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Mind Control X-File #2

This one ended up being longer than expected, #1 is here. Covered 2 episodes this time, there are episodes that pertain more to mind control but I just picked these two out for now.


I've been working my way through Season 3 of the X-Files lately (still havn't seen the movie) and the whole season is awash with mind control themes and symbolisms (most of them are mind), I'll start with episode 3x17: Pusher. I've been talking alot about mind controlled intelligence agents lately, which I assume is what Get Smart is (really) about (note checkerboard floor at 1:05ish, I'd say both Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell are probably mind controlled, from the things they've been in), in the X-Files episode we are told he (the MK protagonist) was in the military for a number of years, some time after his stint in the military he developed a brain tumor which allows him to "alter human perception" and essentially control the minds of others [through telepathic suggestion/hypnotic language], and is probably a metaphor for military mind control (as he developed the tumor, leading to his abilities after being in the military). One interesting thing of note is that his name is Robert Patrick Modell, which is highly symbolic; first of all the surname is "Modell" (metaphor for mind control slave [as in no thoughts of their own, an empty shell/model] + ell god [double l/el] resonation), and secondly his first two names are Robert Patrick which according to wiki: "Strangely, actor Robert Patrick, who would later play Agent John Doggett, shares the same first and middle name as Modell's first and last, Robert Patrick Modell." Which adds a whole new mind control spin to John Doggett (Anubis in X-Files Egyptian ritual theatre) and the actor who plays him (mind controlled? he was of course a robot from the future in T2) in my opinion. He also pops up in another episode, "Kitsunegari" meaning fox hunt in Japanese, where his twin sister kills him by making his heart stop.

"Cerulean Blue is like a cool breeze" hypnotic language [simple example from reality of this blue's dissociative qualities, if you ever sit outside on a nice day, the sky blue colour (as well as the light from the sun, the clouds' motion, and the general relaxed state you are in) leads you to dissociate and interpret shapes from the clouds more easily]

703's (3 7's 777) 17, 77, 46. He uses his ability to become a hitman called OSU (15 + 19 + 21 = 55), he confessed to assassinating 14 (7+7, 77) people by making them kill themselves, or giving them heart attacks etc. (symbolizing the covert way intelligence agencies kill people, by giving them heart attacks for example). Note the transexual advertisement too.

Modell at the driving range, on a green octagonal tee-off thing.

Couple of people whose minds are controlled by Modell, the below girl is called "Holly" (as in Hollywood mind control).

Q (17) in a jar (has a canopic jar look about it) Sticking with mind controlled agents in movies, "Q" in James Bond is called such because it is 17, and "M" is 13 (James Bond is steeped in occultism, but so are the intelligence agencies [see pre 1955 MI5 logo, Pentagon, etc. etc.] so it makes sense that 007 would be).

Modell uses a similar suggestive technique that Doctor Who uses to access forbidden areas, called the psychic paper (this type of thing has been done in reality on Derren Brown's show).

Hexagonal honeycomb curtain in Modell's apartment where he kills a chubby officer by talking to him on the phone.

Svengali (1931, 13) on the TV has obvious mind control implications [specifically "the eyes" is spoken].

The brain tumor that created his ability (overt storyline, but symbolic of what the military does to your brain, sometimes outright programming it to become a supposedly "deranged killer" back in the States, like Charles Whitman or John Allen Muhammad)

This episode is called Syzygy (=196 9/6 number spinning/rotation) and is pure comedy from start to finish, apparently laughing at the whole Satanic Ritual Abuse "controversy" (there's really nothing "Satanic" about it, evil undoubtedly; but the Satanism spin is just playing off Christian BS and makes nonreligious, sane people disbelieve the whole ritual abuse issue, remember it is often powerful "evangelical" Christians and Christian ministers who are the perpetrators of much of this "Satanic" mind control ritual abuse). Syzygy is a word for planetary alignment, the general themes of this episode reminded me of Twin Peaks, with small-town America, planetary alignment making other-worldly events possible (the apparent "possession" of the girls [MK cover], black lodge opening/gateway in TP), and the abuse of women (and children, though not consciously spoken of, mixed in with occultism naturally [occultism isn't Satanism, Luciferianism isn't Satanism]). [Lots of Illuminati Formula quotes in the rest of this, check out Hidden Agenda's latest Illuminati Formula post too]

1776 founding of "Illuminati" and American "independence", note symbolism (rising sun and such) Caryl County CC 33, 7 pointed star and the pentagrams of course.

We first witness a funeral for a friend [with the mind controlled girls looking bored during an emotional speech shown above], then the two symbolic mind controlled protagonists, again with apparent telepathic powers (metaphor for the MK victims thinking they can do something superhuman through programming [specifically twinning in this one], this episode was probably used on real MK'd teenage girls to further solidify the twinning programming).

Two girls, symbolic Mind Control victims (the ones committing all the murders, through telepathy, used in mind control to make the victim think they are responsible for everything that's happening to them [as well as what's happening to someone else in front of her, i.e someone being sacrificed/killed because the programmer says she did something]). The "illuminati" have always favoured blond haired, blue eyed girls for their MK rituals [see JonBenet Ramsey etc.]. The fact that there are two of them (each holding Luciferian flames) suggests twinning/twin symbolism.
Two Sisters-of-Light [the candles above] (the level before Mothers-of-Darkness) will be placed before a many-faced mirror with intense lights and programmed to see each other as inseparable. They become twins, and are programmed to die if the other one dies. They are taught to be one in body, mind, and soul. They are bonded in many ways, including torturing each other, and sexual bonding. The trauma bonding that they undergo will consist of:

a. being put in life or death situations together
b. given programming scripts which intertwine & fill in to complete each other to make a whole
c. are placed in jobs that require total compliance with the programming in order to survive
d. are bonded together to other people.


Within the Rothschild bloodlines--the 5 family lines that began with Mayer Amschel’s 5 sons going to 5 capitals- network/bond their female slaves together with Gennifer-Sally-Elsie-Sarah-Penelope programming. (The 6th son to finish the red shield hexagram is/was a bastard.) This is all part of a complex satanic world mind that is being created. This is the Adam Kadmon. Twins (& teams) claim to be telepathic with each other, and observations of slaves, has tended to support that claim. Many therapists have failed to take the twinning part of the programming into account. Twins must be deprogrammed together for best results, if one is left out they may try to impede therapy.

We will see more evidence of their twin programming later. They are seen playing the daisy game, with a man hanging (his face is symbolically blocked out [facelessness/loss of identity and sense of self] by the trees as the camera pans up the red rope to the inseparable girls playing "He loves Me... He Loves Me Not") resonating the No. 12 hanged man tarot card (though not in the exact position; which by the way, I should have mentioned this in my In Shattered Dreams post but Sharon Tate was herself left in this hanged man tarot specific position by her killers).

"He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not" game is used in mind control, to quote Illuminati formula again:
The Programmers, especially Dr. Mengele, enjoyed taking a daisy and pulling its petals off one at a time. First petal, "I love you". Second Petal, "I love you not." IF the last daisy petal was "I love you not"--then the child was dramatically killed in front of other children to be programmed.
The daisy game, which was scary for a child, heightened the victim’s attention. Matrixes were built upon this deadly game. How did it feel to be programmed with Mengele’s "I love you, I love you not" programming? A victim recalls, "The child was placed in a cage exposed and naked. The low voltage wires were rigged to the metal of the cage. The child experienced a continual erratic or sporadic prolonged voltage of shock until the heart would pulsate and the anxiety level of the child became out of control. "Then the Dr. would enter the scene with his sneering taunting smile while holding a daisy in his hands. The sporadic voltage would continue to flow through the child’s body. As the shock continued, the Dr. stood before the child pulling petals off the daisy. His only communication was voiced in these words, "LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU NOT, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU NOT," while pulling off the daisy petals. This action would drive the child crazy because the child knows full well if that last petal is pulled off it meant death.

The child that is not loved is skinned alive before the other children. "...we can now begin to understand that the expendable children were in other cages placed all around us for the eye to see. They went through the same process as we watched. When the last petal of the daisy was pulled from the flower they were killed. Then the terror of what we had just experienced through the seeing and hearing, let us know we were next, but when? By the time the doctor got to "He loves me not" some children no longer knew fear. Their ashes were taken from the crematorium and used in the garden for fertilizer, as a reminder to all what happens to unloved children. "In the clinical room, the lights were used to program the day’s events. The bright light continually flashed starting with 7 lights, then six dots, then five dots, then four dots, then three, then two dots, then 1 dot. In the blindness of the lights, we could hear the doctor’s voice, "LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU NOT." over and over again. A child could have a false trust when the lights flashed 7 dots. By the time one dot was flashing, the child’s terror had once again risen. The doctor never pulled the last petal off for us, but we can’t forget how he teased us. He smiled and walked away, ‘NO, I LOVE YOU.’ and walked away."
Mulder and Scully (M&S/S&M [a line from Mulder to Scully goes "I know how much you like snapping on the latex" (PVC but meh, note the handcuffs on her left hand)], Brits shop at M&S for some nice subliminal bondage) arrive on the scene and they stop at a stop sign (octagon), and there is a little dialogue between the two (themselves mind control victims [Scully's "abduction", Mulder's sister + himself]) about said stop sign; which tells me there is an ulterior motive for focusing on this octagon (which is also focused on at the very end, for a reason) [Choosing whether or not to take a left turn or a right is something that seems to be used in mind control, in a butterly effect type way (making the wrong turn changes everything) so that could also play in here as he turns right but the camera stays still on the above stop sign image as you see them driving back the other way showing how they made the wrong turn originally].

Shattered glass scene, when his coffin inexpicably burns. (leading to the below mutilation)

Above image is of a subliminal goats head that is burned into the skin of a victim (symbolizing mutilation of MK victims). Body mutilation is an important part of the trauma based programming as Cathy O'Brien was also given the same Baphomet mutilation (below) on her chest (and one on her vagina) (both images below are from the film Witches Night which contains mind control themes [guy is programmed through trauma to become "Baphomet" and partake in a sex ritual]).
The two girls are then interviewed on their own (about the hanged man's death) and their descriptions are basically exactly the same, showing the level of twinning programming they seem to have gone through [their general phraseology is the same, as is their desciption of what happened, exactly the same... through programming]. This is also shown in how they affirm eachother's beliefs by constantly backing up the other's opinions [they have been made "one in mind, body, and soul" as mentioned earlier] on other girls and use exactly the same language when talking to each other ("Hate him...." "Hate him, wouldn't wanna date him.").

This guy receives a blow to the head [from the basketball] just before stepping inside his coffin, the receding benches [can be viewed as a staircase becoming a wall].

Note the Masonic G... obviously. And also the yellow (brick road) and green (emerald city).

Some blatant cat/kitten mind control programming at Detective White's home (actress is a Dana [Dana/Diana, Dana Scully, SKULLy]) perhaps suggestive of her programming. When she ambushes FOX (occult word used in mind control, as well as mass mind control on FOX TV) and attempts to have sex with him [this sexual (cat/kitten) programming is backed up by her saying, "Maybe we can solve the mystery of the horny beast." which is a phrase mirrored from earlier in the episode, see transcript] before Scully walks in announcing another kid has been murdered. [Note Mulder's #13 room, synch it up to the "13 Bloody Mary's" further down]

Tippy is one of the girls' dead pet dog (MK victims would have their pets killed in front of them for the added emotional trauma of the pet they loved [were allowed to love]). This is further confirmed by the fact that Detective White's cat (phone # 555-0114=21=777) is apparently killed by them. To further confirm the MK aspect, TIP; as I have said in relation to the Chinese Muslim Separatist group and is the name of a character in one of Oz books [so Oz programming in this episode too]: A character in The Marvelous Land of Oz by L. Frank Baum, full name "Tippetaurius, later reveled to be Princess Ozma"

"You just close your eyes and count to 13 and Bloody Mary appears in the Mirror" Leading to the mirror shattering (not shown in the episode), it is described as such by Scully: "A high school girl was impaled by flying glass from a bathroom mirror."

At their own birthday [note both names have an i [eye] at the end of it] this death occurs (shattered mirror death) where we have more evidence of their twinning as they dissociatively dance together to this song (songs used in mind control, this one has some mind control lyrics) as the guests are completely ignored [they are in their own little world; "one in mind, body and soul"] and they look at them confused.

FOX with some kind of astrology zodiac type thing below creating a star due to the camera focus.

Fractured glass, caused by the coiled (spiral) shooting off, killing another high school kid.

The girls looking traumatized (with big Masonic G), as we are shown this we have the standard butterfly reference in MK shows/movies from Mulder (see transcript for rest of it): "...This most of us take for granted while refusing to believe these forces have any more effect on us than a butterfly beating it’s wings halfway around the world", then BOB (name for primal alter in things like Twin Peaks, more on BOB in future posts) says "Yes, sir, Satan it was."; whose personality completely changes due to the SRA scandal (we are told he never had a bad word to say about anyone before this... and now he is organizing practically lynch mobs and is extremely irrational, showing a massive personality change), he was the headmaster of the high school before transforming into a crusader against SRA (other characters have significant personality changes due to the planetary alignment too saying things like "I feel weird" and drinking and smoking which they was not something they would usually do [altered personalities].

In the town, every channel plays the same thing (Keystone Cops [KK, or KC 113, the Keystone [as well as "Key" accessing locked compartment of the mind containing certain alters] is important in Freemasonry], with it's chaos resonating music; symbolic of MK victims only allowed to watch specific things and nothing else [Oz, Alice, Peter Pan etc.]), the girls are the ones causing all of the chaos [the deaths; everything on the victim's shoulders, for instance a child could be blamed for a relative's death for doing something miniscule ((like talking)) and they would have no reference in their own lives to understand that that is obviously insane so they believe they are the ones wholly responsible, trapping them in the programming ((think they don't deserve to get out of it because of "what they've done")). Which also plays into the butterfly effect type, "you're doing this [small misbehavior] has caused this massive earthquake in Asia killing thousands" is an example of how that could be used to further traumatize an MK victim. Another could be them being blamed for the aforementioned (their own) pet-killing trauma].

The episode ends with more STOP octagon signs, and it is again mentioned. The Perfect "Harmony" City [suggestive of Harmonics used in mind control, to implant thoughts into the victim] The town is called COMITY [Committee of 300?, MK victims who are committed to mental institutions? interpret as you like]

I'd also like to mention the main two guest stars before I finish in this (already mentioned Detective White, Dana), The X-Files seems to get it's fair share of mind controlled guest stars including Jack Black (note the electroshock symbolism there with the lightning) and various others. This one had Lisa Robin Kelly as one fo the two (twinned) girls, I immediately conclude (I jump to a lot of conclusions) that she is mind controlled due to the stuff she's been in, in particular things like, "Amityville: Dollhouse", That 70's Show with mind controlled Kabbalist Ashton Kutcher, and with Rose McGowan [was a member of "Children of God" cult (so cult mind control undoubtedly) and a child model for Young Vogue in Italy] in Jawbreaker. Wendy Benson [Peter Pan programming, married to (or handled by?) Michael Landes and have two children, MIMI and Dominic; his latest film was Possession...(with Sarah Michelle Geller) all "possession" is just mind control and/or altered state of consciousness] has less info for me to speculate over but she has been in certain MK films, one about James Dean (most likely mind controlled, look at the one eyed poster in the link) and one called Wishmaster about a Djinn, things like Brave New World and playing a "Whore" (no name symbolism/ loss of identity) in Bobby's Whore.


Michael Skaggs said...

Bravo Ben!

This is EXCELLENT bro! I was just watching some of season 7 this past weekend [X-Files] and thinking "I should break some of these down".
Well done, I concur on the symbolisms!

The part you mention on the planetary alignments and it "bringing out alters" worries me now, upcoming 2012. One could muse that these MMC victims living among the masses, may experience the same thing coming up, and chaos could ensue if the changing energies and alignment of 2012 brings that out.

Be well bro! Thanks for this!

NanaMubidness said...

the daisy stuff is interesting,
I found a sadistic and depressing Disney Donald Duck cartoon called 'Crazy over Daisy'

Daisy Girl Scouts

Daisy is the initial level of Girl Scouting. Named for Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low, Daisies are in kindergarten.[1] In August 2006 the National Council of GSUSA voted to change the level system so that as of 1 October 2008, Daisies will include girls in kindergarten and 1st grade. They typically meet in groups of five to ten and have adult leaders that plan activities to introduce them to Girl Scouts. Daisies earn the Promise Center and Petals, which focus on the Girl Scout Law and are placed on the front of the tunic in a daisy design. They may also earn or receive patches for the back of their uniform, which consists of a light blue tunic, a blue membership disk, and the Daisy Pin. They use the Daisy Girl Scout Activity Book to work on activities, may camp only with a parent present, and have the option to sell Girl Scout cookies.

Esoteric Kitten said...

I am curious...at this juncture it seems as though movies are being spliced with additional images (dots) similar to those in the Daisy Game. I have a friend who mentioned seeing these also while viewing " Angels & Demons". She states " At least three different times during the movie, the screen went blank (white) for a fraction of a second and there were dots displayed - like rows that intersected each other - three dots up, four across...four dots up, three across...it was really weird. No one else seemed to notice. It was quick - just a flash. I wasn't sure it even happened - except that my daughter saw it too. Any clues?".

Would this be indicative of " End Time" programming? We are approaching their deadline of 2012 and I assume the programmed are in tune with this date as their finale?

Anonymous said...

The story about Mengle and the daisy game, really disturbed me. Aside from the obvious reason, that all the atrocities that took place at the Nazi camps were disturbing.

I have anxiety attacks at times, and I can relate to feeling a sense of uncontrolled anxiety.

It also reminded me of a scene from Saw where the mother and daughter were held captive by a man, and he kept checking their heart beats with a stethoscope. Seems now that I think about it, a reference to Mengele's daisy game, and dehumanization in general. That their fear didn't register with him at all, they were just like experiments he observed.

Occult Files said...


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