Monday, 4 August 2008

I've Got Soul but I'm Not a Soldier

The military beats you down, breaks your mind, removes your personality and your soul along with it, creating mindless killing machines to fight in the future World War. This is one of my favourite bits of Southland Tales (note checkerboard floor, smiley face triggers etc. always appreciate some American flag irony [ironic freedom, home of the free...] in there). I'd recommend watching Generation Kill for a good window into the military's insanity. Very good imo, I'll do a post on it (some skull and bones synchs and other sh**). Also I'd like to recommend a red ice interview with James Furia about music that goes briefly into it's emotional effects and other interesting things to do with the power of music (that 440hz unverisal tone that should really be 432hz thing was certainly interesting imo, I'd definitely attribute that to conspiracy, some brief info here).

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