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IlluMiMusiC 1

The music industry is controlled (probably; anything that involves lots of money is invariably controlled by those who have it... obviously) by Freemasons and has been instrumental in shaping many different generations of youths' thinking [British Agent Beatles 60's, Rap/club scene 90's-00's etc.]. I will be doing a series of posts this week on music videos/individual stars with an added mind control killing to break up the pace ^^. There's something quite hypnotic sitting flicking through the apparently endless list of music video channels playing endless amounts of crap; as soon as the adverts start you automatically flick to another channel in search of music that pleases your senses [as well the apparently endless stream of beautiful people, with many videos pushing the limits of pre-watershed perversion]. MTV's Interactive Chart (in the UK at least) features a ridiculous amount of all seeing eyes and other symbols (in between songs when it says '4' or '7' or whatever), which annoyingly I can't find a picture of but it just illustrates the total control they have over MTV and it's use of "Satanic" all seeing eyes, as also shown in the below video. You could write a never-ending book on the occult/mind control aspects of the music industry going back through every video picking out the symbolisms and such (i.e. a couple I've seen in the past couple of days are Blackstreet's The Fix, Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise for checkerboards), but I only want to go into ones that are forced onto the public right now.

I should point out the Freemasons group for some blatant Freemasonry in music/videos (who have remixed Kylie's The One [so have the "Stonecutters" though ;p], Kylie Minogue [KM] post to follow this one, with a tonne of Freemasonry in it).

So I'd like to kick things off with a couple of blatant Freemasonic checkerboard music videos of completely different musical genres (one Kerrang type rock [though not so much], and the other happy-go-lucky pop) showing the vast scope of their control in the industry. The first video is by a Scottish (Rite, Freemasonry) rock band featuring blatant Freemasonry symbolism (pentagram seen in all masonic lodges, black/white squares duality, twin pillars etc.), subjugation of the feminine (putting the dark one in a sexy skin tight latex thing). Can't help but like it though, really good song (Mountain/Sea duality, as above so below). The band is called Biffy Clyro and check out their other symbolic videos and music, "Glitter and Trauma" seems to be mind control (see the cover and their other, more symbolic covers [note the occult Mickey Mouse ears one]) and the lyrics: "...your skin will break into jigsaw shaped pieces." Edit: Added in some images, it's also worth noting which side wins the battle... the dark side.

Info from the youtube blurb: "The video, which was filmed in a Masonic temple, deep within the walls of Liverpool Street in central London, features Simon playing a game of chess, with an edge." Freemasosnry is "coming out"? This is probably the best video I've seen in a while; more bands should be as brazen in their Freemasonic allegiances, at least it makes it interesting.

Next up, one that is not as good but also shows blatant Freemasonic checkerboard symbolism (wtf else is it there for?!) and also the subjugation of women (putting them in sexy black/white duality stockings, face paints like the masksish in the last video). Bryn Christopher was on Popstars: The Rivals; probably mind controlled.

This one by Pendulum (literal pendulums are used in hypnosis ofc, they don't hide it) called Other Side and is pure mind control (first a corridor, then elevator, stargates, loads of all seeing eyes etc.).

Another band that have caught my interest lately are the Ting Tings, who; to me appear to have the handler (guy) /slave (attractive blond) dynamic going on ("Shut Up and Let Me Go"). This is also shown in their lyrics and symbolic videos (the songs arn't half as good without the videos imo). They are controlled by Columbia, see their all seeing eye logo here. The first one below is called 'That's Not My Name" and has them dressed up in checkerboards, the song itself seems to be about the loss if identity (name confusion/lack of) of the protagonist girl.

This next one by them has illuminist (triangle) symbolism, also used by other "illuminati" pawns such as Jay-Z. It's lyrics are pure mind control: "Shut up and let me go. This hurts what I can't show. For the last time you had me in bits..." [mental prisoner, dissociated from feelings so she can't show them, 'had me in bits' as in the fragmented mind] and so are the themes in the video. The triangles (and squares near the end) act as gateways to another dimension type thing; like the rabbit hole or cyclone in oz. It has the standard mind control symbolism of doors (again gateways leading to other compartments of the mind/alter-reality) which start the video and end it, there are also squares/boxes (boxed personalities) on prominent display, some interlocking some just connected making a grid. Just like to mention one more song by them called "We Walk" (yellow brick road stuff), which starts with the lyrics: "You never alter, You're always you, Everythings breaking, But I don't care".
The Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go -

So we have seen with the Ting Tings that they like to dress up their "agents" in the public eye in masonic checkerboards (I refer to them as agents because similar mind control techniques are used in creating "super spies" as in creating these singing media monarchs). It shouldn't surprise anyone who reads my blog that Amy Winehouse is often dressed up in the checkerboard (see her, and other programmed stage-performers in this post), as in her second single from the Back in Black album below (her hair thing in the video, for some added head/brain symbolism).

I'll leave you with a highly symbolic video from Beyonce Knowles' sister Solange (solar?), note the checkerboard a couple of minutes in with newspaper headlines behind it (Freemasonry behind staged global events). Also I'd like to draw your attention back to this Rihanna video that I pointed out which has been getting alot of airtime recently and is pure, 100%, unabated mind control (also note that, like the [probably] mind controlled blond girl in the Ting Tings, their hair is often made to cover one eye, here's Rihanna doing that suggestive "milk" campaign thing they all seem to do).

More to come.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. Very interesting, as always. :)

Speaking of Solange Knowles, yesterday I came across an interesting rumour about her and Beyonce. Take a look:

Indras Net said...

good eye, i appreciate the kind words as well. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

hey.. excellent work your doing.. At least your managing to get some of it out :)
I caught ur red ice interview..
and that took me here..saw alot of your work.. its amazing.. its also similar to a thing iv been trying to work on for a few months now..

peace and love

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