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They've Messed With The Zohan's Head

Zohan is a Mossad agent, programmed from a young age as he says he had already killed 7 people by the same age as a kid pictured further down. Like I was saying in my Sirhan (Zohan, phonically similar) post these types of secret agents are mind controlled as it not only allows the information contained in their brains to be fully controlled but also because it allows them to achieve super-human feats of strength and other things, he is referred to as "bionic" at one point and he pretends to be from Australia (he pronounces it "Hoztralia", and later says he is "half Australian, half Mount Everest" (in Tibet, tallest mountain/peak above K2 which Crowley climbed), it is also describes how he "feels no pain" and is ultra-flexible. Adam Sandler by the way is going to be in his first Disney film, "Bedtime Stories" (where fantasy becomes reality...) and has donated money to Rudy Giuiliani's campaign because "he likes the guy". This is just another image post with some comments/thoughts about them. It is 113 minutes long, and was originally put on hold because of the events of 9/11 (by the way, I can't find that poster of Zohan doing the splits between twin towers [not the twin towers mind, I find it suspect that it isn't anywhere on the web though] anywhere which I recall seeing around) according to wiki.

Worth noting Columbia's pyramid, with Isis/Venus (Goddess Columbia) also acting as a light bearer for some good ol' fashioned Luciferian goodness (probably off on that interpretation). Note how the light emanates from the letter U which is number 21 which = 7+7+7 so 777 Crowley (U is also twin pillars connected with an inverted curve/dome if that makes sense).

"Happy Madison", Adam Sandler's ironically named production company, suggestive of Adam Sandler's possible mind controlled existence (fractured glass, fractured mind).

First MC (Mariah Carey) vest, this is essentially what Israel is like to Israelis (and holidaymakers, such as a member of my family recently), a happy holiday resort with beautiful women and beaches; whilst Palestinians continue to live in apartheid (the concept of Israel possibly not being a legitimate state never enters the average Israeli teen's/20something's apathetic thinking). [an interesting exchange (quite funny) between Zohan and a "terrorist" has the terrorist saying about the Israel/Palestine debate, "I'm just saying... it's not so cut and dry"..."Our people have settled here for hundreds of years." Zohan responds "Good point [sarcasm] None of my ancestors ever stepped foot in this land."

OzMan, Zohan/Sirhan, Zohan = the number of squares on a Masonic chess board, (26+15+8+1+14)= 64. Which I consider another checkerboard, to go along with all the other visual checkerboards shown throughout this movie.
37=777 (Crowley), Phantom was the name of the mind controlled prostitute handler/programmer/hypnotist in Inland Empire. (Phantom in this is described as "feeling no pain".)

Second MC vest with standard Rainbow MK symbolism.

Yellow Mossad helicopter.

Note the twin towers (at the bottom, New York skyline silhouette) and the pink colour

Here we see a WALL-E style robot amongst the Mossad agents, illustrating that secret service agents (Mossad/CIA/MI5 etc) are nothing more than (for the most part) essentially mindless programmed robots.

His family in the movie, seated at an octagon table.

Third MC T-Shirt (purple, with butterfly to the right)

Confusing up with down, he then runs (still defying gravity) across the ceiling through the stained glass window, shattering it (Zohan then jumps through running normally).

Checker pattern, mirror.

His box/cuboid he traveled covertly in, note grid pattern, octagon, symbolizing mental prison.

Zohan assumes the name of "Scrappy Coco" on his arrival to America (alter-personality? Some mind control slaves are programmed to think they are animals, as the protector alter usually)

Titan, upside down triangle, the guy on the left is constantly subjected to his mother's sexual relations with Zohan and her sexually themed speech in general (he also appears in Reno 911! [a show I do find quite funny] as a messed up prostitute, he is probably mind controlled in reality).

Wal|bridge [Wall-E], big emphasis on the W.

13 synch, 33ish, yellow cab.

Checkerboard kitchen.

Pentagram, purple.

Triangles + illuminated pyramid behind them + yellow uniforms.

He gets spooked by the dread-locks (tentacle resonant haircut) on Zebra skin (black/white again).

"When I was your age I'd already killed 7 men... maybe you should grow up."

More checkerboards! [YAY!]

Note caduceus, and inside the drugs store predictably we have more checkerboard floors.

DG (47) on Zohan's blue trousers.

Another checkerboard (note the mannequin).

The Walbridge Mall development plan (pyramid with no capstone at the top of it).

His "perfectly proportioned wife".

"Phantom" trains for fighting Zohan in a Rocky-style training montage thing, though he runs up a 3 step (adidas) pyramid.

Phoenix biting a serpent?

MC makes her first appearance singing the national anthem at some odd game, which I guess is illuminist humor (note the pyramid penalty box, with a line at the top making the capstone, and the pyramid goals).

Mariah in the Mirror (little preview of Mariah post, in her MIMI tour she performs on a checker pattern square stage, Kylie has similar, more blatant checkerboard symbolism on her latest tour too and I'm watching it (X tour) now on 4Music and there is a shockingly blatant Satanic pentagram [proper Baphomet one] at the start coming out of an all seeing eye this is just ridiculous, they're throwing all these symbols [not just pentagram] at the clueless/brainwashed crowd) now she's ascending onto the stage inside a black pyramid wearing a mask... unreal, Kylie post will be delayed till I can get high quality pics of this overtly Freemasonic concert). The below shattered glass scene has Zohan jumping through it in the same room as Mariah.

Unreal amount of people exit the 3R31 yellow cab.

The corporation pays a few rednecks to attack the Palestinian side and the Israeli side, to stoke up some racial hatred as each side would blame the other rather than the real group that is really responsible (corporations/freemasons/etc).

I took this as symbolizing false-flag Islamic terror (also Zionists who pretend to be/care about actual hard-working Jews) which keeps both sides fighting as they just assume that the other side is responsible for the bombing. A large number of the "suicide bombers" in Iraq and elsewhere are carried out by white intelligence agents using mind controlled local women (for instance) as their suicide bombers. Like just a couple of days ago when two Iraqi women blew themselves up, killing 21 (777). And another story to back this up from here, "... case in point was that in September 2005, Iraqi Police in Basra arrested two British soldiers (the SAS) disguised as Arab “terrorists” planting bombs in civilian centres. Further, most car bomb attacks on civilians were detonated by remote control, but propagated by the occupying forces and Western media as “suicide car bombs”. The aim is to distort the images of Muslims as having no value for human life, when the opposite is true." Their car was filled with bomb making materials and such (scroll down that link for further links on the story). And look at the checkerboard effect the main guy's (the one who hates everything, except Mel Gibson) head scarf thing, showing that it is the Freemasons (etc.) causing all this organized chaos.

He puts out a fire using Hummus, and he literally climaxes at the end of it showing the obvious sexual allusion here. Note fourth MC T-Shirt.

They defeat the rednecks through "damaging all of the shops on the block by using "The Sound" which is a combination of stereotypical Arabic rhythmic calling and stereotypical Hebrew "chhhh" sounds." which leads all the glass to shatter in the area.

The main redneck (fake Arab) is fired upwards on a manhole due to the chanting, leading to another shattered scene as he lands in a room with George Takei.

Helter Skelter (a manufactured race war, engineered by the elite playing all sides) All in the name of Freemasonic brotherhood and "peace" (this mall gets built after their street is destroyed, symbolizing the order that comes from the chaos they are creating/have already created in reality).

I actually found the movie pretty funny in parts and the overt message was a good one (the one the masses will come away from the cinema with anyway). It's in cinemas now in the UK. For a more positive take on this film and Sandler's career, The Blob has a post Opening the Stargate via Adam Sandler.
Mind Controlled Zodiac (with target symbol [solar cross] on both film posters, potentially symbolizing a mind split/fragmented into 4, the compartments developed through trauma) serial killer, with Crowley grid page (click link), both images are from the Blob link.
On a slightly unrelated note, I often talk of 37/73 as = 777 (seems to pop up in almost every post, for instance The Phantom [hypnotist/handler in Inland Empire, mind controlled "Arab terrorist" here] in Zohan is aged 37) Edit: This is also seen in Hellboy II when, at an auction all hell breaks loose (all the elite get killed there) when item #777 is announced on the speaker [watched last night, very good, a Christian review here mentions the films use of 777]. I have a few of Crowley's books including 777 which I'll read at some point. So I'd like to add some weight to my using it as a synch by copying a few sections from Illuminati formula showing Crowley's influence on the occult side of mind control and such (probably techniques used by secret societies in creating "superhuman" type people like the fictitious Zohan, as well as the scientific breaking down of the mind seen in things like Bourne Ultimatum that can lead to this too):

"Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) was a Satanist who was a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason. He also was a leader in a number of other Masonic rites as well as an OTO leader, a chief in Stella Matutina, and a MI-6 (Br. overseas intelligence) agent. His writings have been important within 20th century Satanism and with black magicians. He wrote Moonchild which was first published in 1917 [factual error I think, it was written in 1917, published in 1929]. The idea of the Moonchild is that via black magic a perfect soul can be captured. The belief in reincarnation, which is prevalent among the Illuminati and Satanic groups, lends itself to the belief that souls compete for a particular embryo. On page 107- 108 of Moonchild the idea is expressed, "To produce a man who should not be bound up in his heredity, and should have the environment which they desired for him." This perfect soul in a proper person is called Homunculus.
Note interlocking rings, 9 pointed star and such.
[More info on Crowley and Moonchild at Jake Kotze's old blog, and some briefly on Moonchild at HA post]

The magical work upon which this is based is said to be derived from Bacon [Francis, Rosicrucian), Albertus Magnus and Paracelsus who were all reported in occult circles to have captured souls and placed them into brass statues. The Hittites, the people of Asia Minor and Syria have long sought the ability to create a superman and a superwoman. The Illuminati’s inside occult history places the Hittites in their ancestry.

Clear back in 1917, long before superman appeared in comics and movies, Aleister Crowley was writing about a Superman. The magical idea is to capture a soul from the 4th dimension. In the book Moonchild, the villa used to produce a Moonchild was called "The Butter-fly-Net". The Monarch Project then which is named after the Monarch butterfly is also an allusion to the Moonchild project where Butterflies are an allusion to souls (what Christians call demonic spirits).

The actual rituals carried out to create a Moonchild are described in detail in three of Crowley’s writings. A vague description of the rituals can be seen by reading the book Moonchild. The ritual took place at a villa nicknamed The Butterfly Net. The villa was really an occult temple laid out in sacred geometrics. It had figures of satyrs, fauns, and nymphs. It had statues of Artemis. Lots of silver objects and crescents and 9-pointed stars were at the villa, because these objects all relate to the Moon in magic. The woman who was pregnant was surrounded by objects related to the moon. The moon’s influence was repeatedly invoked. A small triangular silver altar to Artemis was used. There was a sacred spring where the woman was washed. The number 9 which is sacred to the moon was used along with its square 81. Prayers were made to Artemis, and there was the reenactment of the capture of Diana by Pan. The woman was coached to identify herself with what is known as Grandmother Moon (in the book she simply is called the Moon or Diana) by identifying her thoughts and actions with the deities one is wanting to invoke.

Princess Diana was ritually sacrificed by crashing into the 13th pillar (note twin pillars between both people and checker pattern floor), image pulled from this post.

The creation of the Moonchildren within the Monarch Project involves high level magic by the circle of Illuminati black magicians involved with a particular individual’s programming. It should be noted that Grande Master and Grande Dame alters will understand demonology, but the sections (levels) of alter above them, are not informed."

"A rather remarkable book is Aleister Crowley’s book 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley. It is remarkable for the deprogrammer to understand many of the programming code links that the programmers may have used. In 777’s forward,. Aleister Crowley wrote "777 is a qabalistic dictionary of ceremonial magic, oriental mysticism, comparative religion and symbology. It is also a handbook for ceremonial invocation and for checking the validity of dreams and visions. It is indispensable to those who wish to correlate these apparently diverse studies." (Crowley, 777, p. vii) Later he writes, "The book 777 has for its primary object the construction of a magical alphabet." (p. xvii) For instance, Crowley gives the Officers in the Masonic Lodges and the hebrew passwords of their grades. In another example of the book, Crowley gives a list of the Hindu chakra points (which is well known), with the Buddhist names, and their ancient Egyptian names. This is the type of occult knowledge that is hard to come by."

There's already a Crowley in office! (GWB = Crowley's grandson [potentially])


Anonymous said...

What a lovely butterfly pendant MC is wearing.

Well Ben, I have learned something here. I was quite turned off by the "suck my nuts" Zohan poster I happened upon, but these movies can obviously be multi-tiered. Finding that twin towers poster would be something.

The butterfly net! Some great info you've dug up here.

Benjamin S said...

Cheers celtic, I seem to remember it (poster of Zohan doing the splits between two towers) [all the posters have him doing the splits... split mind?] being mentioned in a blog too and I saw it in the cinema as a big cardboard one, I'll be keeping my eye out for it. Great work over at TCL, gotta love the tentacles.

In this one I tried to use some of the themes as a conduit to more important info (like the rednecks pretending to be Arabs causing havoc and how that happens in reality).

I was not expecting MC to be in it so that was a (nice?) surprise.

Thanks alot.

Omnihedron said...

Hi there. Great articles you have here on your blog.

I thought I should tell you that Gary "The Spaceman" Bell, the well known conspiracy radio talkshow host, has been lifting material directly from your blog and airing it on his show as his own work.

In his recent Aug 16th show, which you can download from
he lifts lines directly from this article with minimal alteration.

Perhaps you are okay with this, but plagiarism grates on my nerves.

Keep up the good work.

Benjamin S said...

omega, thanks so much for that comment. I listened to that show and it made for some very awkward listening (made me cringe in parts, would have helped if he'd actually read through some of it beforehand so he could read it out more coherently) especially my Spooks code 9 post [I laughed when he was reading out some of my opinionated comments on the show, practically verbatim], and this (Zohan) one loads too, my CHAOZ post too to a lesser extent [his interview helped me mind, I added in the Georga New World Order video].

Doesn't really bother me, made it easy to google my blog that's for sure (just type in his exact words and my blog will come up ;p). He just reads out wikipedia pages [his entire section on Spooks code 9 was firstly reading from the wikipedia description, and then my post on it] and reading out other people's sites (there was some good info in it mind that I hadn't heard before).

Thanks for the kind words also, I won't loose sleep over people using my posts as a source (if he had a site or something that listed his sources then that would be more alright), kind of cool though really... Cheers.

Omnihedron said...

No problem. Yeah I realised afterwards just how much else he had ripped off from your site. I agree about the spooks post! Hilarious that he would actually read out even your opinions as his own.

I wouldn't mind his blatant plagiarism so much if only he would credit his sources, and not make it appear as if it's his own work. If you listen to some of the other things he says, it is clear the guy has a very large ego.

Personally I have doubts about the genuineness of his motives. It seems to me that anyone who really believed in truth would not display such behaviour.

Anonymous said...

good stuff bruv

but you may have missed the most obvious subliminal. Reading Zohan, read ZOHAR. the important book of the Babylonian Talmud. Which means....don't mess with the Zohar. IE don't mess with zoharistic,talmudic,Illuminati satanists and our mind controlled henchmen!

Anonymous said...

That blog is garbage. Get a life guys, who gives a shit when watching the Zohan (which is the worst movie ever by the way) if the checkers on the floor are evil or whatever. I was cruising the web trying to find where to get this adidas t shirt he has in the movie, with the golden mullet and moustache soccer player at some point, and found this site. Oh wait, mullet = 349, moustache = 428 mullet + moustache = 777. Damn, it's everywhere !

Benjamin S said...

'I was cruising the web trying to find where to get this adidas t shirt he has in the movie' nuff said, lmao. Enjoy blissful ignorance, and good luck in finding that adidas T-shirt!

Unknown said...

wow this is akk real stupid! crowly was not a real mason! theres been thru history a lot of fake lodges and supreme councils do your home work! this is all retarded!

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