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Sirhan Sirhan: The First (Mind Controlled) "Palestinian Terrorist"

Sirhan is the baby on the left.

Sirhan Sirhan was born in Jordan in 1944, he went through significant trauma when he was young due to the Arab-Israel conflict which his brother (Munir Sirhan) describes as "like sticking your tongue into a 220 volt current, the whole ground would shake.... you were terrified not only of the sounds outside but the screaming and confinement of the makeshift bomb shelters" he also says about his memory of his time in the middle east, "Even things that I do remember they try to make me forget 'em." Here he is called a Palestinian terrorist by a Jewish paper (watched Zohan [Oz, Sirhan] last night, post to come at some point, it's like a checkerboard orgy). His family were brought to the U.S. by the Nazarene Church (according to Munir) from Palestine as refugees (Sirhan Sirhan was Christian, not Muslim, he is sometimes regarded as the first "Islamic terrorist" when this is clearly horsesh*t). In 1966 he left home (Munir doesn't know why) to work at horse stables and trained to be a jockey, he suffered a severe injury to the head and "just wasn't the same after that" (this was used as the basis of his "diminished responsibility" defence), head injuries (look out for these being used a lot in movies in this way) make you more open to suggestion and make your mind easier to split/fragment. He became interested in the occult, and joined the Rosicrucian Order (who I personally believe were instrumental in his programming, this book looks interesting which I have and will get to eventually) who encourage self-hypnosis and other meditative practises (which can absolutely be used for good effects too), which would obviously lead the person to become more hypnotizable, suggestible and generally more susceptible to mind control programming (he could be programmed to do things easily, like climb the bars of his cell without question through post-hypnotic suggestion which Dr. Diamond did actually program him to do and he did).

21=777 14=77 I think below SIRHAN it says 23 and 69 too.

Note 8-413-477 (8-8-18 if you add the individual numbers up, or simply 13, 47, 77 synchs)

How cult-like, "I've read your.... and now I realise I don't know my self", this is imperative in cult mind control as the cult victims' identity/sense of self is lost over time (which makes it easier to program actions that the former personality/self would not have considered otherwise, like Charles Manson's mind controlled cult killers though that was more simple brainwashing than Sirhan's outright mind control programming).

Note 696 (Mk number mirroring/spinning 6 9) and 911 (9/11 synch), 13 synch at top and 47, 7

I completely understand Sirhan's position, gaining an interest in the occult, becoming seduced by their supposed "mystical powers" and "hidden knowledge", this meant that he was an extremely easy target for their programming as he was unlikely to question their methods. He was just an innocent boy who did not see evil in anyone, this innocence/naivety was taken full advantage of; and he was almost literally used like a puppet on a string (by AMORC, also aided/encouraged by the CIA). Here is a good link detailing Crowley's influence on AMORC and other occult groups (he regards as cults, I wouldn't disagree completely).

Robert Blair Kaiser, a defense investigator and author also says this, "Sirhan was a highly suggestible young man..." he also tells us of the actual shooting, "She reported to the police that he seemed in a kind of a trance, and the police told her 'you don't tell anybody that'. After they finally subdued him George Clinton, a writer reported that Sirhan's eyes were enormously peaceful." From the documentary RFK Must Die (where most of this info comes from), the narrator tells us, "In the struggle for the gun Sirhan showed enormous strength (alter-personalities can achieve super-human feats) resisting Kennedies' bodyguards, when arresting officers shone a flashlight in his eyes, his pupils were dilated and did not react, suggesting he had been drugged."

Lying as in sitting with his elbows on the table. [the creator of RFK Must Die obviously understands split mind/MPD symbolism as they kept zooming in and out of the similar looking guy's face/eye and having mirror images of him and such, the above one specifically shows half face illuminated (split mind) and mirror symbolism (dual personalities)] Even Sirhan's name shows this mirror/duality symbolism: Sirhan Sirhan, perhaps they already had plans for him when he was shipped out of the middle east as a child by the Church.

He met a friend at Bob's (BOB, "evil"/primal alter-personality in Twin Peaks, note red/white checker pattern) before going off to check out the campaign parties at the Ambassador Hotel where he drunk a lot, he went back to his car and then went for some coffee to wake himself up (he was feeling very tired, so easier to hypnotize and dissociate, coffee is also used as a drug in mind control). This is where he met the infamous girl in the polka dot dress who clearly triggered him into completing his programmed assassination, she said after exiting the hotel (before running down a flight of stairs), "We shot him! We shot Kennedy!" (see RFK Must Die wiki page) In one of his hypnotic regression sessions with Dr. Bernard Diamond he says, "SS: She was sitting next to it. BD: To the coffee urn, was she the one who gave you the coffee?.... [SS: She asked me for the coffee paraphrased] SS: And I gave her a cup and I made some for me and we sat there. Then she moved and I followed her. She led me into a dark place. BD: Led you into a dark place. SS: It was dark. Oh, hell, it was dark. A lot of lights too. There was a hell of a lot of lights. BD: This was consistent with what he said before, there were a lot of lights there but he was in the dark." So from this, I surmise that she was used to trigger Sirhan in a specific room that had been set up (with darkness/spotlights/probably mirrors) for this purpose. In Fritz Springmeier's Illuminati Formula, he tells us of Delta assassination programming; "Delta alters --are activated to kill by the following three commands: seeing specific clothing [the polka-dot dress], items held in a persons hand [unknown], and particular words [whatever trigger phrase was spoken to him by the girl in the polka-dot dress]. Since these items would be specific for a particular murder there is no particular specifics that can be given."

Going back to how easily Sirhan could be hypnotized, Dr. Herbert Spiegel M.D. (who doesn't think MPD stems from child-hood abuse [in the Sybil case at least], so I'm not really sure what to make of him, he spent 40 years at Columbia University) says, "He seemed to be a very hypnotizable person. The people who were programming him worked on the assumption that the Israeli-Arab war was an insult to him and built up his; first skepticism, and then his anger to justify getting rid of somebody who was such an enemy of Arab culture. Up to the time of the coffee he was not in a trance state, this was a part of their controlling his environment, probably after that that's when they induced the hypnosis with him, and from that time until it was all over he was in a trance state. So he had a spontaneous amnesia for the whole event." We are then told that after the shooting he chats happily with the police and has no idea why he is there until he is arraigned the following day, Spiegel explains, "He does not have any emotional knowledge that he had committed a crime, because he is totally dissociated from it. He can easily feel at ease, and sharp and alert because he doesn't feel guilty about anything."

In a hypnotic session inside his cell, Diamond asked Sirhan about RFK and he writes in automatic writing "RFK Must Die RFK Must Die" (and other phrases programmed into him, "he can't send the bombers"), this hypnotic repetition showed that his notebook was also written using automatic writing whilst he was being programmed. He was extremely easy to program, and the Rosicrucians/CIA did a good job on him using automatic writing to cement the assassination programming (Spiegel says he would only need about an hour or 2 of programming sessions each day to fully program him). I don't want to go in detail into the CIA operatives who were seen in the area or Operation Artichoke and MK Ultra, the extra bullets seen/heard etc., this was more of a personal analysis of what happened to Sirhan on the night and the time before that, this information and screencaps come from Shane O'Sullivan's documentary RFK Must Die. Sirhan is still in prison (the same one as Manson, the state's abolishment of the death penalty saved them both from their respective death sentences) and has been turned down for parol 13 times, because he "lacks remorse". When Sirhan was asked who told him to do this (the assassination) he said "my mirror my mirror my mirror" and note the AMORC signature below it as if to show who is responsible for his mind control programming and the assassination (though the CIA definitely had a hand in it, what don't they have a hand in though).

Octagonal mirror room. Invisible spooks (the ones doing the really f**d up stuff) are always mind controlled, going to watch the BBC's new [spooks]Code 9 (Spooks is rubbish though in my opinion).

Video on Sirhan not firing the fatal shots, there are loads of interesting videos on youtube about Sirhan Sirhan and the assassination of RFK that are worth checking out.


Anonymous said...

Great synthesis. Thanks. I noted the Freudian slip/typo in the sentence, "He can easily feel at ease, and sharp and alter..." thought maybe one needs to be focused, 'alert" and at attention to trigger an alter.

Reference to Columbia University? I don't have good info, but have noted links between MKUltra & Columbia U. Do you know more?

Benjamin S said...

Cheers. That's a little slip up of mine (the word 'alter' being at the front of my mind in my blog), I've corrected it. On Columbia University, I was thinking more along the lines of the goddess Columbia which Freeman has some nice work on, but there's also an interesting story on (if I understand it correctly) a research psychologist at Columbia University was used by William Thetford (headed a CIA mind control project, see his wiki page) whilst he was still working at Columbia University I think (probably with their knowledge). So I don't have any doubts it's been involved in MK experiments and such things.

Thanks for the comment.

Unknown said...

I see the Manchurian Candidate logo is that of the "Alice in Wonderland" Red Queen - very appropriate! Enjoy the Mind Kontrol stuff, there's more info on this stuff than I previously realized; if only there were more hours in a day!

Jones said...

It's pretty strange how he is smiling at the camera in one of the photos.

I don't know what to make of the fact he has a double name. His middle name was Bishara.

Jones said...

Yes, it does seem like AMORC written at the end was an answer to the "Who" question. It sounds like AMORC was very involved with what was going on in his head.

Jones said...

Regarding his name, which you remarked on, the author Mel Ayton writes that his name means "one whose attention is wandering."

Unknown said...

A connection between the Rosicurian and the CIA exists. Arnold Hans Keller and Presscott Bush both involved with the Nazi cause. Recent revelations have uncover a George HW Bush connection to JFK assasination. The key is in the fact both Hans Keller and Bush belong to the 33 degree.

Joan the translator said...

I translate Arabic professionally. "Sirhan" does not mean 'wandering in mind', it simply means 'wolf'.


In Arabic words are derived from three-consonant verbal roots: Sirhan is from the root s-r-H (the final -an is a suffix not part of the root). The basic verb of the root s-r-H means 'to roam, to wander', so that must be the basis for interpreting Sirhan as "wandering," but "mind" is not part of the verb's meaning. It's a very loose interpretation that doesn't quite hold water.

As for the doubled name: Many, perhaps most, Arabs do not have actual family names. One's own given name is followed by the father's name and then the paternal grandfather's name because Arabs are all about the genealogy. Sirhan's name tells us that his father's given name was Bishara (which means 'glad tidings/good news/Gospel'), and Bishara named his son after his own father. While the doubled name looks weird to Americans, it is not all that strange in Arab culture because of how the names are built from stacking patronymics.

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