Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The Great Satan

Mark at Fort Chaffee with the YMCA group where he was probably programmed.

In American MK news, Mark David Chap|man (John Lennon's killer, Michael Skaggs over at Hidden agendas mentions him in a great post in a quote which mentions his fascination with the Wizard of Oz) was denied parole yesterday for the fifth time. Other mind controlled killers from the military were mentioned in the fifth episode of Generation Kill (highly recommended show, btw chapman was born in 1955), with one of the soldiers talking about "famous marines", they could only think of murderers (all programmed to do it by the military), the guy also theorizes (jokingly) that they invaded Iraq for NAMBLA which I don't think he is too far off the mark actually.. anyway they can only think of Lee Harvey Oswald (mind controlled), an old guy from Captain Kangeroo (aired 1955-1984), and "the guy who climbed the university of Texas clock tower and shot 16 people" (also mind controlled obviously, I think he is referring to this guy but I'm not sure, this kind of thing is portrayed in an X-Files [I'll do some more MK X-Files posts soon] episode and quite expertly portrayed in Targets where a guy returns from the military and shoots a bunch of people seemingly randomly). Mark David Chapman also came from the military, having served in the Air Force and had an abusive father... doesn't get more obvious.

America - Nas

Videos could be more relevant to the lyrics but meh, they'll do. It's good to see some mainstream rappers starting to "wake up" instead of just Immortal Technique and people. I find it interesting that he still clings to "gangsterism", every time he says "g" i.e. "The Lord is a g, he's gotta be", he is subconsciously worshipping the Freemasonic G probably.

[Nas Talking - yo... its like waking up from a bad dream.. just to figure out you weren't dreaming in the first place.]

[Verse One]
If all I saw was gangsters
Coming up as a youngster
Pussy and money the only language I clung ta
Claim ta, unrolled myself up to become one
Ain't ya happy I chose rap
I'm amongst tha
Streets deceiving
Can't believe my achievements
Cultural strata
Persona's that of a non-needer
Because I don't need nada except for Prada beaver
For cold winters, tattoos got my summer's sleeveless
To my g's on the flee from the coppers
Stiff bodies on freeze in funeral parlors
From the slums I come up a phoenix
Caked up, tryna take what I'm eating
Came up a dismissive kid
You lucky if you allowed to witness this
Savvy mouth
Wild, hardly
A man's man
Who woulda knew the beach houses and wild parties
Jezebel's and Stella McCartney's
For years, all that
How could I not be dead
This old German
Said I was a thug with a notty head
Looked at my Benz and called that a Nazi sled
With a face like he wonder where I got my bread
Probably all these stones he see
From my shows overseas
From crime to rhyme
My stories is I'm from the home of the thieves

[Verse Two]
The lord is a g, he gotta be
Who's the God of suckers and snitches
The economy
Lipstick from Marilyn Monroe
Blew a death kiss to Fidel Castro
He'd want me to spit this
Only the strong survive
Nas bear witness
The hypocrisy is all I can see
White cop acquitted for murder
Black cop cop a plea
That type of shit make me stop and think
We in chronic need of a second look of the law books
And the whole race dichotomy
Too many rappers, athletes, and actors
But not enough niggas in NASA
Who give you the latest dances, trends, and fashion
But when it comes to residuals, they look past us
Woven into the fabric, they can't stand us
Even in white tee's, blue jeans, and red bandanas

[Verse Three]
Diplomatic relations
Killed indigenous people
Built a new nation
Involuntary labor
Took a knife split a woman naval
Took her premature baby
Let her man see you rape her
If I could travel to the 1700's
I'd push a wheelbarrow full of dynamite
Through your covenant
Love to sit in on the Senate
And tell the whole government
Y'all don't treat women fair
She read about herself in the bible
Believing she the reason sin is here
You played her, with an apron
Like bring me my dinner, dear
She the nigger here
Ain't we in the free world
Death penalty in Texas kill young boys and girls
Barbarity, I'm in the double-R casually
Bugging how I made it out the hood, dazzle me
How far we really from third world savagery
When the empire fall, imagine how crazy that'll be

We're Not Alone - Nas

There was life there was water
We depend on mama nature
There is a message for tomarow
Everything connect`s to you
Some says soon there will be over
You can see it in the weather
Out of tune with mama nature
What you do comes back to you

Were not alone
Were not alone
Were not alone
Were not alone

(NAS 1)
Confucius, Confucius
Sigmund Freud
And Fard Muhammad
Is it evolution or God?
Searching for the truth is a threat
Seems the closer we get to the truth
State troopers or FEDs come out to silence you
My house in Malibu probably tapped
Because living next door to Demi Moore
Plus, I'm black
Plus, I want vengeance for the poor
Who's attacked daily
Patriot Act never scared me
Jake in the Taurus
Sticky in the jar-s
Niggas I'm with got warrants
America's brown and
Twenty years from now
Every town will be brown and Latin
Or African, look at Manhattan
I'ma tell you what I seen with my three eyes
Word to me, not a hoax, back in 9-9
A spacecraft in the skyline
In L.A., in daytime, ask Horse if I'm lying

Every mother every father
Raise your sons and your daughters
With respect and with hornor
From the seed comes a fruit
Its an unbroken circle
All of life is universal
And we are all in the struggle
Af i know one thing is true (If i know one thing is true)

Were not alone
Were not alone
Were not alone
Were not alone

Evidence remains in debate
Documents of our own Air Force base
Additional terrestrial information
Other planets with life population
My observation
Scientists study pictures of a flying disc
Right on earth, anthropologists are finding shit
Visitors, probably live with us
They can mimic us
It's sort of what we seeing in the cinemas

Take a look in the mirror
And see the bigger picture
Ats good to be alive
Its good to be alive
Nobody is an island
We are part of an survive
Only way we gonna survive is if we harmonize

Were not alone
Were not alone ohhh
Were not alone
Were not alone ohhh

Reginald Lewis
The black billionaire
Before Oprah or Bob Johnson
How'd he disappear?
Conspiracy theories, UFO's in the air
I've seen it with my own two eyes
And I swear, like Warren Buffet
Real money I'm just trying to touch it
The diamond-encrusted shit, live illustrious
'Cause we was deprived of it, suffered
Now we pop to prove anything's possible
My pimp strut was invented when they whipped us
Now we diddy-bop just to show you that our strength's up
Just when niggas about to see they cut
Global warming about to burn us up
Niggas never really seen paper in this world
American blacks the teenager of this world
Give us twenty more years to grow up
Already geniuses; what I mean is this
I used to worship a certain Queens police murderer
'Til I read the words of Ivan van Sertima
He inserted something in me
That made me feel worthier
Now I spit revolution
I'm his hood interpreter

Take a look in the mirror
And see the bigger picture
Its good to be alive
Its good to be alive
Nobody is an island (is an island)
We are part of an environment (an environment )
Only way we are gonna survive (gonna survive)
Is if we harmonize(harmonize)

Were not alone yeah yeahh
Were not alone were not alone
Were not alone yeah yeah
Were not alone
yeahhh yeahh not alone

Ayo I'm American born. Love america
Love my people Love all man kind
All nationalities you know. I think it just recent,
where everybody just started to feel like their was an elite group that runs everything ,and everybody else was sheep ignorant making all ethnicities colors and creeds niggers blind to what really is going on so i say take off the wool from your eyes out with the Old America in with the New end all racism all injustice all oppression to poor people any people anywhere in this planet lets come together a new day is rising.

The title is sarcastic by the way, I do not regard America as "The Great Satan" (it's just run by "Satanists"/occultists which obviously isn't the right word for them anyway. The real "Great Satan" is the outright abuse perpetrated against the young in institutions supposed to keep them safe and the abuse perpetrated against society as a whole [through fully organized world wars, the media and other things] by the elite in order to keep the masses down) The same people that run Britain and pretty much everywhere else and are the ones behind things like this (story found from red ice, if abuse investigations were allowed to go really deep into the truth, then the whole house of cards would collapse because it would be clear that it is the elite [obviously not in every case] carrying out the abuse and covering it all up). In the Jersey abuse case they have discovered that a Nazi bunker was used as part of the ritual abuse showing the Nazi/occult influence on things like this (this book looks like it has some good info on it). A description of how it was used is chilling and fits with mind control programming in general: "One child or a group would be told they were going out for the day as a reward for doing something. It always seemed strange. Staff would say it was a very exciting place. People I knew would be taken off there and other places but they'd always be different afterwards. They'd look traumatised and were never the same." From this link.


Michael Skaggs said...

Wow man, what a post! You'd make a great investigative reporter Ben, though you'd have to be independent of course. Amazing work, I see we're synching up with the Oz stuff again. Seems to have permeated quite a bit in culture.

Man if I told you about a vivid dream I had a few years back, it'd synch right up with your title for the post! Be well bro!

Dedroidify said...

Excellent, just posted a short film with Lennon.

Nas-gul? ;p

Anonymous said...

You're touch with the flame- keep burning, my hope for you is that u stay grounded too.

Funny, Nas is the antithesis to that other played out chiggy crap ... he's taking it up a nothch form where Tupac left it. Lupe Fiasco might be worth your time too.

re: MK slaves I notice that when they are "branded" each wears a gold CROSS of ever increasing sizes in direct proportion to their use as commodities, or maybe theyre all good Christians

Benjamin S said...

Cheers for the comments all, great info (I've wondered about those gold crosses tbh), will check out Lupe Fiasco (always appreciate being pointed towards good music).

Thanks again all.

48lawsNdreams said...

actually, i believe pretty strongly that Nas is simply playing both sides of the field to confuse as a true Masonic Luciferian would do....he is a Mason, friends and partners with 33rd degree Jay-Z. he may talk about the government's tricks but he is still only saying so much and is involved himself to an extent...look further into it/him

Unknown said...

Check out Pimp C, Immortal Technique, Big L,ODB, they all talked about the Illuminati...Immortal Technique goes way deeper than Nas & I thought Nas was a freemason check out the video on youtube where Jay-Z & him doing the mason handshake i know it cause my uncles, father, cousins, & lots of my friends down here are in the black freemasons Prince Hall Lodges. I don't know if he's a dis-info agent but i do like this song a lot, i hope not:)

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