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More Mind Control Ritual Slaughter

Children woke as schizophrenic 'stabbed father 82 times in his own home'

A father of three was hacked to death by a schizophrenic stranger while his children slept just yards away, a jury heard today.

Daniel Quelch was stabbed more than 80 times and a serrated knife was used to cut his throat in a bloodbath killing which happened as he slept.

Paranoid schizophrenic Benjamin Frankum then gave his victim's children cola and yoghurt to keep them calm.

The 25-year-old later told police that he had been 'sent by MI5' to kill Mr Quelch but later changed his story, claiming gangsters committed the crime.

A jury heard how Frankum - who was earlier declared unfit to enter a plea due to his mental condition - got into Mr Quelch's mother's bungalow in Maidenhead, Berkshire, at approximately 7am on August 23 last year. [23, August (8), at 7am, year before on the same date as Madonna kicked off her tour]

Police alert: An officer outside the house where Daniel Quelch was stabbed to death

No link between the killer and his alleged victim has ever been discovered.

The court heard that Mr Quelch was asleep with his two-year-old son Charlie by his side when Frankum began the attack.

It continued throughout the house and was also witnessed by Mr Quelch's four-year-old daughter Molly and her friend, Lucy Rogers, who was in the house for a sleepover.

Before being sworn in, the jury of seven men and five women sitting at Reading Crown Court, was told to expect to see graphic pictures of the aftermath of the killing in which blood was splattered up walls and pooled on carpets and the kitchen floor, where Mr Quelch eventually died.

Prosecuting, Nigel Daly told jurors: 'Two knives were used. The attack was finished with a serrated knife.

'It was used on the throat of Mr Quelch who, at that stage, was lying on the floor of the kitchen.

'It was used quite severely.'

The court heard how Frankum then took cans of cola to the three children and then called an ambulance - not for the victim but to receive attention for his injured hand, which he had sliced open during the crazed killing. [typical mind controlled frenzied killing]

Shortly afterwards, Barbara Quelch returned home from an early morning dog walk and was confronted by Frankum, who was wearing only his underwear. [post-killing programmed ritual]

Mr Daly went on: 'As Mrs Quelch pulled up to the gate she could see someone moving in the kitchen.

'Her first reaction was she thought it was her son, Daniel.

'But the person was not Daniel. Moreover it appeared this man was covered in blood.

'He was wearing only boxer shorts. Blood was on his hands, his face and his chest and he was carrying a tea towel.'

Frankum then allegedly told Mrs Quelch not to worry as he was a police officer.

However, she remained in her car, dialled 999 and Frankum was eventually arrested.

Before police arrived, paramedics - responding to Frankum's own 999 call - arrived and the mental patient was said to have told them: 'You don't want to go in there. There is stuff in there you don't want to see.

'There is a bloke in there. I stabbed him in the neck about 10 times, he wouldn't die.'

The court also heard how Frankum was supposed to be staying in shared semi-independent housing in Littlehampton, West Sussex, where care workers were supposed to hand him medication.

However it was up to Frankum to take the drugs himself and he went missing on August 20.

Mr Daly closed his harrowing account of Mr Quelch's death, saying that the victim's two-year-old son had been asleep in the bed with his father when he was attacked.

Charlie was found spattered with blood on his clothes and face.

The prosecutor told the jury that Frankum received cuts to his hands as the blood-soaked knife had slipped as he repeatedly stabbed the victim.

Tests taken after his arrest showed that none of the prescribed drugs to control his paranoid schizophrenia were in his system - showing that he had not taken his medication that day. [stopping taking powerful psychotropic drugs can be as effective in mind control as actually drugging the person because the withdrawal symptoms can be just as bad as the actual effects of the drugs... making them easier to control than if they were still on them which their body would be used to.]

When emergency service workers arrived, Frankum was taken to Maidenhead Police Station where he was interviewed only briefly because of concerns over his mental state.

He was seen by a doctor and told her that he had been contacted by MI5 to do a job that morning.

The defendant was taken to Wexham Park Hospital, Slough, Berkshire, where he was seen by a consultant forensic psychiatrist and then sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Forensic investigations after the case from blood spatter profiles showed that the two men had moved around the house together while the assault was taking place.

Mr Quelch's blood was on Frankum and Frankum's dog who he took with him to the house.

A mobile phone belonging to the defendant's mother, which he had taken from her house the night before, was also found at the Quelch home.

Mr Daly said the only thing he could not tell the jury was the motive for the attack.

'We cannot give you a motive as to why he did it,' he said.

'I am afraid that may be locked inside his head. [as if he has any clue, "locked" is certainly the right word for it though]

'He did it, you can be sure of that.

'In due course I will call the evidence before you to prove it.'

Frankum, whose address was given as Broadmoor Hospital, Crowthorne, faces a single charge of murdering Mr Quelch. Before being admitted to Broadmoor, he was living in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

The case continues.

Daily Mail link. On the two Chinese students (also killed by a 'frenzied killer' [most frenzied killers are mind controlled]) I wrote about in my Chaoz post; the police are stumped ([offering a reward now] start looking within... and high up the ladder) most people will have dismissed this murder because of their involvement in a "betting scam"; but that is just nonsense (it was hardly major organized crime, more making use of their geekdom). Might want to check out a post I did no a movie by Hitchcock about a frenzied killer called "Frenzy".

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