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Verdier on The Kennedy Assassinations and Russian Mental Asylum Mind Control

Post following on from my Sirhan Sirhan post.

[excerpts from Paul A. Verdier's book on brainwashing, previous excerpt contained his bit on the Manson murders, dedroidify has a lot on Manson lately like this docu post] Remember all this is being written in 1977, this guy has CIA ties so is probably only revealing tidbits of information of what the gov't (all of them) is really capable of, but again this was way back in 1977, they've undoubtedly advanced their mind control technology loads such as this thing, the founder of the "Psychotechnology Research Institute" was involved in the Waco mind control ritual sacrifice.
The Kennedy Assassinations

Not many years ago we witnessed the assassination of President John Kennedy. There are today many published rumors that his alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was brainwashed, transformed into a robot, and then programmed to kill the President. There are also published conjectures that Jack Ruby, Oswald's killer, was hypnotized to murder Oswald - and with no recall of his actions.

There are too many unexplained factors in this now-famous assassination for these speculations to be discarded out of hand. It is known that Oswald spent time in Russia, and more importantly, that he spent time in a Russian mental institute, where there was considerable parapsychological research underway. Russia's work in this subject is considerably advanced over ours [Lies?]. Over forty years ago the Russians had very advanced knowledge of brainwashing techniques, and it is conceivable that they are much more advanced today [and TODAY?!]. Indeed, they may be completely capable of brainwashing a person, programming him to be an assassin, and then sending him off to do the job. Moreover, they also have the knowledge to give hypnotic commands by remote control. [I do not think the Russians killed Kennedy, obviously though Oswald's time in the institute would have made it tonnes easier for the CIA or whoever to program him.]

[Things don't change, Russia continues to send dissidence to mental institutions for (essentially) "reeducation" [brainwashing] such as this one from only a few weeks ago and this case from last year:

Larisa Arap has just emerged from a 46-day imprisonment in two Russian psychiatric hospitals. Pills were forced down her throat and she received injection after injection. She doesn't know what medications they were, or whether they will cause permanent damage.

"I don't feel very well, but I have a fighting spirit," Mrs Arap said yesterday, adding that sometimes she was so drugged she could barely walk or speak.

She was forcibly interned, not for health reasons, but over her association with the opposition group led by former chess star Garry Kasparov, the United Civil Front. Her arrest stemmed from the publication of an article entitled "Madhouse," exposing the ghoulish practices of a Russian psychiatric hospital in the Murmansk edition of his organisation's newspaper, Dissenters' March. [Don't fool yourself, the exact same things are going on in MANY Western "psychiatric hospitals", with the full blessing of the government.]

In recent years, Mrs Arap had been looking after the child of her daughter, Taisiya, in her home town of Murmansk, north of the Arctic Circle. Problems first arose in 2003, when she uncovered corruption in her local housing association, as she reported in "Madhouse." She was then attacked in her building, mystery callers threatened to murder her, and finally she was warned by the FSB, the KGB's successor, to keep quiet. She didn't.

Taken to a mental ward, Mrs Arap noted that many of its occupants seemed perfectly sane. "I was surprised that among them were lots of normal people," she wrote in "Madhouse". "But how they [staff] communicated with them: They shouted, they beat them up, they put them on drips, after which people became like zombies, they raped them, carried them off in the night and returned them in the morning, tormented." [happens around the world in places like this (this is a global thing, not some anti-communist bullshit), such as Jersey "care" home, they never come back quite the same when they're taken to "the place" (carried off in the night in the Russian institute, Jersey Nazi bunker British example)]

One woman was threatened with the removal of organs, Mrs Arap said. Children were told that if they didn't give massages to medics they'd receive electro-shock therapy. [I still don't understand how they get away with calling electroshocks to the brain/body "therapy", being "insane" is far more therapeutic than having your whole brain shifted to another "way of thinking" (so to speak) through electric shocks to the brain. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these "patients" are now fighting as programmed killing machines in the Georgia-Russia conflict right now.]

The Russians as well as others know that radio waves affect certain portions of the brain; and they probably used this knowledge in their political conditioning methods. A similar technique of hypnotic indoctrination called RHIC-EDOM (which stands for Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control-Electronic Dissolution of Memory) has been described in a domestic intelligence agency document. It has been suggested that Lee Harvey Oswald was conditioned by radio waves to assassinate President Kennedy. Oswald did spend some time in Russia. It is not too far-fetched to conclude that radio waves of a particular spectrum can stimulate the brain for purposes of political brainwashing.

Yet unless the future reveals that the President was assassinated by someone still alive, and unless we have access to this person's mind, we may never really know whether brainwashing was involved in this assassination. Let us hope that we can ultimately find someone who will settle the facts of this historic tragedy once and for all. [And we're still waiting, 31 years later... wonder why!!]

Recently, a newspaper article written by a prominent psychologist suggested that Sirhan Sirhan was hypnotized into assassinating Senator Robert Kennedy. According to Dr. Edward Simson-Kallas, a former San Quentin psychologist, Sirhan Sirhan was the victim of a sinister conspiracy. After twenty interviews with Sirhan, Dr. Simson-Kallas asserted that SIrhan was hypnotically programmed to be present at the assassination of Senator Kennedy in order to provide an obvious explanation and to prevent people from suspecting a larger conspiracy.

Dr. Simson-Kallas rejected psychiatric testimony that Sirhan was a paranoid schizophrenic and thus insane. The doctor said that Sirhan has asked him many times to be hypnotized in order to find out what really happened when Senator Kennedy was shot. The psychologist stated that he was about to begin hypnotic sessions with Sirhan when he was ordered to stop seeing him. Simson-Kallas nevertheless believes that Sirhan should be hypnotized in order to unlock the secrets of what really happened prior to the assassination and to reveal Sirhan's real part in the plot. [I guess he is referring to post-Diamond's hypnotic sessions which did not go deep enough, Sirhan's defence did not want to "look silly" by bringing up the hypnosis evidence and manchurian candidate theory]

From the standpoint of what we know now of the brainwashing process, Dr. Simson-Kallas does suggest a promising starting point in the use of hypnosis. As Sirhan is one of the few persons alive today accused and convicted of a political assassination, we may yet be able to dredge from the deep subconscious and unconscious of a convicted killer whether their existed a greater psycho-political conspiracy to murder our political leaders.


iAdmin said...

Wow, awesome article! That wired piece on mind control is ridiculous! GREAT FIND! We will see what other tidbits come out about the Arkansas killer!

Michael Skaggs said...

Excellent work Ben! Top notch! Thanks for sharing mate, kudos.

..don't forge to cleanse thyself from all this fowlness...

Huh? What happened? ;)
Keep up the great work, but don't
forget to take care of yourself bro!

Anonymous said...

William Pepper is currently attempting to win Sirhan's release.

Benjamin S said...

Thanks for the comments all

Great coverage of the arkansas MKiller at elluminati mate, so much in there (numerology got your 13, 73, 3:03 he worked at TARGET, etc.) great work. Also I watched a Discovery Channel documentary called "Deranged Killers", this one about the D.C. Sniper(s) (mind controlled ex-military man with his "apprentice" taking people out), man was it loaded with synchs but I think people were covering it back when it happened so might not write it up (death tarot card etc.).

Cheers Mike, difficult to cleanse yourself of it when your pretty much consumed by it (probably what they want), but it's all good and thanks for caring about my wellbeing mate ^^.

anon, great link, I wish him the best of luck, hope he succeeds in getting him released.

Cheers again.

Anonymous said...

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