Tuesday, 19 August 2008


The military's sole purpose is to cause chaos, not to bring about peace. 9/11 is right there in the word (note the lower-case i) KiLL (K=11 I=9 so 11/9 and 2 L's which can be viewed as a spun 77). Note that on the poster there are 7 rounds visible.

Watched Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket the other night, excellent movie showing how military fucks up the heads of it's soldiers (Private Pyle's mind is successfully split by the drill instructor/programmer, hence why he becomes amazing at shooting, this is done after the programmer shifted the trauma levelled against Pyle from himself, to his fellow trainees who he had previously relied on to help him which pushed him over the edge [the soap bar sock beating scene]). Just before Private Pyle shoots the drill Sergeant and himself, the drill Sergeant says, "What is this Mickey Mouse shit!" showing MM's role in fucking with people's heads (because he's completely snapped). Obvious parallels between Vietnam and Iraq were drawn in my mind (wtf are they doing there? etc.), and like Generation Kill, two products of military mind control (Oswald and Whitman) were mentioned with the drill instructor basically saying he wanted them to be like those two killers. The peace button and the BORN TO KILL on "Joker" (main protagonist in the movie, played by Matthew Modine) (Heath Ledger Joker) represents the "duality of man" (born to kill is on his head and the "peace" symbol is on his heart), duality is an important part mind control (and the occult obviously).

Mickey Mice + altered position below.

Two sets of 33's as the prostitute (mind controlled) tries to get some business, showing Freemasonry's involvement in global prostitution/sex slave rings. Also note the Eagle behind her and also Hynos (add a p) Hypnos, subliminal hypnosis (this green Hynos word is seen numerous time throughout the movie) showing the mind control aspect of it too (sex slaves).

One guy is killed as a trap is set for him by picking up a white rabbit wearing a top hat (combining elements of Alice in Wonderland programming, mad hatter + white rabbit)

The final scene (female sniper) before the Mickey Mouse March, is loaded with symbolism (hexagon, twin pillars, pentagram, there are subliminal swastikas [reversed and normal] literally everywhere; one reversed one is drawn on).

Hexagon doorway framed between twin pillars

Swastika's on the right of her (reversed and forward).

Note elongated swastikas + inverted pentagram

She is killed and her dying body lies between twin pillars.

Look at what Mickey's right hand and tail are pointing at (9/11), song comes from Mickey Mouse club, confirming the Mickey Mouse March's mind control usage [click image for original song from the Mickey Mouse Club, embedding disabled]. Mind Control is right there in the name, MI (connotes intelligence agencies [MI5/6 etc] who perfected the art) C adds Control to it [MC MIC], then KEY (key for accessing locked compartments of the mind where alters are housed) MICKEY if you add up the letters as numbers makes 66 too. MICKEY MOUSE in total makes 139 (13, 9) I think, please correct me if I've added any of those up wrong [also using the alternate numerology system you get 49 I think which 4+9=13].

Whose the leader of the club that's made for you and me... Forever let us hold our banner high: Heil! Heil! Heil!
Please watch the below video from 5:39ish onwards for relevant scenes [the whole documentary is v entertaining ((extremely over the top going on about Satanism and all that)), but I'd rather post this one]. "OOH AAH I WANNA KILL SOMEBODY!"

Those ears are photoshopped on by someone, found image here; but mehh [and they're not Polish, see below synching up to the Georgian conflict], fits the post and the faces are real and MM-esque (see comments in below image link). Click below image for interesting Times article from 2007, the president (who says they are fighting for the "new world order", see new video added to Chaoz post) has been accused of murder and corruption [no doubts about that].


Michael Skaggs said...

Wow great stuff Ben! You've been working overtime I see!

Nice catch on the FMJ movie, I have that movie, loads of stuff in it as you revealed. Also, great breakdown on Mickey Mouse! Nicely done!

Keep up the great work my friend!

Anonymous said...

Interesting work here but I wish you had developed it more. It's kind of all over the place and I think you were on to something. The mickeys on the background scared the crap out me. Please try to develope this post more.

Also, and no offense, but: paragraphs. Use them. It's so hard to concentrate when everything is one large sentence.

Good job, nevertheless.

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