often forced through the body until it emerged from the mouth. However, there were many instances where victims were impaled through other bodily orifices or through the abdomen or chest. Infants were sometimes impaled on the stake forced through their mother's chests. The records indicate that victims were sometimes impaled so that they hung upside down on the stake.
As expected, death by impalement was slow and painful. Victims sometimes endured for hours or days. Vlad often had the stakes arranged in various geometric patterns. The most common pattern was a ring of concentric circles in the outskirts of a city that constituted his target. The height of the spear indicated the rank of the victim. The corpses were often left decaying for months." WHY WOULDN'T you make an episode of a family show based on this guy!!!???

Order of the Dragon's insignia is a serpent/Dragon with it's tail wrapped around it's neck (like a variation on the ouroboros used by Braum's Theosophical Society or something). The copy on the left dates to 1707 and is the oldest known literary artifact (apart from all those ones being sold in the special private "elite" auctions kept secret from the masses I'm 100% sure). It also features the St. George's cross (see wiki link) which synchs nicely up to the current Georgian problems and the Georgia Guidestones [made by Rosicrucian's, themselves involved in the RFK assassination].

So Vlad is a puppet in Middleman, he was also probably mind controlled to an extent in reality (certainly made easier to control; becoming more suggestible through the trauma he endured as a boy). According to his biography; at age 5 he was initiated into the Order of the Dragon. The Order of the Dragon was "an elite chivalric order for selected royalty and nobility" and primarily flourished in Germany and Italy. Remember our (British people's) Queen is really German and I'm convinced that family is directly descended from Vlad Dracul's [it's all about ze bloodline, dragons are all over the City of London and other occult sanctuaries; note that the Order of the Garter also uses the 8 pointed star and dragon motifs, as do the Order of St. Vladimir and many of the other elite groups (as well as all the other usual symbolism)], which would fit nicely into the whole "The royal family are 8 foot lizards" belief system [images/synchs from the episode also support this, I'm pretty indifferent to the whole Reptilian issue, I would certainly not be surprised if they were literally Reptilian shapeshifters... but I highly doubt they are anything other than completely insane, 100% inbred human scum that need to be brought crashing down].

Note twin pillars, checkerboard floor, throne on a pyramid (red blood line is why red carpet is used so often) which is seen below most of Royalties' thrones today. Click image for more info.

Back to Vlad and at age 5 he was initiated into said Order; I am assuming that this initiation involved all the twisted sexual and violent abuse that comes with being a part of these elite "illuminati" families [the more secretive an order/group, the more severe their initiation rituals are for obvious reasons]. More trauma was inflicted on him as a boy as his father gave him and his brother up as hostages to their sworn enemies at age 13; I'll quote wiki again: "These years were influential in shaping Vlad's character; he was often whipped by his Ottoman captors for being stubborn and rude. Here is where he learned his torture tactics." The abused becomes the abuser [this is programming, and works in non-conspiracy terms obviously with intergenerational abuse and whatnot]. He was programmed, and then released by the Turks as their literal puppet (mind controlled pawn, like most politicians today), this quote from wiki is too much: "To protect their political power in the region, the Ottomans invaded Wallachia and the Sultan put Vlad III on the throne as his puppet ruler." The world's a stage; we (the masses) will never see the director/puppeteer; only the actors/puppets are shown to the masses doing exactly what the puppeteer/director makes them do to benefit their clandestine agenda. Our third eye is not going to awaken, our consciousness is not going to suddenly expand as we approach 2012, there are no stargates to take us to other dimensions; the only thing I see happening is more death and destruction unless we wake up to the puppeteers controlling everything and bring the f*ckers down. That's as far as I want to go about Vlad's history, you can obviously read more in the links I've given and elsewhere online.

We first meet little Vladdie at the Altair (Alter) Auction House, I personally think all these "elite", private auctions being shown in things like Lost (same writer/producer as MiddleMan) and Hellboy II are "Illuminati" reveals of how the really significant artifacts are kept within elite circles and out of the public eye.

First suggestion of Royal bloodline, note the crowned (evil looking) lion creature(on the left, and on top of the central crown) and the (nice looking) unicorn in chains with it's tongue sticking out because of the trauma inflicted on the side of good (the masses). Check out the British coat of arms here and note more similarities (symbols in the central shield and such).

He "possesses" (metaphor for mind control, actual mind control when seen in reality), note the Spartan-like mask behind him.

Note the ventriloquist + dummy, all the screens with big M's on them (MiddleMan, Wendy Watson is the name of the main character showing clear and conscious W/M useage, M=13 W=23 as well as being a 3 on its side).

I'm always interested in things that seem to repeat in movies/tv shows, this KING (with masonic checkerboard and 91 on it) checker cab appears near the start and the end of the episode.

Queen Lizzie (Elizabeth ^^, shown below along with a butterfly, seems pretty conscious from the way it is kept in the frame)

33 seconds! [WHY?!?!?!] Arrogant/crazy freemasonic f*ckers!

Sun (rays) symbolism + the apple (used as a trigger in things like Snow White and Enchanted) + two masks. This is the point when that same (#091) checker yellow cab is shown (below). As well as KILL; KING also features 11/9 (obviously anything that starts with ki/ik [ikea, kia] does) as it's first two letters.

Note they've given Puppet Vladdie Reptilian Eyes.

Creepy rabbit puppet to scare Wendy (Peter Pan programming) with some Alice in Wonderland programming.

Both are "possessed" by the puppets, look at the eyes. In a marriage ritual they become human and the Middleman and Lacey become puppets themselves.

These are allegedly Noser's dummy's arms (loss of limbs = loss of a part of the self when mind controlled) though to me they look like something completely different... which also shows the sexual implications that come with "impalement" (especially the way Vlad did it, synch up to the "ass to ass" Requiem for a Dream scene).

Loss of limbs + the whole point of his act is that his dummy/puppet looks exactly the same as him [symbolising the puppet is him and other's mind controlled].

Confusing reality with unreality another blatant mind control theme "REALITY UNREALITY".

Obviously, common sense tells us that puppets/dummies can be considered symbolic of mind controlled people (because they can be programmed to have no control over their actions and even thoughts in many cases). I'd like to go into one movie that has this blatant, clear puppet programming symbolism in it and even has a Tepes (Vlad Tepes is Vlad Dracula's proper name) in it in Nina Tepes. The movie itself is awful and only lasts 1 hour which is probably for the best. The protagonist girl has a big butterfly tattoo which is on prominent display throughout the "movie" (if you can call it that). Another one is Dracula's Guest, based on the short story by Bram Stoker which I will not go into; but he kidnaps an extremely attractive young blond girl and controls her mind on numerous occasions (with drugs and hypnotic trigger commands) as well as having typical twin pillars, mirrors and other symbolism.

I'll finish with the fountain of horrifically truthful information that is Fritz Springmeier/Cisco Wheeler who describe the Puppet system of programming as such: "The painful rape of a child with its legs held in a butterfly configuration is used to get butterfly alters [note above butterfly tattoo and how she is literally controlled like Marionette in some scenes, synch it up to "Maid Marion" in Requiem for a Dream]. To get a puppet, the body is given a drug which paralyzes the child. Then electro-shock is applied to certain muscles upon the command of the programmer. The effect is that the child has no control over his body, and the programmer can make the child’s body parts jerk and move by electro-shocking the muscles. The child actually becomes the puppet of the programmer. This is a very powerful program.

One of the names connected with Monarch programming is Marionette Programming. The child literally becomes a Marionette. This concept appears to have been cooked up by the Germans under Hitler. An alter system as a child is physically shown that they are a marionette puppet. Their muscles are electro-shocked in such a way as to take advantage of the natural reflexes. When electro-shocked that way, the victim’s body parts jerk out of our control at the whim of the programmer to prove to the victim that they are a puppet. At this time, the rules are given and rule number 8 is that the alters are their puppet. Illuminati programmer Dr. Mengele, used puppets in a dollhouse as he programmed. He did skits with his puppets. "Dance Marionette dance," he’d say in his thick german accent. Pinocho’s story was used to name the spirit guide Jimney Cricket. Along with rule no. 8, he taught the following rules at this point:

1. Listen to your instructions
2. There is no room for error
3. "The Game Timer"--these were the specifics of how to move, the melted mirror, etc.
4. There is a chain of command, the King’s men
5. Your Master would chart your course
6. You will receive orders, what to do, a memorized script to follow and fulfill
7. The Creator and Master would always own you into infinity
8. You are puppets on a string. "Dance Marionette dance. You are to speak only those words told to you, and to only speak those words when your string is pulled
9. There is no room for questions
10. The controller always plays the role of the White Rabbit. Dark side alters of a System are taught to know these rules as part of their being


Unknown said...

I wonder if Vlads desire to impale men through their no-no hole was a result of his possibly being tortured sexually while captive?

I remember having to watch the Labyrinth every rainy day at school. I don't know why we didn't just, I dunno, learn something instead? Anyways it wasn't all bad since I've always had a crush on Jennifer Connely. But the scene where she dances with the Goblin King reminds me of the scene where Alice (Kidman) dances with a strange Hungarian in the beginning of Eyes Wide Shut. The fast twirling mimiking the cyclone of Oz, the distorting of reality, and possibly aiding in programming. The Hungarian was trying to seduce Alice, and perhaps this magic dance was won of his tried and true methods? Connely also appears in Mulholland Falls where she is the lover of a mafia leader, and the head of the atomic energy commission (possible sex slave considering her company). And in one scene she attempts to stop her mafia handler from doping up a very young girl and having sex with her. Heroin is often used to keep the slaves dependent and docile (as used by that oil sheik who had like 100 ex-playmates in his harem). Anyways that one link to really helps since I was about to make a post of movies with MK themes.

Michael Skaggs said...

Ben nice work as always brother.

Does this synch at all with Bush supposedly being a descendant of Vlad? I think it's boogy-men stories when it comes to politicians. Why people fear them I dunno.

More dragons/serpent symbolisms! Wowza. Good catch on the symbols in the show.

Be well!

aferrismoon said...

Did u look at Steve Willner's blog - Labyrinth of the Psychonaut. It has the same picture of Vlad , and he and Jake used it in their latest vid.


Benjamin S said...

No doubt about it violator, my thoughts exactly, its what I meant by "abused becomes abuser" (though the wiki quote does not describe him being sodomised or anything like that but I think that absolutely happened to him in captivity); but not even necessarily when he was a hostage, I would assume sexual torture was involved in his initiation into the "Order of the Dragon" (when he was 5). Great points on Eyes Wide Shut/Labyrinth. I see from Mulholland Falls's imdb that Connelly was called Allison (ALICE-on) in the movie. I look forward to your post on movies with MK themes, love those; I've done a few in the past where I pretty much used that link as the main source for them (check out some of Carissa's other stuff on that site, all excellent), like my Hole post which you may not have seen because it quite old. Can't wait for your MCM post, I too need to get going on some more of those.

Mike cheers! Did not know that about Bush but I did some googling and it seems plausible; here's a link from the BBC suggesting Prince Charles is related to Vlad (like I was saying in the post with no evidence or anything, just logical guessing). I tend to think they're all related (WAY TOO related... everyone knows how royalty and the elite had been inbreeding for centuries... and people wonder why they're fucking the planet up so much, their brains are so completely fucked from "keeping the blood pure"), and true say; we shouldn't fear them, we should pity them imo.

Aferrismoon, had not seen that till you brought it to my attention just now [wrote this purely because of the Middleman episode]; love those videos and always learn so much from them all but sometimes I just want to scream out "mind control!!! It's all mind control!!!" hehe, they should use the checkerboard twin pillars image I found of him in a future video.

Thanks all, love all the work you guys do at your blogs! Keep it up! said...

i began my journey after understanding 911 was not done by al qaeda. this was the rock that began my journey. it has been 10 years hence. i came to this blog because a friend gave me "requiem for a dream" to see. i found the movie as terrifying as any movie i have seen. i also found it very real. that is where "real" terror comes from. jennifer connelly is as beautiful as any possible human. she is touted, like sharon stone, to have a genius or near genius type of intellect. i heard previously that she had been connected in her movies with illuminati type symbolism or themes.
when i came to this blog, i was overjoyed to hear the writer condemn without mistake those things put in front of us in the media that are dedicated to the satanisation of our life and minds here on earth. i despise what passes for christianity and i am not a christian (or other religion), but my soul cannot agree to what is offered to us by the system. what passes for the illuminati and their agenda is against all that we may be as souls or spirit. perhaps this is merely an enlightened form of "shock therapy" practiced by these illuminati/satanist/luciferians. perhaps the larger pattern is to wake us up. to see this "super women" , jennifer connely cast and playing this role and to know she has been linked thru her film work to illuminati type films is to know finally that even extreme beauty can be faked (and more often than not probably is)and used for luciferian ends. for the children, like this blog writer, i offer my hand and aknowledgement. no matter what the effort, we have to pull ourselves out of this matrix i hope i can as i understand that my death and agreement to this program is a betrayal of those who might fight for freedom. god bless.

Kimy Jones said...

I'm an American, going through the Romanian school system for the past six years and in Romanian history, from the medieval period till the beginning of the 20th century, peasants lived and worked on lands under lords, almost like slaves.

Vlad the Impaler is recorded in the oldest history books as doing the above atrocities to nobles and then killing them at the beginning of his reign, as revenge for how they treated peasants and to renew country politics. all the beloved Romanian voyevods treated the landlords this way. Vlad the Impaler was voyevod over Wallachia.

also in those days, till late 19th century, the bigger power that threatened the eastern european region were the Ottomans. the Ottomans chose leaders to assure themselves that Romania was still under their rule and that they received taxes.

Vlad the Impaler took the bodies of Ottomans fallen in battle to recapture their land and lined the road with their bodies in stakes, so Ottomans who would come to the next battle would turn around and never come back. this worked ;p

the other two Romanian countries (at that time), Moldova and Transylvania, were both threatened by either the Ottomans or, respectively, Austro-Hungary. ┼×tefan the Great and Holy, his cousin, fought 40 wars against the ottomans and crushed them each time (he's called holy because they made him a saint lol. he built a monastery for each battle fought. i totally visited them hehe they're beautiful).

there are a thousand more stories in Romania about what a great guy Vlad the Impaler was and I haven't heard any about him torturing innocent victims. my favorite story is the story of a golden vase that he would keep in a city center by a fountain, once he was assured his laws have been made efficient. nobody ever took it, even thirsty travellers wouldn't use it to drink from the fountain.

my point is, this whole if-someone-has-Romanian-blood-they're-evil is weird and it's all because of when that brit decided to turn Vlad into a vampire and some hyperbolic antagonist.

...and definitely also because here comes from the propaganda of the landlords - the real slaveowners. and i just verified Wikipedia in Romanian and it so says the same, that it was the rich city nobles that "propagandistcally characterized him as being demonically crude."

if you knew what Romanians were like you'd even laugh at the idea of a Romanian bloodline or anything having to do with Vlad the Impaler being demonic. well, in Mongolia, they say Genghiz Khan was a good man. he wanted the most for his people. his objective was conquering not defense, like Vlad's was, but look at the rich arabs that lost their power under him and tell me if the story isn't distorted.

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