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Britney's Freemasonic Homeland and The Rainbow Girls

Elluminati has some amazing info about her potential long-term handler here, the fraternity having obvious connections to Freemasonry (symbolism, rituals and such). So I thought I'd do a post on the Freemasonic hometown of Kentwood Louisiana which has a population of 2205, and as it is such a small town we can assume that a large section of them are Freemasons and that Freemasonry is a dominant force in the area, with the Masonic Gold and Blue compass and square G Freemasonic logo [Lodge #248] proudly on display at the Welcome sign as you enter the town. From a FOX News article:

Driving in you can't miss the hot-pink sign that welcomes visitors to "The home of Britney Spears." Emblems for the local Lions [gold L] and Rotary clubs [6 pointed star/wheel] and a Masonic lodge, positioned below, seem almost afterthoughts.

Then there is the Kentwood Historical and Cultural Arts Museum.

Half its space is dedicated to an exhibit honoring local men and women who served in the U.S. armed forces. The rest is all Britney. [celebrating all mind controlled slaves from small town America]

The Spears exhibit, which opened in 2000, includes a re-creation of her childhood bedroom [shudders], complete with costumes she wore as a child entertainer and beauty pageant contestant, dolls and stuffed animals, a jacket who wore on the Mickey Mouse Club and a white bedroom set."

There is also a room for her awards, beauty pageant trophies and pink cowboy hat. The walls are covered with Spears posters.

Beauty Queen Little Miss Sunshine.

In the 1990 film Arachnophobia (budget $31 million, made by Hollywood Pictures [Disney], it used 374 avondale spiders [37, 7, 74]), this exact signage (with L and rotary club switched round, and slightly different artistically) is seen as they enter a small town, the film is about a fear of spiders so you can bet it has a load of MK themes in it (I havn't seen it).

Image found via google image, but you cannot see it full size, it's probably somewhere on the net.

Britney's home in LA (summit, mountain/pyramid top)

I decided to watch Channel 4's First Cut: Saving Britney Spears which is probably an ironic title (the media has no intention of saving her), and was rubbish; it just parroted the old BS that "She's gone crazy and so have those nutty Americans! Let's all laugh at her, but at the same time be 'shocked and appalled' at the paparazzi who make Britney's life hell and also killed Diana!". The show started in Los Angeles (previous post was LA-centric) Sheeraz Hasan who is fully aware of the conspiracy, as he had "Synthetic Terror" (not pictured) and "David Icke's Guide to the Global Conspiracy"[both recommended, I have the former] books in his house, but still has 15 people following her all the time (which tells me he's part of the conspiracy he reads about).

One of Sheeraz' "million dollar shots", she looks like she has no clue where she is, sort of.

Note the pyramid/all seeing eye on the occult dollar bill, and 33's obviously.
They also spoke to "Bishop" Don Juan, who only needs 33 minutes of Britney's time to save her ("fulfill her dreams"). Following this guy, he asks random car drivers their opinions on Britney and one of them says, "I think she's over there working on Hollywood and Vine right now." inferring that she is a prostitute I think, Hollywood and Vine is where Laura Dern is stabbed in the stomach with a screwdriver in Inland Empire (also both a Hollywood star and Hollywood Hooker in the movie). He then interviewed the creator of Poor Britney, who describes how she loves both Britney and Di because they are both "fractured" (no doubt, not in the way she thinks though).

Dilapidated Kentwood town, Channel 4 showing off a couple of 32's (32+32=64)

The Spears mansion near Kentwood, note spiral design.

The Freemasonic lodge in Kentwood is located in a historical building (love to see a pic of that) located at 210 (21 777) Avenue F (6) and holds meetings at 7.30 (777) on the second and fourth Thursdays, from this site. Doing some research on Freemasonry in the Louisiana area I came across a Masonic organization I was not aware of (just to clarify, Britney has nothing to do with this I think), "The Order of the Rainbow for Girls". The Louisiana's Rainbow for Girls website features the standard MK symbolisms, a running rabbit, rainbows obviously, a playful cat and such things, but the official site of the order is more interesting, see their FAQ where they do not deny being a "secret organization". I do not want to come right out and say it is probably a cover for mind control programming but who knows... certainly fits.

images pulled from here will remove on request (note other "rainbow girls" on a carousel, a fountain etc.). Do I even need to comment on these two?

Click it to see synchs, they raised $33,000; congrats on the amazingly coincidental number (almost as if getting 33 was more important than actually getting as much money as possible), she is 21 (777) and started at age 6, her name is Katie (cat), Phoenix Camp. The above thing appears if you click on the butterfly at the bottom of the main site.
This Camp Phoenix (shield below)? with it's 72 campers and 17 staff, another Camp Phoenix is a military camp in Afghanistan and obviously the word Phoenix has numerous things associated with it, including this.

Learn more about the rituals/degrees of Rainbow by clicking the animated All Seeing Eye Phoenix.

Britney purchasing Radiohead's latest "In Rainbows" (the second disc of which features 'MK 1' and 'MK 2' interlude tracks) wearing pink with black cats on.

Ultimate rainbow/butterfly girl Mariah, who I plan on doing a picture-heavy post on in the near future, but I really want to get started on some movie posts I've been putting off for a few weeks so might not post much in the next few days.
Edit: Looks like blogger is having some problems with disappearing comments (from googling it today, hopefully they'll be restored or something), received a fascinating/entertaining link (nice images too) I wanted to add from one of the disappeared comments which I have in my email, and no I do not think she has broken out of the programming, her "Adventures of MIMI" tour is loaded with MK stuff, I'm screencapping it and will have a post up on Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, Mind Control) in like a week or 2.


Jenn said...

Great post, and I look forward to your future writing on Mariah. That's sure to be warped!

Anonymous said...

We seem to be in sync (not like the boy band). I had been meaning to do something on the Rainbow Girls since I noticed them on a Freemasonic chart after doing my rainbow post.

I noticed on the site you pointed me to, their Donate button is functional, yet the Find US is still not.

That room (of lil Brit) must have been a hell on earth. Nice find on the Remixes album image.

Michael Skaggs said...


Synching up my friend, I JUST looked at a mag tonight on the break room table saying "o.k. what mk stuff will I see in here", then I spot a photo of Mariah C. hugging Mickey Mouse, also there was John Stamos(sp?), Whoopi Goldberg, and Sara Michelle Gheller. No surprises I am sure.

Nice job, loved all the info and the sleuthing. Was wondering on the way home tonight if (1) her parents knew about the MK or (2) gave Disney most of the control for the money yet had no idea about the MK. That will be even more interesting. Wonder what the parents do for a living?

Be well my friend! Great work as always.

FilmNoir23 said...

Most towns in America display Masonic,, Rotary, Lions Club logos on the town sign. This is an old practice which shows who "owns" the town.

I don't think it particularly singles Kentwood out as "special".

Anonymous said...


Speaking of Mariah, this is a letter I wrote to the numerologist who runs this website back in 2001!

Sometimes I wonder if Mariah if Mariah broke away from her early conditioning or if Mimi is just another alter...

aferrismoon said...

Get's me thinking of the Bob Marley-Fat Boy Slim track - " I'm a Rainbow too.... to the rescue..." etc

Ricky the Quick said...

I happen to have a Yahoo group called Freemasonry Is Satanic, in which I try to expose the evils of freemasonry. If you google "Freemasonry Is Satanic," you'll probably find the group.
Or you can go to this link:

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