Monday, 25 August 2008

Madonna in the Land of the Dragon

Here is the video I was telling you about in this post, with Britney trapped in an elevator; sorry about the quality, will replace when a better one emerges.

Synching up to my previous post which went into the Order of the Dragon and the typical serpent/reptile symbolism that seems to pop up everywhere. No surprises really that Madonna would kick off her "Sticky and Sweet" tour in Wales [note dragon flag obviously; in Cardiff specifically, Torchwood home with it's hexagonal honeycomb logo and other things I forget] on August (8) 23rd in the Millennium Stadium, starting with Candy Shop [other mind controlled slaves like 50 cent also use the "candy shop" phrase, note his fractured glass/bullet hole album cover], her album is called Hard Candy also the name of a movie about pedophilia/models [note typical one eyed cover and fragmented face], Hard Candy is also the name of a porno flick starring Riley Mason [thinking of starting an x-rated "PseudOccult Porn" blog... might as well put my collection to good use!! probably not though, for now].

Seems like almost EVERY MMC's music concerts (Kylie, Madonna, Rihanna, Girls Aloud.. various others) are going for the bondage theme, 'tf is with that (not that I have a problem with it ^^).

Here we see the Kabbalistic Witch sitting provocatively on her double M throne holding a phallus naturally.

Her "Masonic Top Hat" also featured heavily in this one (with Britney in the elevator, continuing the ongoing ritual).


Dead Eyes

I havn't forgotten about Princess Bee (born 08/08/88) of course, The Daily Mail has an article up about her doing something (meaningless bs, any excuse to show the picture), also pictured is her butterfly hat and shirt thing from way back.

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