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The Radiohead song "No Surprises" springs to mind with events spiralling out of control (though obviously 100% controlled), I said in my Megan Fox post (I hope my mix of sex and violence isn't too disturbing) of the Georgian conflict "watch it escalate" on 08/08/08 and in today's times (10th) the headline is: "Hundreds die as war in Georgia escalates" (Edit: Following day 11th Times headline, is "We helped in Iraq - now help us, beg Georgians"[referring to Georgia's troops it had in Iraq but I think it is directed at the brainwashed British sheeple (who think their government "helped" Iraq by removing Saddam and bombing them almost to dust), with an image of a traumatized Georgian woman holding a baby for some added emotional blackmail]... we "helped" in Iraq?!?!?! Murdoch is hilariously evil.). Edit: The chaoz is in South Ossetia (Oz) and it's flag is the flag of St. George which is basically the Knights Templar flag (pre-Chrstian solar cross, the 4 crosses are narrower towards the center) imo. Dick Cheney, the war machine caricature that he is says Russia's actions "must not go unanswered" so he's in total chaos mode let's see what "he" does (whatever he's told, then tells Bush to do).

Edit: Added in video where he says New World Order fully. [Note the Masonic G spoken of way back in this post too]

"We are fighting for future world order". (the future New World Order, full phrase spoken in above video.)

"So are we!" (not a real quote)

Georgian shelling of South Ozzetia resumed at 3.30. (33 Freemasonry)

It's so painfully predictable, all the frenzied killings (I'm convinced they are ALL mind controlled), the building up the sides of WW3 (China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan etc. vs the West, India, Japan etc.) through intentionally leaked stories like this one, poor brainwashed 23 year old students like this one who go to China to get some anti-Chinese sentiment built (look how thugish the Chinese police are, hate them... HATE THEM NOW!!! Why won't they free Tibet?! :'(), and preparing the masses psychologically for an imminent terrorist attack on our shores with stories like this one. This is all bull shit propoganda, this is true of all stories released by the press, there is always an agenda, the media is controlled by... it doesn't matter (feel free to call them the "illuminati", though they love that I get the feeling), you don't need to see who the person is throwing shit to realise you should get the hell out of the way before it hits you. Anyway, I just wanted to post an update on the story of the American who was stabbed in China. FUCK the New World Order and Fuck the Fuckers (allow me a moments controlled anger) who live in blissful ignorance to everything (and I mean everything) despite all the freely available information thanks to the internet. I include protestors (all mainstream protest groups [apart from some animal rights groups I heard] were taken control of under the Blair government) who got beaten by cops using batons at E.ON's new coal plant (wtf? I thought coal was 19th Century power from school), anyway for your entertainment here is a video. Brainwashed maniacs, both the Freemasonic police and the protestors following their leader's orders (global warming is a psyop, they are doing exactly what the gov't wants them to do, create CHAOZ).

An American man was murdered and his wife and their tour guide seriously injured in Beijing yesterday when a Chinese man went ‘berserk’ with a knife on the first day of the Olympics.

Todd and Barbara Bachman were sightseeing with their daughter, former Olympian Elisabeth, who is married to the U.S. men’s volleyball team coach Hugh McCutcheon.

Mr Bachman was chief executive of his family’s £40million home and garden centre business based in Lakeville, Minnesota, and also a major philanthropist.

They were visiting an ancient landmark – the 13th century Drum Tower, three miles from the main Olympic site – when they became involved in a row with a stranger, named as 47-year-old Tang Yongming.

Witnesses told The Mail on Sunday that their attacker, who apparently spoke English, ‘slashed wildly’ at the group, killing Mr Bachman instantly. He then climbed up the tower and clung to a rail for 30 minutes, before jumping to his death.

Inexplicably, police took nearly 90 minutes to reach the scene and US diplomats were said last night to be seeking an urgent explanation for the delay.

In keeping with China’s determination to control anything that could damage its reputation, officers warned witnesses not to speak to journalists. [GRRR Those Chinese have no press freedoms!!! We should so bomb them!]

The killing cast a shadow over the Games, which opened amid unprecedented levels of security with a spectacular ceremony on Friday. It left the US volleyball squad – of which the couple’s daughter was once a member – ‘deeply shocked’.

Jim Easton, an American member of the International Olympic Committee, said: ‘It appears to be a random attack by a deranged man.

Mrs Bachman and the unnamed tour guide were being treated last night at the Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Her daughter was not injured.

One witness said that an argument between the group and Yongming, from Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, began in the square in front of the ancient landmark at about 12.20pm [2012] local time.

Mind Controlled Puppets for the New World Order [images from Olympic opening ceremony]

And back at home, the West gets some MK revenge, setting another frenzied MKiller on two Chinese students (same day actually) 08/08/08, guess what apartment they were in, apartment 8... wakey wakey (Sky News zoomed in on the number, they probably have the same video on their site here is an updated link, this link for original daily mail article pasted below. In typical MK fashion (random ritualistic, seemingly nonsensicle behavior), the pet cat was drowned in the bath.

Detectives investigating a double murder in Newcastle upon Tyne have revealed the victims were Chinese students.

The man and woman, who both suffered severe head injuries, were found in separate bedrooms of a ground floor flat in Croydon Road, in the city's West End area at 4.30pm yesterday.

A source described the scene as 'gruesome' and the nature of the injuries meant officers were unable to say what kind of weapon had been used.

Neither the man, discovered lying on the bed in the back bedroom, nor the woman, found on a bed in the front bedroom, has been formally identified.

However Northumbria Police said the pair we believed to be students and that officers were trying to contact their next of kin.

A police spokesman said: 'The pair had both suffered significant head injuries.'

The cause of death has not yet been determined and postmortem examinations will be carried out at the Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Croydon Road has been cordoned off while forensic officers searched the two-bedroom property for evidence.

Last night a silver hatchback parked close to the crime scene was loaded on to a covered police lorry while extra police patrols were on duty to reassure residents in the West End, an area popular with students and Asian families.

One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: 'They have not been here for long and they just kept themselves to themselves.'

The crime scene is less than 200 yards from a primary school and a few minutes' walk from Newcastle United's home ground.

By a tragic coincidence [no such thing] the flat is just a couple of doors away from the former home of 11-year-old schoolboy Wesley Neailey, who was murdered in 1998 by convicted paedophile Dominic McKilligan.

McKilligan, who was jailed for life in 1999, had recently been released from a young offenders institution before the murder. Wesley's parents still live in the Croydon Road area. [he was programmed (to kill an 11 year old) at that young offenderws institution, I assume]

Another neighbour, who also asked not to be named, added: 'This is a nice place to live and we have been here for 15 years but seeing all the police activity has brought back memories of Wesley.' [a favoured spot then for "illuminati" mind control blood rituals]

Detective Chief Inspector Mick Paterson, leading the investigation, appealed for those with information to call 03456 043 043.

Expect more K-OZ in the near future, I'll post on relevant stories. [Also, I probably sound a little cold, but my heart goes out to all victims of the insane f*****s that run the planet and are creating all the chaos to bring order out of it] Hmmm, I should probably take a break, teetering on the brink of MKMadness, tracking all the (potentially) controlled events is obviously not healthy. Going to stick with movies for the next few days (started capping Zohan) unless there are more stories that I habitually must post.

Order out of Chaos

Edit: This post is all a little ranty, might delete. P.S. R.I.P. Chef from South Park (Isaac Hayes), his music was amazing too, I'm still pursuing that pimpmobile.


Dedroidify said...

Excellent work as usual.

FilmNoir23 said...

DO NOT delete! There is valuable information here.

Michael Skaggs said...

Man, THANK YOU!!! Awesome work bro!

Have peace and balance my friend!

Michael Skaggs said...

AND NO do not delete! Its YOUR blog you can be ranty if you want, remember that. Your not out here blogging to "please anyone"--its your creation, your work, if people don't like it, they can go elsewhere. Don't delete this Ben.

Be well!

MarcChain said...

Don't delete this bro

I looked into the whole Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac deaths. At first I thought, maybe sometimes people just die and there are no synch winks all the time. Boy was I wrong!

Both Hayes and Mac will appear in the film Soul Men 11-14-08. The movie revolves around two soul singers reuniting to perform at the "Apollo" theatre.

On 11-14-69 The Apollo 12 launched to become the second manned mission to land on the moon.

1-1-69 Hayes released Hot Buttered Soul with a cover to the song "By the Time I get to Phoenix"

also 11-14 is the 318(11) day of the year with 47(11) days remaining until the new year

Anonymous said...

The chinese students were killed on 8/8/08, the 222nd day of the year (in leap years).

111 days earlier on the 20th April 2008 (111th day) a Manchester football fan was found dead (time of death 3:30am) at Deep Bar near Newcastle, it was exactly 8 years since student Sara Cameron was murdered (on 20/4/2000 day 111 - Hitlers 111th birthday), Sara worked at the same bar.

222 days after 8/8/08 3 teenagers were stabbed (last night 18/3/09) in Newcastle.

Another girl was murdered near the scene of the 2nd killing in 1995, she was born 11-1-72.

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