Sunday, 31 August 2008

Closing Ceremony Ritual Images

China will crush us all!!! [can't be bothered to edit below rant on it, removed from older post though] Did not cap everything of note, let me know if there's something you saw and want a screen-cap or something. Check out New Space Man's latest post focused on the handover ritual.

Quick point on the Olympics closing ceremony today [will add images and move to another post later (done) when the ceremony/ritual is uploaded to bittorrent, view some here]... A 23 metre high memory tower (I think octagonal, not sure though, with 5 levels, though with circles around the octagonal frame making it appear as a tower of babel)... and the humans stuck to it were made to look like a serpent wrapped around it at one point, and also plenty of tentacle resonance coming from the tower. Leona Lewis and Jimmy Page's performance did not disappoint either with loads of checkerboards (some guys trousers and elsewhere) and the zebra crossing, the double-decker bus was obviously a reference 7/7 (no. 30th bus blown up outside Tavistock; by the way 7/7 even plays into Oz mind control as Z is a flipped mirrored 7 [so two of them, 7/7] as noted in a quality Logosphere post), building up to the staged terror event in 2012 (or whatever) and various other things that flashed in and out of my memory. It's still going on now as I write this [now a while ago] there are goddesses dressed in white encircling the tower. Things happened of note before that but the memory tower has completely wiped mine ^^. w00t My City Won The 2012 Olympics!!!! I'm filled with such patriotic fervour!!! [/sarcasm] We're all gonna die!

Gots to have your obligatory sun worship.

Enter the Bonewagons (pushed by Luciferian little green men apparently); marching/moving+beating drums connote war.

8 pointed star is created out of the girls wearing glittering bell things.

The Blood Line is rolled out... I mean red carpet, leading to a circle within a square.

Some of the dancers were wearing checkerboards, two shown above and below (also note the large checker pattern red/white dress to the right).

the black/white pentagon/hexagon ball is handed to young Tayyiba (see NewSpaceMan for better analysis of this London bit) on a zebra crossing, naturally with butterflies all over her [one on the left] dress.

(ritual) Goddess Leona Lewis rises (erects) from the double decker (7/7) bus with the London skyline hedge.

Note the Twin Towers of Tower bridge, and Phallic Big Ben [or some other tower/building], also Leona's platform goes lower and they (her and Page) finish at the same level.

Umbrellas are octagons [a lot of them anyway, like these ones].

Stairway to Nowhere/Heaven

Bit of homoeroticism never hurts (note they are made to look like moving statues).

Enter the Tower of Babel.

Various symbolism was employed on the "Memory Tower", I think these things were supposed to be Roses coming into bloom (they opened and closed).

A serpent wrapping round the tower of babel (highly occult).

There's that 2008 Olympics logo (man shot to death against a wall).

Serene looking girls dressed in white as part of the ritual.

Futuristic Peter Pan Programming?

Cthulhu is coming for you!

SO EXCITING! (all bull shit, more goddess worship here as the Goddess Diana is on display outside Buckingham palace [quite humorous, in the CBC feed I downloaded, they actually accidentally say "Beckingham... i mean Buckingham Palace"], watching over the future ritual sacrifices [I still have 4 years to get out of London right?]) She has wings; this angel/butterfly wing symbolism was also on the medals received by the winning athletes (showing that they're mind controlled?).

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