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Kate Moss Egyptian KM|MK Goddess

Link [More serious link here: "His sculpture of Moss said to be the largest gold statue to be made in the world since the time of Ancient Egypt." Previous Kate Moss stuff from me here.]

She's been immortalised in bronze, painted in oils and photographed all over the world.

Now Kate Moss - fashion icon, mother and long time paparazzi favourite - has been paid the kind of compliment normally reserved for Egyptian queens and mythological goddesses. She has been sculpted in gold.

A new statue of the controversial model is to unveiled at the British museum for an exhibition in October.

A golden glimpse of Marc Quinn's sculpture of Kate Moss [one eye shot]

The 34-year-old will join some of the nation's other great treasures, including a centuries old statue of a naked Aphrodite, on loan from the Queen.

This is the first teasing glimpse of the £1.5million likeness of Kate, one of a series by Marc Quinn, the artist responsible for the 'Alison Lapper Pregnant' sculpture that adorned the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square for 20 months.

The museum released only a detail of the Kate Moss work in the hope that the full image could remain private until its unveiling.

The statue, entitled 'Siren' [Greek mythology], depicts her in a yoga contortion. If it follows the theme of his previous Kate Moss works, it will place her feet somewhere near her ears and leave various other bits of her leotard-clad body inelegantly exposed to public gaze.

Model inspiration: Kate Moss was also captured in a yoga pose in plaster

The statue is said to be the largest of its kind since ancient Egyptian times. It is fashioned from solid gold. But because the statue is hollow [metaphor for mind control victims, like Kate Moss (KM/MK)], it weighs only 50 kilograms (110 lb) - possibly a little more than the waif-like subject on which it is modelled.

Model Kate Moss arrives at the 7th on Sale dinner gala to benefit the fight against HIV and AIDS at the 69th Regiment Armory, Thursday, Nov. 15, 2007
The real Kate Moss: The only thing gold about her is her hair colour

The £1.5million estimated value is believed to relate only to fabrication costs, financed between the artist and his gallery, White Cube. But the sculpture is certain to be worth far more if it is ever sold.

Moss has already proved irresistible to a succession of artists, including Lucian Freud, whose nude portrait of her sold for £3.9million in 2005.

Two years ago Quinn exhibited a painted bronze statue of Moss with her legs and arms knotted above her head. (Kate didn't do the yoga pose herself, incidentally - it was performed by a stand-in and her features were sculpted in later).

Quinn expressed a fascination with the 'mystery' of someone who had captured 'the spirit of the age', as he phrased it.

He believed her difficulties with the law - she escaped charges despite being videoed snorting a white powdered substance - made her image 'more potent'.

Yesterday the Croydon-born star - whose curves were on full display in Quinn's previous works and left precious little mystery for the spectator - appeared in an unconnected series of raunchy poses for a magazine photo-shoot.

She was quoted as saying she adores boobs and thinks breast implants sported by some of her friends are 'awful'.

The statue is to go on show at the British Museum from October 4 to January 25 as part of its 'Statuephilia' [wtf...] exhibition. The display is designed 'to highlight the perennial potency of sculpture' by showcasing the work of contemporary British artists, including Damien Hirst and Antony Gormley [Hirst is that dodgey skull diamond dude, Gormely made the 7/7 pillars memorial and someone put a serious comment linking to his official site which I found quite amusing in my post on it].

Media has been doing a blitz of Kate Moss stories, a couple more here and here [the latter posted at 11:11 where she is photographed provocatively in a Turkish bath house (Hammam), the below two shots come from the former link (masked KM)] I could go back through her entire back-catalogue of images and probably find loads of butterflies, one eyed shots, checkerboards etc.

Below images are from that Hammam thing [W magazine], note she is pictured with some geometrical shape (octagon I think) and plenty of twin pillars, also lights making up a hexagon/cube and other such symbolic things.

These last two images featuring Skull and Bones and a butterfly come from this post.

This article might interest the new-age spiritually inclined, click image [the whole thing just washes completely over my head (havn't read through it properly; though some of it does make sense and I do agree with some), "find your true self"... fuck that self-indulgent bull-crap, we need to focus on the people being killed and enslaved currently by the global dicatorship in order to expose them, mayhaps].


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M=100 as does K, thus this year 2008 = MK8.
Next years it'll be M-Dog


aferrismoon said...

I mean 1000

crickwall said...

"fuck that self indulgent bull crap..." ! how refreshing to hear that.

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