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Salvador Dalice in Wonderland and Others Pushed Down the Rabbit Hole

Salvador Dali (mentioned him a lot in posts, main one is at the bottom of the link) produced 13 (12+1 the cover) Alice in Wonderland illustrations in 1969 (69 is part of mind control up/down confusion, spinning [of the number to make the other number when spun 180 degrees], used on the masses with emergency phone number '999', and '666' has become synonymous with evil for that reason imo, it is also used in programming codes which is something that I'm still wrapping my head around tbh), which I wanted to post and use this as an opportunity to show some info on mind controlled celebrities and some more info on Disney and Alice in Wonderland (check out Hidden Agenda's Illuminati Formula part 5 for more info) after the images (cba to go through each picking out the symbolism, there's obviously butterflies and all the symbolism that comes with Alice in Wonderland programming [see HA link] feel free to chip in on the symbolism in the comments).

Edit: Thought I'd add this short bit I just noticed in Deeper Insights Illuminati Formula that synchs up nicely:
Salvador Dali--This strange surrealist spanish artist was a friend of Walt Disney. After Salvador was kicked out of Spain for Franco’s belief that he was a communist, he came to America, and worked with Disney Studios in 1946. Salvador, an eccentric who had no particular work habits, described himself, "The only difference between me and a madman is that I’m not a madman.

Now let me trigger myself into some kind of Perez Hilton style alter-personality.... OK done! Starting with Britney (also Britney is to play a "lesbian killer"... [note time of article 4:06, 46/64.. and "Faster Pussycat! Kill Kill!" nice programming] which should be interesting found at Daily Behemoth), The Daily Mail is reporting her spending some more time with her billionaire (potential) handler as speculated by eLLUMINATI. Kabbalistic Witch Madonna celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday (yet she somehow looks completely ageless, not young... just odd). Kate Moss revealed how Frank Sinatra (mind control handler), this is really not surprising at all, got his body guards to ambush her then he gave her a kiss on the lips, here's the link; note the difference between Sinatra (handler) and Bob Dylan (mind controlled). The Daily Mail seems to have some kind of obsession with Alice Dellal, who I have posted on a couple of times, they love it when she takes a "tumble"; probably for her Alice in Wonderland programming (tumbling down the rabbit hole). Below she is pictured taking a tumble over some gigantic plant pots for an Alice in Wonderland style confusing reality by having things disproportionately sized (probably), also note that this was after she left "Bungalow 8", here's the link(note the time 3:37 too) and one to her previous tumbles I reported on too (click Alice Dellal further up for my take on it), they also released a story today about her trademark hair (half head semi-shaved, MK symptom, see Britney's head shaving).

Katy over Judy Garland's (it looks like, Garland was of course Dorothy in Oz) Hollywood star.
Pixie Geldof was mentioned in one of those links, sticking with the ridiculously named Geldof kids, Peaches was married at Britney's Little White Wedding Chapel recently (to the "shock" of the media). Moving across the pond, Katy Perry's evangelical parents brands her "I kissed a girl" song as "shameful and disgusting", more fake christians selling their own flesh and blood to Disney Nazi Programmers (then pretending to be outraged), see Celtic Rebel post where she is mentioned. The Jonas Brothers were also mentioned in that CR post, it should not surprise anyone that they live in a Disney castle style thing (at Miley Cyrus' best of both worlds tour, they perform wearing checkerboards, pictured below the house), as described in this Daily Mail article. Lindsay Lohan is converting to her lover's religion, Judaism which I went into in this post where I show her on the Alice in Wonderland ride at Disney (also below, see video below too, some trippy shit).

Jonas Bros. all checkered up.

Criss-crossing back across the pond, undisputed Queen of British Media ritual blood sacrifices Amy Winehouse is, I'll quote the cover of The Sunday Times Magazine's (July 27) "... her trajectory is a relentless spiral into self-destruction.", this image of her wearing a checkerboard top and black/white headscarf comes from her recent performance at the V festival.

Amy dressed up as Minnie Mouse at a "Jewish Purim Party" aged 6 (according to Times magazine).

Back across the pond, Miley Cyrus' never-ending supply of "leaked" images continues, this time with a shot of her flexing her index and "pinky" fingers, for some vague "horns" hand signalling.

It takes Miley specifically 37 seconds (777 synch) to change clothes in a concert according to her mom.

Double life/alter personality (click image for complete scans of extremely dodgey "article", the poster in the link again speculates that she might have MPD [correctly]) Note checkerboard skirt below on one of the many "Miley Cyrus Quiz"s that seem to pop up every two seconds in my browser. Edit: Celtic Rebel and I are in synch it seems, he has also posted this image (as well as some Salvador Dali) in his latest blog, check it out.

Finish with a song that most will have obviously heard and I've really liked for a while (used in programming though, for obvious reasons) to imagery from Disney's Alice in Wonderland. [by the way, working on Mind Control X-Files post up tomorrow]

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Anonymous said...

Well, we synched on Dali and Miley (even using same image, too good to pass up).

The V Festival, subtle. :-) Good catch on that Katy Perry pic, it escaped me when I first saw it. And that Alice Delal by the huge plants? GOLD!

Keep up the good work.

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