Friday, 22 August 2008

2008 Olympic Ritual Capped by Occultist Jimmy Page and LEona LEwis

[Net still messed for most of the day, probably dies later tonight too, some proper posts coming once I get it sorted.] You can read one of my earlier articles on Leona Lewis here, Jimmy Page has had a massive interest in the occult, specifically Crowley; so I don't think it is a coincidence that this was revealed on the 21st August (21=777) (though it might have been some other date, the link is 21st, and others I've found). The song they will be performing together is a Whole Lotta Love [length 5:33, recorded in May (5) 1969 by Olympic records] which reads (I'm not into that whole scene) like a manual for programming through sexual (abuse) dissociation ... "I'm gonna give you every inch of my love,"... "Shake for me, girl [reaction to trauma]. I wanna be your backdoor man." Anyway, a link for the short story is here. [More on the Olympics ritual in previous recent posts, as the Opening Ceremony was starting the Georgia conflict also started [literally during the ceremony] (pre-planned, Russia/Georgia/rest of the global elite all on the same side) which is all part of the ritual (as well as the mind controlled killers and whatnot), I wonder what will happen in the world when the Closing Ceremony takes place...] on Sunday [the 7th day], it is to feature 7000 people, better link here [something about 7pm is mentioned too].

Note ZoSo, OZ mind control (2 Oz's counting the S as a Z) click image for more on this.

Sticking with the Olympics occult ritual, I personally think many of these athletes are mind controlled (breaking records all over the place, as I've said in previous posts), Usain Bolt [lightning bolt, electro-shock bolts also, prominent U= 21=777] could fit the bill if we synchromystically analyze him and his achievements. The Jamaicans set a world record in the 4x100m relay at 37.10 seconds (777, 17); individually he set the world record for the 100m at 9.69 seconds [showing 6/9 spin/rotation, also 666] and also the 200m world record was broken at 19.30 seconds, 1+9+3=13.

21=777, 63 [3 6's 666] He was born 21st August (8), and was 21 years old breaking both the individual records (turned 22 before the relay; day after he broke the 200m world record ["Happy Birthday" was played over the Bird's Nest Stadium speakers after breaking said record], see wiki). The "Illuminati" seem to love to "mark" their programmed athletes with their typical numerology "signatures" (33 etc.), as also shown here by Paula Radcliffe's 733 number [from some random race in the past].


Newspaceman said...

Hiya Ben, thanks for the nod in your Leona post. You note the difference in time between your posting and mine, 1. 11. I think we will see an updated Wizard of Oz today, I only tippled later on yesterday afternoon.

cheers, brian

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