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BBC's 2012 Predictive Programming on orders from MI5

This is probably actually going to happen (or something like it, this quote is from wiki page):

"The series begins in 2013 (just after the 2012 Summer Olympics), when London and some of the south east has been evacuated in the wake of a nuclear attack during the games. The government has relocated to Manchester; Thames House has been decommissioned, and MI5 is forced to set up offices across the UK in an attempt to help Britain avoid new attacks." The show's opening coincides with the 2008 Olympic Games and all the chaos in Georgia etc., so it is clear it is part of the big 2008-2012 Olympic rituals.
MI5 pyramid logo pre-1955 we've all seen, and below is the canary wharf tower with its own pyramid on top in the wake of the explosion.
The show was a complete joke from start to finish (as bad as Spooks if not worse), from the female announcer saying "You've never seen anything as good as this!" before it starts, to the ridiculous and camp acting, and the ludicrous story lines. People need to be aware (a lot of people think 2012 is bullshit) that 2012 isn't just something for "believers", they're attempting to put the date into the universal consciousness (with movies like this aiding the process) and then bring about a colossal ritualized terror event (or fake alien invasion or any other possibilities you can think of) during 2012 so people will blame it on some supernatural (I include "terrorists" as supernatural as they are just bogymen in a cave created by the CIA and Mossad, most of the "real ones" being mind control victims) "2012" things (who can argue with a Mayan calendar?) rather than scummy humans who are really concocting these events; and the central plot of [spooks]: CODE 9 is based around this 2012 false-flag terror psyop.

It is centrally targeted at my generation (20 somethings, who grew up in a binge drinking stupor and with glorious apathy) who quite happily buy anything the government tells them (not that they pay attention to that anyway, they actually think MI5 works similar to on TV and is there to protect the public from "terrorists" [hilarious I know]). We saw plenty of MI5 propaganda (EVERYTHING that the BBC produces is MI5 propaganda mind) from the BBC last year with articles like this, again targeted at the new generation of apathetic zombies. The program speaks of "camps" set up by the government to keep dissidents in and people displaced by the radiation from the blast and whatnot (and all the other things coming in the near future, I.D. cards, security checkpoints etc. I was just surprised they didn't have everyone microchipped yet!). The second episode portrayed protesters as terrorists (which has obvious propaganda purposes that any idiot can grasp). As everyone should be aware, MI5 is controlled by Freemasons as evidenced by their Freemasonic pyramid logo pre-1955 so naturally we can expect all the typical freemasonic symbolism and numerology (33, checkerboard etc.). I enjoyed this quote from a Times review: "With a cast of fresh-faces and a budget of several pounds, it fancies itself as gritty and hip, combining state torture with a boozy, flirty This Life house-share for the torturers, yet it lacks the balls to link the “code-9” attack with either the Olympics or al-Qaeda [or Inside Job!!! Inside Job!!!]. A preamble assures us that, afterwards, life outside London continues much the same. Judging by the crowded Mancunian [Manchurian Candidate] shopping malls, through which the junior spooks dash, this is indeed the case. Note also that in “new world, new rules” [new world order] Britain, the pussy bow, dismissed by so many as just this summer's fashion fad, remains the height of post-holocaust chic." 'For Queen and Country' (they kept saying in trailers and they put the union jack over people's faces throughout the episode which I took as mind control symbolism), brainwashed into thinking an organisation that doesn't remotely care about the people living in there and is there to protect them (when really they're the ones setting off the nukes and causing the chaos). I think they treat the whole f***d up situation as a kind of comedy, the way they were saying things like when answering why they would want to join MI5 in a really camp way, "protect my country, it's gotta be what you want to hear right? Funnily enough it happens to be the truth." [actually made me laugh]. Jason Bourne was mentioned (mind controlled assassin fictional/based on secret service agents in reality), and they randomly say they have "330" minutes to find the killer (a 15 year old brainwashed kid using an AK47 (named as that) sniper rifle thing to kill an MI5 officer; the kid dies by falling from a building). Their office is called Field Office 19 and 'code 9' [also MI6/9 mirror reversal/spin] is probably a reference to MI9 and MI19, 19 being "the military-intelligence department in charge of prisoner interrogation" during World War 2 (they used mind control/brainwashing techniques, quote from this book).

There are mind control references such as one man's "secret identity" as part of a joke, and when discussing the 'initiation' into FO 19 they say again jokingly (hilarious [sarcasm]), "I thought sexual humiliation came first", the actual initiation is drinking 3 shots of vodka, one red, one blue and one white ("the union jack challenge") cementing the programmed patriotism with drugs (alcohol), other mind control techniques were used such as obviously torture (guy gets shot in the big toe) and also disorientation/memory compartmentalization as one prisoner is injected with something by them and then wakes up on the outside, thinking an MI6 agent is someone he's worked for demanding money that "he is owed" (so no memory of being a prisoner in MI5) and tells him what to do, with the threat of death naturally.

MI5's tried and trusted mind control techniques at work here (he is drugged, taken to a place whilst still unconscious, wakes up (in a confused state), is forcefully taken down a narrow corridor, the MI5 agent [pretending to be someone the kid worked for] gets right up close to him and gives him his orders).

The camps.

The episode starts (after the introduction) with some kind of operation in "club H" (or X) sector 3g (37 777). The majority of the subliminals (potential triggers) and such are in the toilet where a fight scene takes place.

Three Skull and Bones, remember 322 is Skull and Bones' number, BBC translates in numerology as 223|322 backwards (there is an airplane on one of the walls not pictured, so 9/11 resonance).

K=11 B=2=1+1 13|31 (33, 13 mirrored), also note 6 pointed star/hexagram above the numbers, add them all up (2+4+9+1+3+3+1+11+2=36, 666). 666 is shown literally below. (the green light is also probably worth noting)

13 synch, sun symbolism.

17, 5 (points of fellowship), St. Georges is VERY significant because this was airing at the same time as the Georgian crisis was occurring, it is all part of the ritual (George Bush too). Obviously the Freemasonic checkerboard on the policeman with machine gun is significant. This is a checkpoint where you have to scan your I.D. card (or fingerprint).

The 15 year old mind controlled assassin (wearing a "hoody" of course) kills Han|naH from room 307 (more 777 Crowley), note the looking glass (spy glass).

Couple of Freemasonic checkerboard scenes.

All preceding images were from the first episode, the following ones are from the second one. They added a predictable shattered glass intro sequence which I've put a few screens in of, just before the shattered glass sequence there is a countdown (first focusing on the olympic stadium) with a stylized Union Jack then the explosion, then the shattered/fragmented glass intro (symbolizing the fragmented minds of MI5/6/the-whole-Freemasonic-boys-club agents, information is power). This same fragmented/shattered glass symbolism is seen in the main code 9 title at the very top of this post (with each character getting a glass fragment/shard).

33 synch (14=77), this guy lost his whole family to the bombs (and he's working for the people who set them off, nice irony).

Wouldn't argue with that... nice twin pillars either side of it too.

Protestors (activism in general) is demonized in this one, "human rights groups are becoming increasingly violent" (paraphrased, one of the protestors has a pentagram for subconsciously scaring any Christians watching [so they won't complain when peaceful activists start getting locked up; "shut up and let god handle it" like good Christians should], they're the easiest to manipulate [except the "awake", non-mainstream ones] into what you want them to like and dislike because they are so programmed through hours of conditioning in Church [constant repitition is one of the many methods used by the clergy]). Note the twin pillars (MOD screen), this is at (fictional?) Bridgewater University, most universities around the world are covered in Freemasonic symbols (in the architecture and in crests and such). The protestors are "cyber terrorists" (hacking into the system, making all screens come up with the same message of evacuate, which shepherds the herd of sheep through the station before they cannot open a revolving door [they all push the wrong side in their deranged state] and are all squished against it, a few die.

Highly symbolic scene, the camera slowly zooms away from the revolving door (which isn't locked) through another set of doors (humanity is trapped in a cycle of delusional madness under the current Freemasonic global dictatorship).

Note serpentine/lizard-like symbol + facebook images being used by MI5 (who'd have thunk it?!).

The terrorist protestor is killed between twin pillars... where else?!

Very Freemasons Hally (the tower to the right more so).

Welcome to the (near) future.


Michael Skaggs said...

Wow, I know we get garbage here in the U.S. for t.v. shows, but this one makes me glad I don't watch t.v. anymore! Holy cow man, talk about loaded symbolisms there. Wonder how many "alter triggers" this set off there in the U.K.?

Brilliant work brother, BE WELL.

aferrismoon said...

I watched the Spooks series and wondered what kind of mind it was written by and who for , but definitely bound to make the gen.pop. feel useless and ineffective - remember the 'David kelly' resonant hanging in the woods
Nevertheless they always titillate, those kind of series.
This one looks ' lifted' as it were, just loads of future-horror done in all the latest films - almost like a Synchromystic Roundup, though retitled Frightening idea roundup
The crushed at the Gates scenario will have many rememberibg Hillsboro'.
Its odd that recently a lot of protesters , some for roads, many for the Countryside club, were the 'middleclasses'. Guess they don't want people reminded of that, best make it young violent university chaps controlling a bunch of intellectual chavs [ chaVs=chaOs, if your'e a bit hard-sighted, or old]
makes me think of the PRODIGY track
I've got the poison
I've got the remedy


Benjamin S said...

Cheers man, wise choice not watching t.v., I take a skeptical/paranoid/humorous attitude when watching t.v. (how ridiculous it is, what personalities the shows are targetted at and what effect they're having and such as well as "htf can people buy this crap?") I do watch a lot, not much else to do on Summer break in typical stormy weather(and blog posts of course). Would probably be wise to detox from all this sh*t but I want to know what messed up stuff they're hammering into the minds of the masses next!

The last image in this post probably has loads of potential triggers (in the graffiti, same as in the toilet with the skull and bones), one of the drawings has a kid with MC written on him. I also think think they're really starting to push the 2012 psyop as the chaos increases (in Georgia etc.) in the run up to it.

Interesting thoughts as always aferrismoon, thanks for the comment.

Cheers all.

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